Most non-toxic cookware: Unglazed clay pan or 100% titanium coated pan?

by drewsky1 6 years ago

Ok, so I'm ready to buy one of these. I'm looking at either one of the clay pans at Miriam's Earthen Cookware (here is a test of the heavy metals in their cookware: http://miriamsearthencookware.c...

Titanium Collection Cookware

by melajoh 11 months ago

I know this cookware is an (outrageously) overpriced scam, but I got into a discussion with someone about it and though I'm 95% certain this cookware contains PTFE, the website is written in such a...

Is Metalic Titanium a Good Material for Cookware?

by SamCurt 1 year ago

Before I start the discussion, I'd like to clarify one thing: throughout this post the word "titanium" refers to more or less pure (95%+ purity) titanium that looks and acts like a metal. I'm not t...

Titanium Cookware - Is it worth the money?

by mpdjr 9 years ago

I have a 12in. " Titanium Elite " fry pan. It really works well - truly non-stick, impervious to high heat, easy clean, and seems to cook well in my limited experience. Would appreciate comme...

STAUB Titanium Cocotte

by eelahnus 7 years ago

Can anyone help me find where I can purchase Staub Titanium Cocotte- preferably 2.5qt? I've searched everywhere online without success :( It was a limited edition color and has been discontinued (r...


by 45thronin 4 years ago

I'm considering purchasing these pots/pans, I'm curious if anyone has ever purchased these, and if so, how are they? Is it worth the money? Are they a scam? The products look really good, at lea...

What is titanium non stick?

by koolwill 6 years ago

Hello everyone. What is this hard anodized titanium non stick? Is it any better than Hard-anodized aluminum with Teflon Classic nonstick? Thanks

What is the titanium non-stick coating on Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers? You can't see it.

by mattspaeth 8 years ago

So I just bought a Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker. I open the manual and it states it has a "hard, highly resistant titanium non-stick coating". I look in the pot and it looks like it's all stainless t...

Titanium Spork

by moonknight 8 years ago

Hey guys, where can I get the titanium spork by Snow Peak? I only found it at Mountain Equipment Co-op.. but I don't feel like paying them $5 for the membership. Anybody know another place where I ...

Where can I buy titanium oxide powder?

by chocokitty 9 years ago

Dear 'hounders, I'm planning to bake a whole lot of macarons from Pierre Herme's book for friends, family and myself. One of his macarons - Jasmine - requires titanium oxide powder for the shell...

Titanium Kitchen Knives - Get It? Forget It!

by jerry i h 14 years ago

I bought one of those titanium kitchen knives from Boker(www.bokerusa.com). I tried to live with this thing for a few months; I declare this experiment to be complete, and I give thumbs down to thi...

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