Vanilla Extract

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What vanilla extract should I buy?

by walker 5 years ago

I always buy Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract in the glass bottle (I don't want to buy it in plastic.) Today at the store, I saw some other brands and they don't have sugar in the ...

How do I properly use extracts with yogurt?

by glify 5 years ago

Hi, I'm a newbie to cooking in general. I'm calorie restricting now and have found basic success making my own greek yogurt from skim milk, and adding flavor with Slimma sweeteners. I'm try...

Tahitian vs Madagascar Bourbon

by abfan105 6 years ago

Greetings all, I had a quick question about vanilla beans (and extract). I have seen both Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla pods and extract at the spice store, but I haven't had a chance to taste...

Chemistry of vanilla sugar

by PhotoMike 6 years ago

Hi all! I'm looking for advice and information on making vanilla sugar. In the past, I've used one vanilla bean per cup of white sugar, sliced the beans lengthwise for more surface area, and mixed ...

Open vanilla extract

by Clarissa 5 years ago

I have a large bottle of vanilla extract that had been opened and then partly close, and knocked over. Since I had another bottle I used that for a while, and the large bottle was on its side for m...

Mexican vanilla...

by Clarkafella 13 years ago

Someone gave us a bottle of Mexican vanilla as a gift. We also bought a new Cuisinart stand mixer recently. We would like to use the new mixer and the new vanilla to make some delicious baked goods...

Mexican Vanilla In Vancouver

by Veggigal 6 years ago

Hi Everyone. I'm running out of my favorite Mexican vanilla. Does anyone know if any import stores carry it in Vancouver or Victoria? I'd be willing to make a trip to get some. It comes in a ...

Vanilla Extract for Holiday Gifts

by nemo 6 years ago

I already found some very helpful information in past years' posts on the process. I'm starting a quart sized bottle of Mount Gay rum with 10 vanilla beans. Where does one find little glass bottl...

Using both vanilla bean and extract

by LouisNutri 6 years ago

Hi guys, I have a recipe for 12 vanilla cupcakes. I'm wondering if 1/2 vanilla bean with its seeds scraped PLUS 1/2 tsp vanilla flavor extract would be okay to use or is the 1/2 vanilla bean enough...

Uses for pure vanilla extract?

by hungryann 14 years ago

HI I have a large bottle of pure vanilla extract and I don't bake that often. Where else can I use it? Can I pour it directly in beverages like coffee, tea, smoothies, etc ? Other suggestions? TIA

Would vanilla extract kill yeast?

by jayzeebee 6 years ago

I recently made chocolate chip challah bread and it seems that the yeast did not do so well and I am trying to figure out why. It is active dry yeast kept in a small jar in the fridge. I bought it...

Does "Everclear" the 95% grain alcohol make a good Vanilla Extract?

by rawpaleo 7 years ago

If the answer is yes, what would be the ratio of vanilla beans to Everclear you would recommend?

Vanilla extract vs vanilla powder, white vs dark

by SpencerTracy 7 years ago

Few questions for you guys: 1) If a recipe calls for 1 tsp of vanilla powder, would you substitute 1 tsp of vanilla extract? Or does it need more or less? 2) Which has a stronger flavor? Powd...

Best vanilla extract

by Bakeitnow 19 years ago

What do you think is the best brand of vanilla extract to buy?

Goofed on making vanilla extract?

by charmdesign 7 years ago

So I bought a 1/4lb of beans. Turns out to be 58 beans. I read a number of articles that suggested 3-5 beans per cup of vodka, and then Beanilla website suggested 7 per cup. Based on the calculatio...

Looking for vanilla extract options in the Triangle area

by burgeoningfoodie 7 years ago

I am writing this post before having visited A Southern Season. What I'm looking for is either pure 100% vanilla powder or non alcohol vanilla extract. This is for someone who is doing an eating ...

Do recipes always call for vanilla extract and paste over whole vanilla beans due to the their convenience, cost, and longer shelf life?

by GOJIRA 7 years ago

Or would they sometimes give a better result over beans due to the moisture? Im just curious if I can just use whole beans anytime recipes call for paste or extract. My jar of vanilla paste is near...

Vanilla Extract with blended scotch whiskey?

by tcroach454 7 years ago

I've just started my first batch of homemade vanilla extract with vodka. I have some beans left over, and we have a small unopened bottle of Dewars White Label blended scotch whiskey. I'm not a dri...

If changing vanilla frosting to chocolate do I remove vanilla extract?

by curiousaboutcafos 8 years ago

Hey I am hoping to get some help please. I will be making the frosting recipe below, but converting to chocolate instead: (no oj in frosting, i will use water instead) http://www.food.com/recip...