Weeknight Dinner

Need ideas for a quick weeknight dinner? Chowhounds are full of them: Get cooking advice on recipes, meals, and cuisines geared for simple dinners.

How to Make Toast for Dinner: Tartines, Bruschetta, and Open-Face Sandwiches

Breakfast toast has been #trending for a while now, whether it's of the avocado or unicorn variety. But dinner toast is even better. Toast is a good way to use up leftovers from a fresh loaf any time...

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Recs for a good, convivial, cheap-to-moderate place for a weeknight dinner in San Francisco?

by glomer 6 years ago

No pizza or Chinese/Japanese/Korean (allergies). Preferred neighborhoods are the Mission, SOMA, Hayes Valley, Jtown and thereabouts. Thanks!

Weeknight dinner: how do you serve?

by jboeke 7 years ago

I recently just purchased a dining room table that seats more than 4, so for the first time ever I have the option of family-style serving rather than making plates for my family. I also have smal...

Weeknight dinner near Royal Alex

by TeacherFoodie 7 years ago

Hi hounds, I am hoping for some recs for dinner for a group of 8 people, including 2 teens and 1 child. Italian or Canadian/American food would be preferable. Prices need to be reasonable (mai...

Weeknight Dinner for 8 in Culver City - Relatively Quiet, American or Italian?

by aleemhossain 7 years ago

We want to do an 8 person family dinner in the Culver City area at a place that can comfortably seat that many people. Let's rule out places that Mom would call "loud." Ideal cuisine would be A...

Weeknight dinner North of Eglinton

by TeacherFoodie 8 years ago

Looking for a nice place for dinner North of Eglinton. Mains should be in the $25 - $35 range and no more than $40. Not looking for anything adventurous - Italian or North American cuisine is pre...

Chelsea W Village - relaxed weeknight dinner, $20 entrees, ethnic (not a lot of butter or dairy)

by yebo 8 years ago

I'm looking for a place where sitting and talking a while (say 1-1/2 hours) is ok, and where the food is good. Companion doesn't eat dairy.

Weeknight Dinner at Al Forno Trattoria [Old Saybrook, CT]

by DrTomG 8 years ago

Al Forno has racked up favorable reviews from Zagat, the New York Times, the New London Day, the Hartford Courant, Connecticut Magazine, and the New Haven Register! The restaurant sits in an old...

Prepping jambalaya for a weeknight dinner

by mickeygee 9 years ago

I want to have jambalaya for dinner one night this week, but my weeknighs have about 10 minutes of time that I can pay attention to food, since getting home means feeding and bed for my 8 month old...

Weeknight dinner

by jromm 9 years ago

Hi Montreal, I am coming up from Vermont with my wife in a few weeks to see some music at La Tulipe (4530 PAPINEAU) and I'm curious if there are any fantastic restaurants relatively in that same...

Weeknight Dinner general vicinity East village

by twochesters 9 years ago

Hoping for a suggestions for a dinner for next Wednesday evening. Just a thank you dinner and a chance to spend time with a former employee. For three people. Someplace with good food, comfortable,...

Weeknight Dinner Options near Canon Theatre

by kweenshaker 9 years ago

As the title says, I'm looking for somewhere to go for dinner near the Canon theatre tomorrow. We're not too picky and price doesn't really matter. The only criteria are that it is a proper sit-d...

Share your make-ahead weeknight dinners

by momnivore 9 years ago

Hi all. I’m searching for recipes for dinners that aren’t super fancy (we’re talking your average night at home for a family of 4) that can be made, at least for the most part, the night before an...

Seeking Distinctively Austiny Tex-Mex or Mex Seafood/Veggie Weeknight Dinner to Impress

by jcroedel 9 years ago

Greetings Hounds, I'm fairly new to Austin, having moved here from the Bay Area. I've read a fair amount of the Chow boards, both here and in the Bay Area. My difficulty is this: I have a friend ...

One Choice , Raku or Lotus of Siam for Weeknight Dinner

by Porto 9 years ago

Need Help deciding, it's for two only. Coming from Canada and although we have great asian restaurants here I'm looking forward to trying one of these two out. Which is by far your favorite based c...

Weeknight Dinner Party Challenge

by graphiteheart 9 years ago

Hello... this is my first post here. I have read many posts over the years and gained invaluable information! I am finally venturing into posting to get some much-needed advice. I am planning a din...

weeknight dinner in Seaport Area

by pasta 10 years ago

A friend from London is staying at The Boston Harbor Hotel, so I thought dinner in this area would be a nice walk from the hotel - anybody have any recent favorites ? She is open to all cuisines, ...

Quiet Weeknight Dinner?

by samhol 10 years ago

Hi, Any suggestions for a quiet restaurant downtown, preferably falling in the category of casual fine dining? My dad is coming into town for a weeknight dinner and is a bit hard of hearing, and...

Weekend cooking/prep for weeknight dinners?

by Tante 10 years ago

I'm about to go back to work full time after being home for the past few years with my daughter, and I know I'm not going to have the time (and energy) to cook as much on weeknights. Does anyone ha...

Looking for the holy grail - cheap healthy and very delicious restaurant for a casual weeknight dinner

by Epicure3333 10 years ago

Now I love fatty foods as much as the next guy, but every now and again when i don't feel like cooking I want to go out for a good dinner that won't break my wallet or my body. What do you guys re...

London Broil Weeknight dinners?

by Rippin200 10 years ago

I always see London Broils in the supermarket and it makes for a great inexpensive weeknight dinner. Can you please share with me your Marinade's, recipes, and cooking methods for simple weeknight ...