Trip Planning

Trip planning really means food planning to us. When you're mapping out your route, turn to Chowhounds to help mark the best spots to stop for every meal (plus a few snacks and drinks in between).

24 hours in Paris for Rolling Stones Oct 19th

by eggandchips 1 hour ago

Hi I reckon it's my last chance to see The Stones so Im going on October 19th in the UArena. I can only get away ...

Recs for short trip in October

by gbailey75 2 hours ago

Have a short trip to Boston planned for early October. Looking for recommendations for a Friday late lunch, Friday di...

Savannah HELP! NY and SF foodies looking for advice

by nyperr 5 days ago

Three of us from New York and San Francisco going to Savannah for the first time. We will be there 2 days. We want...


9lives commented 5 hours ago

Restaurant Critiques for Family Vacation

by Torontotonto 6 days ago

Hello! I have perused the hound site and read some of the local blogs (especially Talbott's) in planning for our trip...

John Talbott commented 16 hours ago

Palm Springs + Desert in Sept 2017

by chung006 12 days ago

Hey all! Heading down to Palm Desert in Sept for a conference and scoping out some places to eat. Checked out some ...


Motherhubbard commented 17 hours ago

Please tell me where to eat in/near Woodstock

by tanno 6 days ago

Hi, my wife, five year-old son and I rented a house in Woodstock for the last two weeks of August, and I'd love som...

Fred19 commented 21 hours ago

6 days in Paris - Any help appreciated :)

by cgd1083 2 months ago

Hi there! My boyfriend and I are traveling to Paris next week. We will be there for 6 days and are going to be st...

PhilD commented 1 day ago

Visiting Portland - Restaurant Recommendations

by stebro 3 days ago

Visiting from San Francisco next month for three nights. We're overwhelmed by the restaurant choices in Portland. L...

stevewi commented 1 day ago

Restaurant recommendations?

by helmswoman 5 days ago

I know Hounds cringe at this question, but I'll try to make it easy. Coming from DC to see a ball game at AT&T park, ...


HoosierFoodie commented 2 days ago

1st time to San Diego need at least 5 recommendations

by RIfoodie29 3 days ago

Hello San Diego Chowhound folk, I am heading to California for the 1st time ever and more specifically San Diego. ...


cstr commented 2 days ago

Berlin at the end of August

by Kurtis 2 months ago

We are taking a short trip to Berlin for the opening gala of the Philharmoniker on 25th. (fam of 6 with two elderly ...

Kurtis commented 2 days ago

Italy in October - Pisa to Venice

by meggan 10 days ago

For my mom's 70th, we are taking a trip to Italy. She wants to fly into Pisa and make our way to Venice by way of Luc...

jen kalb commented 2 days ago

Help with Labor Day weekend visit

by mrsjoujou 9 days ago

Hi, We lived in Philly 12 years ago for a short time (11 Months). We are planing to visit Sat 9/2- Tue 9/5. I hav...


mrsjoujou commented 2 days ago

Recommendations between Cortina d'Ampezzo and Venice

by miss_anthrope 10 days ago

We are driving from the Dolomites near Cortina d’Ampezzo to Venice and looking for recommendation of a place/town to ...


miss_anthrope commented 2 days ago

Venice on a very difficult diet

by MayoforSam 4 days ago

I will be in Venice for the first time ever this coming Sunday and Monday, with a couple of friends. I have been read...

PBSF commented 2 days ago

Review San Francisco Restaurant Selections

by Property manager 8 days ago

Will be visiting in a couple of weeks and have selected these three restaurants for our visit: 1) Slanted Door 2)...


tre2012 commented 3 days ago

Florence itinerary and Sunday dinner questions

by aphie 10 days ago

I will be visiting Florence in October for a first-time visit. We will be arriving Friday night and dropping off our ...


DavyTheFatBoy commented 3 days ago

Amalfi Coast - dinner in Atrani or Conca dei Marini? (Or elsewhere...)

by rachelnyc04 4 days ago

Hello! This is my first post though I've used these boards to book quite a few meals before, so thank you :) My husba...

jen kalb commented 3 days ago

Help with Monday Dinner

by purple gator 8 days ago

We are visiting Chicago over Labor Day weekend (Saturday through Thursday). Currently have reservations for Next and ...

nsxtasy commented 4 days ago

Chicagoland for four days - help me with this list

by johnmart11 4 days ago

Finally getting back to one of my favorite restaurant cities. It has been over 3 years and it looks like a lot has ch...

nsxtasy commented 4 days ago