Trip Planning

Trip planning really means food planning to us. When you're mapping out your route, turn to Chowhounds to help mark the best spots to stop for every meal (plus a few snacks and drinks in between).

One Dinner/two lunches in Rome

by adi 2 hours ago

I will be in Rome for one night in May with my family (all adults including my 80 year old Mom). we are staying on the Piazza Farnese. I am looking for a Roman trattoria for our dinner that is not ...


Seeking Feedback on 4 days/nights in Paris

by marcuspg 3 days ago

Hello and thanks in advance for any feedback provided. After much on-line research we have composed our detailed eating itinerary. In the process I definitely noticed that around half of our picks ...


Feedback and Suggestions for Foodie Itinerary London April

by Kalenden 1 day ago

Hi, My companion and I are looking for feedback and suggestions for a restaurant itinerary in London April. We are major foodies and enjoy active city trips with a big gastronomic part. Commonly...

NEED recommendations - Best of Boston

by nyperr 2 months ago

I'm a New Yorker going meet another foodie friend from San Francisco in Boston for a long weekend (3 dinners, lunches and a Sunday brunch) and are looking for the BEST example of really great Bosto...


Vegetarian in Paris - High end/tasting menus

by sobbuh 1 day ago

Hi, Looking for some feedback for an upcoming trip to Paris - lots of great discussion here, so thanks in advance for that. I’m interested in hearing about any restaurants that are partic...


Bar Boulud or Lincoln Ristorante pre-show?

by walker42 6 days ago

This trip, business brings me to midtown, but that doesn't mean I don't have some time off! Sunday we'll be seeing a 3pm show at Lincoln Center and we have lots of choices for the preceding lunch/b...

Five Days in Istanbul

by herby 2 months ago

I am planning a short (five days) stop over in Istanbul mid-March and would greatly appreciate any advice: where to eat, what to see, where to stay, what to buy and anything else you care to share....

Gem or Per Se?

by donpappy 1 month ago

I have an offer for a free dinner, either the 15-course tasting menu at Gem or the five-course salon testing menu at Per Se. What do folks think?

Bordeaux 4 days, wineries and restaurants

by cliffie7 2 days ago

We are a group of 6 looking for suggestions for 4 days in Bordeaux. Budget is flexible and open to trying different places. Love left bank of Bordeaux and need restaurants in Bordeaux to match ...


Paris restaurant questions

by christy319 3 days ago

We are going in a couple of weeks for 5 days. We're staying in the 7th on Rue St Dominique near the intersection of Ave de la Bourdonnais. We've been to Paris many times. We won't be doing any fine...

Recommendations in Madrid, Granada, Seville during Holy Week

by gabe_h 8 days ago

Hi -- taking a family trip of five people during Semana Santa. Everyone is an adventurous eater, and we have one teenager and one pre-teen. We're looking for recommendations for dishes to try and...

A short visit to Paris

by hychka 2 months ago

My college sweetheart of 50+ years and I will be staying in the Marais in early April. We are wondering if there are some new places with excellent food and reasonable prices nearby. Also, has anyo...

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare/Ko/Per Se for July

by kiokujai 8 days ago

Planning to go to NYC in July for wedding anniversary. Will be there for 4 nights and tentatively thinking Marea, Peter Luger, and one of Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare or Momofuku Ko (for the night...

Mallorca - any recent info on Soller, Palma?

by damiano 7 months ago

I've booked a 1 week trip to Mallorca for this August. So, far I've booked a hotel in Soller for 3 nights (Sunday until Wednesday), and 2 nights in Palma de Mallorca (Saturday until Monday). These ...


Piemonte May trip planning

by fustyler 6 days ago

Planning a gastro trip in May - I've got the following in mind. One thing I'm unsure of is whether to go with Coccinella or Guido for the second dinner. I'm also not so sure about the pairing in Da...


Vegan NYC restaurants

by Ttrockwood 6 days ago

Found this great comprehensive article from Grub Street and wanted to start a new post so that anyone searching CH could find it easily. Lots of exciting fairly new restaurants- most are vegeta...


San Sebastian area for a rustic and simple wedding dinner

by larsmars 6 days ago

My fiance and I have decided to have a wedding party (instead of a big wedding) with our best friends in the San Sebastian area. The Basque country is fantastic, a large part of the group surfs, an...

Updated Alaska dining options

by SueFH 5 days ago

Hi, there’s not been much recent in the Alaska dining. I’ll be in Fairbanks in July for 4 nights and looking for some current recommendations on good dining options. We won’t have a car, staying at...

Advice for high end sushi in Ginza for first time visitor? (Sawada, Hashimoto, Taichi, Keita, Ishiyama, Ryusuke, Harutaka, Ginza Iwa)?

by bucktown 9 days ago

My wife will be visiting Tokyo for the first time in April (honeymoon!). Our hotel is in the Ginza district, so we would naturally want to visit a Ginza sushi-ya. We speak no Japanese but are well ...

Here is my restaurant list for a trip to San Sebastian: Comments?

PH Rodgers
by PH Rodgers 5 months ago

My wife and I plan to return to San Sebastian in late November. We will have five days. Here is my current thinking about where we should reserve for our major meals (typically lunch); Day One...