How Heavy Cream Makes Canned Cinnamon Rolls Taste Homemade

Cinnamon rolls are a heavenly pastry. With warm layers of soft dough, mouth-watering cinnamon sugar filling, and sticky icing, they are a complete treat for the senses. While homemade rolls are a delight, baking them from scratch can be a time-consuming and laborious project that's usually best suited for a weekend activity. After all, on top of regular prep work, the dough will require kneading as well as time to rest and rise. So, whether you don't have the time, energy, or motivation to make them yourself, canned cinnamon rolls are a quick and simple way to satisfy your craving for this sweet treat.


Of course, canned cinnamon rolls might not be quite as soft, rich, and gooey as homemade ones, particularly if you take the quality of your rolls seriously. We certainly don't blame you if you do. Fortunately, you can make canned cinnamon rolls better with a little extra love and a simple addition. One TikTok baking hack that's been circulating the internet suggests pouring heavy whipping cream over uncooked cinnamon rolls right before popping them in the oven. This single ingredient can add extra volume and richness to canned cinnamon rolls, elevating them to look and taste like ones made from scratch.

A heavy pour of heavy cream for extra gooey cinnamon rolls

Before you bake your next batch of canned cinnamon rolls, try adding some heavy cream to take them from great to incredible. As the rolls bake, the cream will soak into the dough, absorbing into each layer of the cinnamon rolls to make them even gooier, softer, and plumper. Each bite will taste incredibly rich and moist, even when reheated the next day. The cinnamon rolls may not appear as uniform after baking, but if anything, this will make them seem more homemade. 


To get started, portion out your cinnamon roll dough into an appropriately sized (and greased) baking dish or pan like usual. Measure out enough cream to drizzle over the tops of each roll and cover the bottom of the dish, including any spaces between the cinnamon rolls. Start with a ½ cup of heavy cream for each can, but you can use up to 1 cup total. It's best to add the heavy cream little by little until the dish and rolls are thoroughly coated but not submerged.


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After pouring your heavy cream over your uncooked cinnamon rolls, they're ready to go in the oven, but be careful; cream can curdle at high temperatures. While most heavy whipping cream has added stabilizers to maintain its texture, it's a good idea to turn down the oven and bake your cinnamon rolls until they're golden brown. Some brands' instructions call for high temperatures and shorter bake times, but baking them lower and slower should prevent the cream from curdling or burning.

Dairy-free substitutes for heavy cream

If you're lactose intolerant, vegan, or simply trying to cut back on dairy, you can also enjoy cinnamon rolls without dedicating the time and energy to making them from scratch. While many brands of canned cinnamon rolls include milk, eggs, or both, there are vegan or at least dairy-free versions. Just make sure to scan through the list of ingredients beforehand to confirm. 


Swapping out the heavy cream is even easier as many plant-based milk alternative brands, such as Silk and Califia Farms, offer non-dairy heavy whipping cream substitutes. You can also use coconut cream as a substitution for heavy cream. While this option might seem like it would drastically change how your cinnamon rolls taste, it only adds a very mild fruity and nutty flavor — especially if you're light-handed with the coconut cream. You might even find that this unique addition is preferable to heavy cream in flavor. However, note that if you're using a can of solidified coconut cream, you should whisk it until smooth before drizzling it over your uncooked cinnamon rolls.

Whether you choose to use heavy cream, a dairy-free heavy cream, or coconut cream, this simple addition to canned cinnamon rolls will make them taste even more out of this world. You'll probably have a hard time sharing them, but if you do, your friends and family will be impressed to learn they aren't homemade.