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Before you travel, dig into our Chowhound trip reports to get the insider information on where to go, what to do, and—most importantly—what to eat. And don't forget to post your own trip report when you return!

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TREADWELL, NOTL - Consistently Great! Never ceases to amaze!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 month ago

A few weeks back, I had an enjoyable and memorable lunch at Niagara's Ravine Vineyard restaurant. Today, with an out of town visitor in tow, I was thinking of introducing her to some fine, local, w...

First-timer's trip report (long)

by TrishUntrapped 4 months ago

In a word, wow! Thank you to everyone for your tips and advice, it was very helpful. My husband and I spent one amazing week in Paris, staying at the Hotel d'Aubusson in the 6th. I had an extensive...

A magical drive to The Lost Kitchen, Freedom, Maine...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

This past May, self-taught Chef Erin French, proprietor of The Lost Kitchen located in rural Freedom, Maine, published her first cookbook. It piqued our curiosity. We had heard almost mystical stor...

Dizzys!! Great reincarnation

by Huffdaddyfresh 1 month ago

New owner and some of the best service, drinks, food, blackberry vinaigrette salad is 2 thumbs up!!

Charlotte - Tried some new things

by concordcourtney 1 month ago

Recently we had a spurt over over-indulgence and tried a lot of new places. Most were just new to us. I didn't get to try as many international foods as I wanted as I didn't have a willing partner ...

‘Worst’ week to visit Paris

by alarash 1 month ago

We picked August 10-18 to travel with the kids (boys ages 8 and 5) this summer. We splurged and bought airfare to Paris from northern CA, and who knew that Parisians often take summer vacations and...

September Barcelona Foodie Trip Detailed Review

by Belkisw 12 months ago

Hi all, A brief roundup on all the restaurants we tried over the last week in Barcelona: Barra Alta- Absolutely fabulous, do not miss lunch here! Would recommend the oyster cocktail, with clama...

Rome Trip Report July 2019

by alantz21 2 months ago

Santo Palato We chose Santo Palato for our first evening in Rome because we were there on a Sunday night and it was one of the few restaurants open near (ish) the city center. Since the majority o...

ADDA Long IslandCity

by erica 2 months ago

Can it be true that the best Indian place I've eaten in in NYC (and I've made a number of visits to India) can have no representation on CH??? I spend most of the summer on the North Fork but ...

Las Vegas trip report

by lbamber 3 months ago

Warning: TL; DR Thanks to all the hounds who have been so kind in helping us figure out where to eat. We are fortunate enough to be able to spend a couple of months in Las Vegas. We are hampe...

Paris Report -- Return to Rue du Cherche Midi

by jnwall 2 months ago

We were back in Paris this summer, for the heat wave. We stayed once more in our hotel in Rue du Four, and dined chiefly, once more, on Rue du Cherche-Midi. We wrote about our previous visit, here:...

Tea Rooms in Quebec City

by Cflower5 2 months ago

Afternoon tea in Quebec City

Emilia & Liguria Trip Report 2019

by _emilie_ 4 months ago

We just got back from a lovely trip through the Emilia part of Emilia-Romagna and the adjacent part of Liguria. As usual, recommendations from Chowhound, even quite old ones, were very helpful, so ...

Lower East Side plus Totonno's and a Couple of Side Trips

by Steve 3 months ago

A report from four days of eating and sightseeing. Many places in the LES I've been to before. Stayed a block away from the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Boy has this area changed. The bloc...

Greentail's Seafood Market and Kitchen - OBX - Nags Head, NC

by ToothTooth 2 months ago

Just got back from a long 4th of July weekend in Nags Head and wanted to alert all you 'hounds to this great little seafood market and casual restaurant near mile post 11. Evidently, its been open ...

Bonifacio / southern Corsica report

by entrechathuit 3 months ago

Restaurant version maquis citadelle: breathtaking view of the bonifacio citadelle and the mountains of Sardinia with excellent and creative food to match. Highly recommend. L’an faim: located...

Noma Vegetable Season '19 Review

by sobbuh 3 months ago

As an institution, and ideologically, Noma is an amazing place. The effect on the CPH food scene is palpable everywhere you go. If you are solely interested in eating delicious food — I think t...

A Week in Tuscany - Report

by Ziggy41 3 months ago

So this time we divided the week between the north, Colle di Val d'Elsa, and Villa Grazianella outside of Montepulciano where we stayed before.  Colle was the perfect base with easy access to Chian...

Portland Trip Report

by wanderlust21 3 months ago

I was in Portland in Spring 2019 here’s a brief rundown of my experience with specific dishes: Jacqueline - We ordered a few items. The standouts were the crab toast and the spot prawns. Spot p...

3 nights in Paris - Louis, Pierre Sang on Gambey, Zebulon

by lisacope 6 months ago

Just got back from our trip to Paris - this was a three night tack on - our daughter is going to school in London so we stopped in Paris after visiting her in London. 1st night was at Zebulon - ...