Ina Garten's Pro Tip For Chunky Guacamole

Everyone has their little secrets for making the perfect guacamole. There are infinite ways to customize this classic dip, from putting mayonnaise in the mix to putting a sweet twist on it by making fresh mango guacamole. That said, how do you get your guacamole to its chunky best? This green, avocado-based dip can tend to be mushy, either from over-mixing or mashing your avocados. Ina Garten, best known for her Food Network show "Barefoot Contessa," has a simple trick for making guacamole, and it might just be a lifesaver for those who dislike mushy guacamole.


Like most of her recipes, her method for making guacamole involves simple, fresh ingredients and a rustic twist on preparation. Rather than smashing avocados, Garten prefers to chop them in the bowl with the other guacamole ingredients, allowing the creamy, green fruit to remain chunky and distinct from the other veggies in the dip. 

This method will give your guacamole a similar texture to a salsa, which combines chopped veggies and fruits in one bowl and allows you to taste each ingredient on its own compared to other guacamole recipes, which tend to have everything incorporated into a mashed avocado base.

How to prep your guacamole, the Ina Garten way

To achieve Ina Garten's perfectly chunky guacamole, you will need only a good kitchen knife and a large wooden bowl that you don't mind scuffing up a bit. First, scoop ripe avocados into your bowl and add the other pre-chopped ingredients. After the ingredients are in the bowl, use your kitchen knife to slice through your avocados. There's no need to be precise with your knife work; the result should have a rustic, chunky texture. You're not going for perfect cubes, but you should cut the avocado enough to ensure you don't get a massive mouthful when eating your guacamole.


Slicing your avocados in the bowl isn't Garten's only trick for making her take on the delicious green dip. The chef's recipe also sets itself apart by using hot sauce. Usually, when preparing spicy guacamole, ingredients like jalapeños are added to give it a little kick. However, Garten uses a few sprinkles of hot sauce, which helps impart a more uniform level of spiciness and adds a tangy edge to the dip. By following these two tips, you'll have perfectly chunky guacamole with a consistent, spicy, fresh flavor that will surely please even the most discerning palates.