Wine Pairings

Wine Tasting Apps

by camdull 9 months ago

I have joined a wine club that meets in the evening and will have hosting duties in the near future. Although each gu...

ZoeyCovey commented 1 month ago

Food/Beverage Pairing New Year Menu

by Kalenden 2 months ago

Dear people, For New Year's, my companion and I have ordered a menu and we are now looking to combine beverages wi...


Kalenden commented 2 months ago

Endive, smoked salmon salad pairing

by patapouf 2 months ago

Bit stumped with a pairing for smoked salmon salad with endive, pear, passion fruit caviar vinaigrette, any suggestions?

thegforceny commented 2 months ago

Il Pranzo Lunch at Round Pond

by evansaunt 11 months ago

Has anyone done the Il Pranzo lunch and tasting at Round Pond? It sounds lovely - I am trying to decide whether to d...

Melanie Wong commented 5 months ago

Wine to go with Chinese Hotpot

by rijia 5 months ago

Hi, I will be having hotpot with friends this weekend, but not too sure what type of wine to go with it. The soup bas...

Charles Yu commented 5 months ago

Crab Cakes Red Wine

by Carriejr 5 months ago

Big birthday weekend coming up for family. Having husband's favorite crab cakes shipped in from Maryland. I would l...

hotoynoodle commented 5 months ago

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Braised Abalone and Wine Pairing

by Charles Yu 5 months ago

Question?! – What is the best wine to pair with ‘ Chinese style braised Japanese dried Abalone ‘? A search of food...

Complicated Pairing Request!

by ldillma 5 months ago

Hi, I'm planning to make a Splendid Table dish that is butternut squash, roasted with sage, basil, a wee bit of brown...


ldillma commented 5 months ago

Birthday Dinner Wine Pairing Suggestions for Challenging Menu

by mpcarney 6 months ago

Hi Wine Folks, I'm co-hosting a combination birthday dinner Saturday Aug 26, 2017 for 3 celebrants - all of whom e...

hotoynoodle commented 6 months ago

Wine Pairing Dinner Party Help

by mexicaliblues 6 months ago

Hello, I'm hosting some folks for a very simple dinner this weekend and want to make sure the wine shines. Please ...

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Wine to pair with Paella

by pindert 9 months ago

I'll be serving Paella this weekend. It will have chicken, Spanish chorizo, shrimp, and mussels. Which wine(s) are ...


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Seeking recommendations on wine for wedding dinner!

by clupa 7 months ago

Hi, Hoping to get some recommendations for wine to serve at a wedding dinner. Serving Lebanese buffet: grilled fil...

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Elizabeth wine pairings

by qtsam11 9 months ago

I liked everyone's insights on the below post regarding Alinea. That post is too old for me to post on so I just tho...


HoosierFoodie commented 8 months ago

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Lynmar Lunch?

by shariberri 8 months ago

Hi CHs... So much great advice and our first Napa/Sonoma trip planning is coming along now! Wondering if anyone has ...

Miso Glazed Sea Bass and Red Wine Pairings?

by jwieczerzak 2 years ago

I am making miso glazed sea bass with a nice dashi broth and some Manilla clams. My problem is that one of my guests...

NovelWines commented 9 months ago

Best wine bars in Manhattan?

by prilla 9 months ago

We are coming to the city for a few days in August and looking for wine bar recommendations. Staying in Soho and woul...

prilla commented 9 months ago

Red wine pairings with Shrimp and Cheddar Grits & Seafood Empanadas

by gremillion 1 year ago

I am going to a dinner party and the traditional pairing with shrimp and cheddar grits and shrimp and mahi mahi empan...


HoosierFoodie commented 10 months ago

Wine and Girl Scout Cookie Pairings - Let's Do This!

by VinoPair 12 months ago

Mindy and I, over at, are always looking for new and interesting pairings to test. Every year around th...


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Need help with Italian Wine Pairing Dinner

by Minerva27 11 months ago

We are part of a wine group and are having a special Italian dinner made for us. Each couple is responsible for one ...


Minerva27 commented 10 months ago

"The Cheese Nun" for a wine & cheese party

by vicki_vale 11 years ago

At last I've got my hands on the documentary film "The Cheese Nun", which follows an American nun on a Fulbright to s...

Melanie Wong commented 12 months ago