The Simple Fix For Gloopy Jarred Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo sauce, an Italian invention, has become a beloved component of many dishes worldwide in the century since its development. It has particularly taken hold in the United States, where it has evolved into one of the creamiest, most decadent sauces around. Although Alfredo sauce is often best when homemade, there are many store-bought options for days when you need to quickly assemble a meal. Unfortunately, jarred Alfredo sauce can often have an overly thick, unpleasant texture.


While there's nothing wrong with an ultra rich sauce, biting down on a viscous glob of jarred Alfredo sauce is enough to make anyone lose their appetite. But before you toss out your seemingly disappointing jar of Alfredo, rest assured there is an easy way to salvage it, so you don't miss out on the convenience of this premade topping. All you have to do is simmer it with a bit of flavorful liquid to achieve the perfect, luscious texture a good Alfredo sauce deserves.

Cut thick Alfredo sauce with wine or broth

Before you settle for sad, gooey Alfredo sauce, take a minute or two to thin it out with a tasty liquid to enhance both the texture and overall flavor. Broth is a great option for this; choose chicken, beef, or vegetable depending on your tastes, and what you plan to pair the sauce with. Just add a serving of jarred Alfredo sauce to a small saucepan over medium heat, and then slowly pour in a bit of your chosen broth. Stir and simmer everything together, adding broth until you achieve a thickness that satisfies you. Ideally, the sauce should be creamy and able to easily coat the back of a spoon, but not so thick that it congeals. If you accidentally add too much liquid, continue simmering the sauce until the excess moisture evaporates.


Along with vastly improving the texture, broth should also bring a new depth of savory flavor to the jarred Alfredo sauce, which can be rather bland on its own. You can also enhance the sauce by simmering it with some white wine that's suitable for cooking, or with a mix of wine and broth. The wine will thin out the sauce, and its acidity will nicely cut through the richness of the Alfredo.

More ways to improve store-bought Alfredo sauce

As long as you're already enhancing the texture of your jarred Alfredo sauce, you might want to add a few extra ingredients to elevate it into a restaurant-worthy creation. Few savory foods don't benefit from a bit of garlic, and Alfredo sauce is no exception. Add a few dashes of garlic powder to your simmering sauce, or a clove or two of fresh sauteed garlic, to brighten up the Alfredo and make its flavor pop. You can also sprinkle in some fresh or dried herbs, like oregano, thyme, or basil, to add complexity to the sauce. If it needs more acidity, squeeze in some lemon juice, or pour in a bit more white wine. For the dairy lovers, increasing the creaminess by adding some heavy cream or extra cheese is always an option.


Be sure to continuously taste the Alfredo sauce as you add ingredients, ensuring all flavors blend harmoniously. Pasta is an ideal dish to prepare for a large group, and enhancing Alfredo sauce in this manner is an excellent trick. It will be hard for anyone to believe the sauce began its life in a jar.