Candied Bacon Will Forever Change How You Make BLTs

There is nothing as simple and classic as a BLT sandwich. Consisting only of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a smear of mayonnaise sandwiched between two toasted pieces of bread, the BLT is nearly perfect as it is. But what if there was a way to kick your BLT up a notch? Well, there is, and the secret is in your bacon. Adding candied bacon to your BLT adds a delicious sweetness and bold crunch to the diner staple. 


Candied bacon is already a popular snack and appetizer on its own, but put into a BLT, it can shine, adding a sweetness that contrasts well with the tang of your mayonnaise and the fresh taste of your tomato. Candied bacon is also thicker than your usual slice of bacon, making it crunchy and chewy with a meatier texture that holds its own against the other elements of the sandwich. But candying your bacon is just the first step in upping your BLT game.

How to candy your bacon

There are many approaches you can take when it comes to candied bacon, but the basic method is pretty simple. All you'll need is some sugar (or maple syrup), bacon, and a baking sheet. Simply coat your bacon in your sugar of choice and pop it in the oven to cook as usual. The resulting bacon will be extra crunchy and have a delicious sweet taste.


But your bacon doesn't have to be basic. There are methods and tricks to candying bacon that can add an extra twist. If you want your candied bacon to have a kick, you can always mix in chili pepper flakes with your sugar before coating your bacon. Additionally, you might want to switch up what sugars you use. Maple syrup makes for a great candying choice and pairs well with maple-smoked bacon cuts. Brown sugar can give your bacon a caramel-y twist while spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or paprika can add warmth and a subtle flavor variation. 

Making the most of your candied bacon with fruit

But you don't have to stop your BLT upgrade with candied bacon. Why not play with the T in your BLT too by adding fruit to your sandwich in place of or in addition to your tomato? For a simple swap, pair maple candied bacon with a grilled peach. Combining the sweet caramel flavors of brown sugar with the sweetness of grilled peaches will make for a fruity twist on the classic sandwich perfect for a picnic on a hot summer day. 


Another fruity swap that can make the most of your candied bacon is pineapple. It may seem unconventional, but pineapple and mayonnaise sandwiches are popular in the American South, and adding fresh lettuce and candied bacon would be a great way to put a unique twist on your BLT. Just remember to play off the additional sweetness, crunch, and heft of your candied bacon to make the most of any fruity substitutions you come up with.