Coat Bacon In Brown Sugar And Chili Flakes For Big Flavor

There's no sugarcoating it. Though bacon is a breakfast staple, it can sometimes be, well, a bit one note. Though the salty, crispy cut of pork is undeniably tasty, you might find yourself wanting to jazz up this breakfast meat. And that's where Snoop Dogg comes in. Yes, the rapper and entrepreneur has some pretty useful cooking tricks, including a pretty killer recipe for bacon. In his cookbook "From Crook to Cook," Snoop Dogg includes a recipe called "Billionaire's Bacon," which just might change the way you prepare this meat.


The recipe consists of a brown sugar red pepper flake coating, which gives the salty breakfast meat a deliciously sweet and spicy twist. Of course, candied bacon is nothing new. Sugaring bacon has proven to be a popular method of making the dish. But the spice of the red pepper flakes adds another level of complexity to Billionaire's Bacon that makes it particularly mouthwatering — especially when paired with the delicious, warm taste of brown sugar.

Sugar (and spice) up your bacon

To make Billionaire's Bacon, simply combine your brown sugar and red pepper flakes, and then sprinkle them over your bacon on a baking sheet. Next, bake the bacon until perfectly crispy, sweet, spicy, and delicious! The brown sugar is a delightful contrast to the super salty bacon, and will also give it extra crunch. The brown sugar will not only harden the surface of your bacon but also help to draw out moisture, making your bacon extra crispy.


Overall, Billionaire's Bacon is the perfect treat for anyone who wants a little bit of everything. The treat combines some pretty intense flavor profiles since it includes spicy red pepper flakes, sweet sugar, and extra salty bacon. As to how you should serve it, Billionaire's Bacon can fit well with any number of dishes, from topping a decadent cheeseburger to being used as part of an unconventional dessert. Of course, you could also serve it as a standout breakfast or brunch side. It's really up to you.

Other ways to improve your bacon

Of course, adding red pepper flakes and brown sugar isn't the only way to take your bacon to the next level. There is one ingredient that can help you achieve the crispiest bacon possible: flour. That's right, flour might just be the key to making better bacon. All you'll need for this trick is a baking sheet, bacon, and some flour for coating your bacon. You should completely coat your bacon in flour, and for maximum crispiness, keep your flour-covered bacon in the fridge overnight. Then, in the morning, you can simply pop your bacon in the oven to cook. The flour will help to crisp up your bacon by drying out your bacon's surface. It can also jumpstart the browning process while helping to protect the delicious, meaty center of your bacon.


But flouring your bacon isn't the only way to crisp it up. All you need is a sheet pan. That's right, baking rather than frying your bacon can help give the breakfast meat an extra crunch. 

But crispier bacon isn't the only reason to put your cuts in the oven. Baking bacon also allows you to cook larger batches at once, allowing you to make more bacon, which can come in handy if you're doing some meal prep, or simply cooking for a large party. You can't beat the convenience of oven-baked bacon.