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Help for Winter Solstice (White Party?) Menu Planning

by Tehama 13 days ago

The sweltering August heat is making me long for cool weather, and cooking for cool weather. I happened to remember...

Tehama commented 13 days ago

Sunday Suppers at Lucques: Winter Menus

by Katie Nell 10 years ago

May 2007 Cookbook of the Month: Sunday Suppers at Lucques, by Suzanne Goin. Please post your full-length reviews ...


dkennedy commented 3 months ago

April 2012 COTM: Melissa Clark Month, Cook This Now: Winter

by L.Nightshade 5 years ago

Please use this thread to discuss the chapters in Cook This Now, Winter: January; February; March, pages 7 - 94. ...

pistachio peas commented 6 months ago

What's for Dinner #399 (January 2017) - The Bone-Chilling Edition

by ChristinaMason 8 months ago

For many of us, January is one of the coldest, snowiest winter months. And depending on your political persuasion, t...

Ttrockwood commented 7 months ago

CITRUS SALADS - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, December 2016

by L.Nightshade 9 months ago

Welcome to the last Dish of the Month for 2016! This is the thread for reporting on the Citrus Salads that you ma...

MmeFleiss commented 8 months ago

Cold Weather Recipes

by NShewmaker 8 months ago

Now that I finally have some time off, I've been on a real casserole kick, but I have a lot of free time headed my wa...


Philly Ray commented 8 months ago

Winter buffet menu for 20 help request

by lodusblossom 8 months ago

Hey folks, I am planning a party for January and I desperately need menu help. Approximately 20 people are coming, a...


pumpkinspice commented 8 months ago

Home Cooking Dish of the Month: December 2016 Nominations

by L.Nightshade 9 months ago

Welcome to the nomination thread for December’s Dish of the Month! Time to decide what dish we’ll be cooking together...

LulusMom commented 8 months ago

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During christmas times - fertilizer

by Maximilien95 8 months ago

Hello, Sorry I am not English but I ask my question because I saw several experts on the forum. What fertilizer...

Overwintering container fruit plants

by DonnaMarieNJ 9 months ago

I live in New Jersey and have several blueberry, raspberry and blackberry plants in small containers. Most of these ...

JustJake2 commented 9 months ago

Winter wildlife: feed the birds, not the squirrels... cayenne, et al

by greygarious 5 years ago

Without buying a pricey "squirrel-proof" feeder that may not live up to its promise, hot chili is a good way to foil ...


iamthebirdfeeder commented 10 months ago

Show us your Winter 2016 meals.

by Breadcrumbs 1 year ago

With a new year upon us it seemed like the right time to launch a Winter thread. What's cookin' in your kitchen? Sh...

Breadcrumbs commented 1 year ago

Winter Cooking From the Garden

by dfrostnh 1 year ago

It's closing in on the end of December in NH - zone 5ish. It's been unusually warm but I have pulled the last of the ...


Cybrczch commented 1 year ago

Winter Storm--Cooking without electricity

by DaisyM 3 years ago

Over 300,000 homes are still without power in my area. Fortunately we only lost electricity for 24 hours. Since...


momof5x commented 1 year ago

The Taste of Country Cooking: Winter Dishes

by Katie Nell 10 years ago

June 2007 Cookbook of the Month: The Taste of Country Cooking, by Edna Lewis. Please post your full-length review...


qianning commented 1 year ago

Cassoulet recipe from NYTIMES

by Monica 1 year ago

Thanks to all the local ethnic markets, I can get all the ingredients needed for this cassoulet recipe from NY Times....

Monica commented 1 year ago

September 2011 COTM, Slater/Kitchen Diaries: Winter

by LulusMom 6 years ago

Please use this thread to discuss and review recipes from the chapters for December, January and February. The Cho...

JoanN commented 1 year ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - November 2014 [Old]

by fldhkybnva 3 years ago

Daylight Savings Time will soon end for most of us, which some consider the official start of the fall to winter tran...

fldhkybnva commented 2 years ago

Intimate and somewhat affordable Winter Weather Wedding for foodies in Central NJ

by alar71 2 years ago

Getting married in March 2016 in Central NJ (or surrounding areas) and not a clue where to do it. I come from a Food...


bropaul commented 2 years ago

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