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Maui Chow: Sugarcane & Pineapple Pancakes

by jhulla 14 years ago

Spent a week on Maui at one of the large resorts in Kaanapali. Some notables. E&O (Lahaina): Disaster. Found a recommendation somewhere on the chow-boards. Our meal was just bland. And expe...

Guarapo (Sugar Cane Juice) in Baltimore

by ko1 14 years ago

I want to make some authentic mojitos (and maybe caipirhnas). Wegman's doesn't have it. Maybe one of the tiendas in Upper Fells Point? Anybody know? TIA.


by cookiem0nster 14 years ago

does anyone know anywhere in the la or oc where i can buy fresh/raw sugar cane? the kind u can put as a stirrer in drinks?

Sugar Cane Coke from Mexico at Smart and Final in Redwood City

by yimster 14 years ago

Today, I drop by Smart and Final and spotted ten cases of Coke from Mexico on display. Not a soda drinker but wanted to share this infromation for those who are. Did not get the price but may only ...

How do you eat canned sugar cane (in light syrup)?

by liu 14 years ago

I don't really want to do anything too complicated... Is canned sugar cane edible right from the can, or do I need to do something with it? I haven't opened it yet . .

Sugar Cane Sticks

by chimi28 14 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy sugar cane sticks? I need them for tomorrow, so it has to be a physical shop/restaurant.

Sugar Cane in TO. Where??

by Davwud 14 years ago

Hey all I had something at a Vietnamese resto the other day that had a sort of shrimp fritter around a sugar cane skewer. It was great. Now I want to use SC as a skewer for some stuff now tha...

Where can I get decent sugar cane schnapps?

by Bulemaxiac 14 years ago

ANywhere in SF or in the East Bay? Doesn't have to be the el supremo brand. Thanks.

sugarcane Peabody

by noodlely 15 years ago

We HAD to go. Finally a vietnamese place less than 1 mile from our house. Its very nice inside. Its definitely not your usual family style vietnamese place. Since they just opened there was plenty ...

sugarcane Peabody

by noodlely 15 years ago

reposted in boston board

sugarcane downtown peabody?

by noodlely 15 years ago

I noticed its not open yet. Any idea what kind of food they will be serving? I could have sworn there were a bunch of vietnamese guys hanging out there the other day. I am guessing it will be a tha...

Sugar Cane from the Civic Center Farmer's Market

Dave MP
by Dave MP 15 years ago

I bought sugar cane from the Civic Center farmer's market yesterday, it was my first time buying it there. I asked the man to cut the piece (1 dollar for about a foot and a half) into three smaller...

Sugar Cane Juice / Guarapo

by What is for Dinner 15 years ago

Hello all, I am wondering where you can get sugar cane juice in Philadelphia. I know you can get it at Cuba Libre, but I'm looking for a less expensive version (Their's is pretty expensive in m...

Shrimp Paste Grilled on Sugar Cane

by Ayun 15 years ago

I have a mania for this dish from Doyers Restaurant, but am feeling like I should get out of this beloved rut, if only to taste another cheap joint's interpretation! Any recommendations for simi...

Sugar Cane Juice

by mulberry 15 years ago

I had fabulous fresh squeezed sugar cane juice in India and was wondering if there are any places that serve it in LA or any surrounding areas even Orange County or the Inland Empire. This stuff is...

Boylan's Sugar Cane Cola in Nashville?

by tinycorkscrew 16 years ago

Hello all. I just moved to Nashville from Chicago, and I can't find a grocery that carries Boylan's Sugar Cane Cola. I need my Boylan's fix! Does anyone know a place in Nashville where I can ...

viatnamese sugar cane juice

by foodstuffs 16 years ago

I just heard abotu vietnamese sugar cane juice. it's bascially sugar cane run through a juicer with orange and other juices added in. where can I get this fresh in san francisco?

[PDX] Shrimp on sugar cane?

by SportEater 16 years ago

I've been trying to find a good shrimp on sugar cane in Portland, with nothing that I'd call a success. I've been going to Yen Ha for many years, though I think they're a bit inconsistent, and I'v...

OC Weekly Reviews Nuoc Mía (Sugar Cane Juice) Vien Tây

by NinoHB 17 years ago

http://www.ocweekly.com/ink/04/33/this-arellano.php Link: http://www.ocweekly.com/ink/04/33/this-arellano.php

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