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Shopping in Japantown - yuzu, salmon, uni?

by Dafina Girl 14 years ago

Inspired by some tai nigiri last night at Japon Bistro, and a dish that used to be my favorite at Tokyo Go Go in San Francisco I'm adding a sashimi/guacamole timbale appetizer to the dinner menu th...

Uses for bottled Yuzu juice?

by Pei 15 years ago

I bought a bottle of Yuzu juice from a Japanese market. To make a long story short, it's not as good as fresh. It has a funny aftertaste that reminds me of lemongrass, and now I don't know what ...

freezing yuzu?

by yum 15 years ago

bought some some yuzu that were crazy expensive and was wondering if i can save it by freezing them.. i was thinking i can grate the zest and squeeze the juice out?

looking for yuzu

by jimtak 15 years ago

looks like I missed out on the yuzu from <Ripe to You>, anyone seen any at Berkeley Bowl or Tokyo Fish?


by lambchopas 15 years ago

i was just out in cali and had some unbelievable sushi. one was a hamachi sashimi served with pink peppercorns and fresh yuzu. is there anywhere to get fresh yuzu here?

So, we bought a YUZU tree...now what?

by liu 15 years ago

This weekend we bought a YUZU tree at a Japanese nursery in the Los Angeles area: San Gabriel Nursery in San Gabriel. We were quite surprised that they had several trees available. I had posted sev...

YUZU in Torrance - Anyone been there for dinner?

by cabeef 15 years ago

Hi, I read about a new Japanese place in Torrance called YUZU that got a rave review in the LA TIMES, so on my day off on President's Day, I drove down from Hollywood to check it out for lunch - th...

Citron, Yuja, Yuzu?!?

by Sonia 19 years ago

The citron post below reminded me of a burning question... When we lived in Korea, mom used to make something resembling marmalade out of yuja, a citrus fruit that became available only in the ...

fresh yuzu

by drew 16 years ago

Anyone know where I can fresh yuzu in the boston area?

yuzu juice

by micah 17 years ago

Finally bought some at the local japanese store after tiring of hearing how yuzu is the best thing in the world from every food magazine for the past year or so. Now what do I do with it? Also, i...

Looking for yuzu juice in TO

by Ganache 17 years ago

Have been searching for yuzu juice in a bottle--a japanese citrus that has a very haunting flavour. Found it once at Ozawa but it is in Richmond Hill and wholesale. Am using it for salad dressing...

Yuzu - a review

by Edomata 17 years ago

Dropped by Yuzu ton 37th Ave San Mateo to try them out for dinner earlier tonight. Was surprised to find that it was in a location very similar looking to 25th Ave. Basically small businesses locat...


by phil 17 years ago

Anyone know where I can buy Japanese Yuzu juice in Chicago? I scoured Chicago Food Corp last week and could not find it.


by Aaron D 18 years ago

These may be common at Mitsuwa or other Japanese markets around town, but I've not seen them previously, and I just saw five or six in an undistinguished (but for the yuzu sign) little pile at Fox ...

Yuzu Juice

by JeffP 18 years ago

Does anyone know where to get Yuzu juice in any of the boroughs? I was going to just check Sunrise Mart tomorrow, but please save me the trip if you know it's not there. Thanks, Jeff


by Pat Hammond 22 years ago

I swear this is my last post today. It's a wonder I'm not fired. For months I've been looking for Ponzu sauce which is used at Nobu. It's made with the juice of an asian citrus called yuzu. Wel...

Ponzu or yuzu

by Pat Hammond 23 years ago

Has anyone seen fresh Yuzu in their meanderings? I believe it's a Japanese lime. I'd be happy to have some of the bottled juice, if it's available. Also how about Ponzu sauce? My kids are com...

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