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We could watch food TV all day long. Who's with us? Tell us your favorite cooking shows, and why. Fellow Chowhounds discuss spoilers, current seasons, and what to watch.

The Surprising Ingredient Ancient Romans Used Instead of Salt

When Max Miller learned he was being furloughed from his job at Disney earlier in the year, he didn’t look ahead like most life coaches might advise. Instead, Max looked back. Way back into the past...

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TV cooking show pet peeves

by ladykemma2 6 years ago

mine is TV cooks who don't secure their hair and then cook. i have to turn rachel ray off. ack!

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #9 – 12/17/14 (spoilers)

by LindaWhit 6 years ago

Back at the TC house, Doug's very glad he won the Super Fans' competition; George gets some props for getting back into the competition, and Gregory's ready to take him down. Six chefs remain in t...

Is Christopher Kimball the new Alton Brown???????

by jarona 8 years ago

Alright. I have been watching ATK for the past week or so after not watching it for a while. I've noticed that at the start of the show he has this scientific thing going on----almost as though he...

Where Are All the "Holiday" Cooking Shows???

by jarona 6 years ago

Alright. I'll admit, with the craziness going on in preparation for Christmas and all the baking and cooking that's going on in my home, I do like to relax. In the past, I've always relaxed with th...

What happened to Dave Leiberman on FN TV?

by Diane in Bexley 13 years ago

I used to enjoy watching Dave cook Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. ET during my breakfast but now his show seems to be gone from FN altogether. Perhaps Dave did not have the requisite low cut blouses a...

The Taste

by Firegoat 6 years ago

So the new season has started with the audition/competitor episode. I'm enjoying looking at the food and that not most of the back stories are sob stories.... but I admit. I feel really bad for Nig...

Masterchef Junior Season 2 Finale

by Firegoat 6 years ago

No spoilers here yet, but expect some in the comments after the show airs, so quit reading comments now if you haven't watched. Here is a link to an interview with the Masterchef Junior producer...

Old cooking shows

by hotcanuck 7 years ago

I am trying to recall the names of a few. There was a show, in the 80's I believe, that rotated 3 or 4 chefs. The set looked clinical, with a lot of stainless steel. The chef came out from the left...

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #8 – 12/10/14 (spoilers)

by LindaWhit 6 years ago

Back in the Stew Room after the last competition, Doug says he's there to kick ass and that's what he did. Katie said she doesn't feel responsible for Keriann's dish. Gregory said you don't make ...

Kitchen Inferno - huh?

by wincountrygirl 6 years ago

I watched this today and I have to say, I'm confused. It started out with Penny (from Food Network Star) and some other chef - an airport chef I think and they had to make a hot dog. Penny won the...

"Chopped" amateur cooks edition..taking applications

by PAINTEDPEGGIES 8 years ago

I am not creative enough to do it but have always wanted to see a home cooks version! http://www.choppedcasting.com/application/special

Orlando nominees for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show

by mcanni 11 years ago

Guy Fieri of Food Network gets tons of interesting places to check out -special places that serve interesting menus or have great renditions of favorite dishes. After over a year of viewing the...

Masterchef U.S. season 2014 spoilers

by Firegoat 7 years ago

So Masterchef U.S. started again Monday night. Compared to the N.Z. version that I watched on youtube over the spring, it is of course, a let down. However, not to be totally negative, at least ...

Favorite Seinfeld food moments

Brian S
by Brian S 14 years ago

It's amazing what dreadful food Seinfeld eats. Elaine likes the Big Salad just because it's big. Food is often used as a proxy for something else. Everyone wants to be given a free meal at Mendy's,...

Americans Taste International Alcohol

by patsully 6 years ago

The mispronunciations are probably the best part.

Restaurant Impossible and Kitchen Nightmares - How Many Survive?

by chicgail 9 years ago

I saw an old rerun of Kitchen Nightmares at a place called Sebastians that I know closed some time after the show and I found myself wondering how some of those restaurants ultimately do after Rams...

What's Your Favorite Non-Cable Cooking Show? Hubby Cancelled Cable.

by Juliamay 7 years ago

My husband cancelled our cable. It was actually my idea and then I cruised downstairs to watched my favorite show, Chopped. (It makes me clean the kitchen FAST.) I also like Ina Garten, Alton Br...

Good bar to watch Breaking Bad?

by nuraman00 7 years ago

A friend and I want to watch one of the last two episodes of Breaking Bad at a bar. What's a good one, between SF and Fremont, that: A) Has TVs in the bar B) Keeps the volume of the TVs on ...

What happens to Masterchef "waste"?

by cresyd 8 years ago

I'm watching a recent episode of Masterchef where they have one of those "choose between these three expensive ingredients for the other contestants to cook with" challenges. One ingredient is cho...

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