Mash Up Deviled Eggs And Potato Salad For The Ultimate Side Dish

Deviled eggs and potato salad are a perfect pairing. Both are essential side dishes for picnics, barbecues, and holiday celebrations, offering a comforting simplicity and delicious taste that far outstrips other, more trendy side dishes. Deviled eggs — sliced, cooked egg whites topped with a mixture of egg yolks, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, and paprika — perfectly complement the creamy mayonnaise-based tang of a good potato salad. Any well-constructed picnic plate would likely place them side by side. But what if these two classic sides were combined into one delicious and perfectly festive dish?


Mashing up deviled eggs and potato salad is super simple and well worth the effort. Of course, you'll want to do more than just toss your deviled eggs in with your potato salad. There are multiple ways to combine these two foods to create a delicious new side, one which will be sure to impress guests at any holiday or dinner party. The key is to bring together the best elements of both foods into one, cohesive dish.

How to combine deviled eggs and potato salad

Perhaps the most streamlined way to mash up these foods is to turn the signature deviled egg filling into a base for your potato salad, adding your yolks in with mayo, mustard, and paprika to coat your potatoes. Then, you can add your hard-boiled egg whites with your potatoes to help stretch the dish out and give your dish an interesting variation in texture. Of course, this is just one way to combine the two dishes. There are plenty of other tricks to help meld your potato salad with your deviled eggs.


If you're hoping to make the most of fresh leftovers (and save container space) you can always chop up your leftover deviled eggs and add them to your potato salad. Tossing the deviled eggs into your potato mixture will also help incorporate the deviled egg filling with the mayo base of your potato salad, which already has a flavor profile that perfectly complements all the elements of deviled eggs.

Deviled egg potato salad additions

You can always take this mashed-up side dish to a new level by adding other ingredients that will pump up both dishes' flavors. One simple add-in is chopped-up bacon, which you can combine with the base of your deviled egg potato salad. Bacon is a common deviled egg topping and can also add a hint of saltiness to your potato base, making your dish just a bit heartier than your average potato salad.


Alternatively, you can add a bit of freshness to your salad by chopping up some green onions and mixing them into your base or sprinkling them on top alongside a dash of paprika for a pop of color. Adding chopped dill to your potato salad will also make it colorful, fresh, and flavorful, as dill compliments the flavor profiles of both deviled eggs and the salad's base ingredients. Sesame seeds also add a warm flavor to your dish, balancing out the tang of the mayonnaise and mustard. Of course, these are just some of the add-ins you can use to amplify this collaborative side dish. When making this amplified potato salad, you can let your imagination run wild.