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Points, Flats, and Packers: What's the Difference Between Brisket and Texas Brisket?

Maybe you've never wondered, What is the difference between brisket and Texas brisket?—maybe you didn't even know there were multiple types of brisket. But there is a difference, and it's all in the...

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looking for "Table Grill" asian restaurant...

by David M. Nash 21 years ago

Greetings All, I used to live in Orange County, Calif. and frequented a restaurant there in Cypress called the Genghis Khan. It's forte was that it was a buffet that featured raw meats & veggies t...

Texas Barbecue

by Dom McGrath 21 years ago

Now, I don't spend a lot of time in Texas. (Let's just call it a personal preference.) But driving through last year I stopped at a roadside place between 10-50 miles west of Dallas (on I-20). W...

Indonesian food in Houston

by worldlyman 21 years ago

Mata Hari on Dairy Ashford just a couple miles north of Westheimer. The Indonesian General Consulate of Houston also supposedly has an open cafeteria on the weekends. And Tai Pei restaurant on ...

New Mexican Find in Austin

by Greg Spence 21 years ago

I just had lunch at a Mexican meat market / grocery / lunch counter called El Michoacan on East 7th street about 10 blocks east of the interstate. You pay 5 bucks at the checkout line for a lunch ...

good chow in dallas

by Jane 21 years ago

i'm a new yorker who gets the shakes if i have to venture west of the hudson river. however, i'm visiting dallas in a couple of weeks and need help!!! aside from sonny bryan's and prince of hambu...

Midnight in El Paso

by Jim Leff 22 years ago

I'm going to be in El Paso next Friday for just a few hours, but I need to eat very very well since I'll be headed to Silver City for a few days, stuck hundreds of miles from the nearest edible ...

Cooper's vs Opie's...the real info

by Greg Spence 21 years ago

I just got back from Opie's Barbecue in Spicewood, which you may remember has been called a clone of Cooper's in Llano. I can understand the point of the folks at Cooper's. This place looks just ...

DimSum, Pizza, Mexican food

by Morgan 21 years ago

I miss the DimSum back in southern California that my Asian friends would take me to for lunch. Is there a place for GREAT DimSum around Austin? I'm also looking for Pizza - Chicago Style. And G...

Tapas in Houston

by Josh Mittleman 21 years ago

I came across one restaurant worth mentioning in a short visit to Houston earlier this month: Mi Luna Tapas Restaurants, on University Blvd. in Rice Village. We were out looking for an afternoon s...

Big Spring Steaks?

by Mike Williams 21 years ago

Headed for Big Spring in a couple of weeks. Can somebody recommend the best steak in town? Wouldn't mind driving 25-50 miles to get to it...it's a West Texas thang... Thanks

good Mexican barbecued lamb in Austin

by Phil 21 years ago

I had a great barbecued lamb dish at Taqueria el Borrego de Oro (2414 S. First St., Austin). The meat on the berria (sp?) plate was half crispy, half soft and lammy thru and thru. Tomatoes and on...

Vietnamese Restaurant

by JBies 21 years ago

Austin is filled with Vietnamese noodle houses. I haven't found a really outstanding restaurant yet, as they all seem to serve pretty much the same selection. One, a bit out of the ordinary, is ...

Dallas Dining

by Jim Zurer 22 years ago

I am off to Dallas on Sunday for a few days...Looking for Chowhound choices and other dining experiences. Will pay a premium for great food, but prefer casual, moderately-priced eating establis...

TX BBQ news

by Cathy 21 years ago

According to this review from the Austin Chronicle, a cook from Cooper's left to start his own place, which gets a rave. Called Opie's, in Spicewood, TX. www.auschron.com/issues/dispatch/2000-0...

Pakistani food

by venkie 21 years ago

Where's the best pakistani restaurant in texas?

Authentic Texas Dining in San Antonio

by Richard Halpern 21 years ago

I will be spending four days in San Antonio shortly and wish to get recommendations where to eat. I am looking for authentic Texan food, especially barbecue. Thanks.

Texas Q

by DAC 21 years ago

I was reading the thread below about Kruez amd Louis Mueller....someone mentioned that these guys might have websites. Anyone got the address ??? Thanks.

Need recommendations for College Station area

by Val G 21 years ago

Visiting Texas A&M this weekend for my husbands reunion. Any food recommendations would be appreciated. thanks!

Healthy and GOOD eating in Fredericksberg

by Susan McCormick 21 years ago

One of the very best places to get excellent, home made, fresh food is at Eve's Kitchen in Fredericksberg, TX. Friday nights are now "jam nights" for musicians. Great music, and excellent food in ...

Someplace snazzy in San Antonio, TX?

by Molly 22 years ago

Looking for a suggestion for an elegant dining experience in San Antonio, Texas.

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