Don't Buy A Cutting Board Without A Proper Juice Canal

Buying a cutting board is pretty straightforward. Most of the time, you just need to consider the size, material, and maybe how nice the wood looks before you drop it into the cart. The next time you go out to get yourself a new cutting board, though, you should look for one with a proper juice canal, especially if you're planning to use it for prepping meat.


Whether you're dealing with chicken or beef, they tend to release a lot of juices. And the last thing you want is for those juices to spill onto your countertop, or worse, the floor. That's where a juice canal, also known as a juice groove, comes in handy. By catching any extra drips from the meat or other ingredients you're cutting, it'll help you keep your kitchen a whole lot tidier. A cutting board with a juice canal won't be much bigger or more expensive, but the difference it can make to your kitchen's cleanliness sure is significant!

It's more than just a cut-out around your cutting board

A juice canal is a simple groove carved around the edge of a cutting board. As simple as it is, the canal does a fantastic job of catching and containing any liquids that escape from the food while you're cutting. For instance, when slicing a fresh pan-seared steak, the groove will help you keep the grease and meat juices from staining your countertop.


However, a juice canal's benefits extend beyond just cleaning the board more easily. It's also a matter of hygiene. Juices from raw meat can harbor harmful bacteria, and if you're prepping other food nearby, the groove reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

You can find cutting boards with built-in juice channels in various sizes, from large butcher blocks to smaller ones perfect for serving as a charcuterie board. Since there's really no downside to opting for a cutting board with a juice canal, especially when you take into account how it usually doesn't add much to the price. Always go for a cutting board that has a canal over one that doesn't!