Trip Planning

Trip planning really means food planning to us. When you're mapping out your route, turn to Chowhounds to help mark the best spots to stop for every meal (plus a few snacks and drinks in between).

Why You Should Always Take a Food Tour When You Travel

Making plans to travel may include things like buying airline tickets, making sure you have your passport, and booking a table at that restaurant everyone Instagrams. However, there is something else...

SANTA BARBARA - Renaud's Patissserie

by glbtrtr 10 days ago

Renaud's Patisserie - Arlington Plaza - Santa Barbara, CA I tasted Europe today. Not being able to travel abroad brings great sadness missing the unique tastes and flavors of the travel experien...

Takeout Sandwiches in Toronto

by prima 3 years ago

The old thread doesn't allow the list of establishments to be created. Lately, I've been taking sandwiches from B Espresso Bar (in the Royal Conservatory), Sud Forno (new Yonge location), Forno C...

Tacos al Pastor in Carpinteria, Montecito, Santa Barbara Area

by ninkat 2 months ago

I have arrived for a month of R&R and stopped at Los Arroyos in Montecito for my favorite (in memory) tacos. Neither they, nor the accompanying guacamole or salsa were as I remembered. I'm lookin...

Lobster Rolls Rule at Nahant Fish & Lobster

by SuzieCK 2 months ago

We were dying for a swim so we drove to Nahant Beach, Nahant, MA. After slogging through brown algae to get to a bit of cool, clear water, we needed a reward. Off to Nahant Fish & Lobster located i...

Outer Banks recommendations and places en route (Hwy 64 corridor)

by burgeoningfoodie 1 month ago

Family has decided to take an extended weekend to the Outer Banks (mostly the Kitty Hawk/Nags Head/Kill Devil Hills region) and am in search of some recommendations amidst the over price garbage th...

Reno food scene

by Dagney 1 year ago

We are considering Reno as a retirement destination and are about to drive up there from Las Vegas. One of our requirements in a new location is a good food scene. Las Vegas has proven itself thi...

Please suggest local business to support near Lancaster, PA!

by RowdyRaul 2 months ago

Hey all, I will be hanging around Lancaster for about a week and would love to hear about some of your favorite haunts in the area. Not so big on the fine-dining side of things, interested in m...

Long ago restaurant in Salt Lake City area???

by cuteday 1 month ago

Maybe 30 years ago, (90's?) we were traveling through Utah...Not sure if it was SLC or Ogden area, but there was an old-west type themed restaurant. (Was it called Lill's? I hesitate in even say...

SpringHill Suites by Marriott opens in Tuckahoe...

by gutreactions 1 month ago

Walked into the newly opened SpringHill Suites hotel on Marbledale Ave. in Tuckahoe. It had been a work in progress for quite some time. There is a dining area and bar/lounge, which right now is on...

Shadyside MD outside eating or takeout?

by curioussheridan 2 months ago

We're going to an AirBnb tomorrow for a few days and will cook part of the time but also looking for safe places to eat in the general area. Any ideas?

Seeking luncheon recommendations - Weekday, downtown Toronto

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 months ago

Heading downtown next Friday. Need recommendation for lunch for a group of 5. Willing to drive anywhere as long as food is great. Problem is.... too many choices but unsure which ones are open for ...

Favorite restaurant and favorite dish in Dallas?

by jcoves73 2 months ago

What’s your favorite restaurant and dish in the Dallas area? Also, what’s the best place for breakfast? Thanks!

5th & Taylor vs. Husk

by jcoves73 2 months ago

Trying to decide between these two places for an outdoor dinner? Which is better? Also, anywhere else you’d consider that does outdoor dining? Lastly, what’s your favorite breakfast place in Nas...

Anniversary weekend getaway to The Berkshires for two forty-something foodies

by Phil_A_Mignon 2 months ago

Hello again, my favorite food people. Taking wife to The Berkshires second weekend in October 2020 for our anniversary. My searches for information on the area pull up Chowhound entries that are 10...

Looking for Amelia Island Recs

by fishermb 2 months ago

Hi all, we're going to escape South Florida for a few days in 2 weeks and spend some time on Amelia Island. Any standout recommendations for take out? We eat pretty much any kind of food, nothing I...

ISO Skakespeare/Stratford Recommendations - I'm lookin' at you, Dr. John

by Googs 2 months ago

Looking for lunch and/or dinner destinations that are locally owned with interesting menus. Classic high end and pub menus bore me. Traditional Italian menus when done well, do not. So far, the...

Italy to lift travel restrictions: who is willing to travel this summer?

by damiano 6 months ago

Italy is opening its borders for non-Italian tourists in two weeks time. Who is willing to travel to Italy, and if so, how are you planning to do this? For me, living in Northern Europe, Italy i...

Best 6 meals in St Louis

by cheesecurdsinparadise 3 months ago

Ok My gf and I are staying in St Louis Saturday thru Monday. My mom is paying for three dinners, we are paying for 3 breakfasts or lunches. If You had 6 meals in St Louis: 3 that others were paying...

Restaurants Charlottesville

by foodiern1 2 months ago

Looking for restaurant recommendations aroundCourtyard by Marriott University Medical Center Charlottesville... good food, lively area.