Ingredient Substitutions

Can you swap applesauce for butter? What should you use if you run out of vinegar? Find out everything you need to know about ingredient substitutions for cooking and baking.

An A-Z Ingredient Substitute Guide for When You're Out of Everything

If you're looking for an ingredient substitute, we've got an (almost) complete A-Z list right here for you. Whether you're out of eggs, flour, yeast, or butter—or need an alternative to fresh herbs...

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by LeCookieMonster 6 months ago

Covid19 has forced us to cook at home, which is a good thing. The problem I am having is that most casseroles require tons of cheeses or condensed soups. Is there a healthy substitute? We try to...

Substituting ghee for butter in BAKING

by sequins 13 years ago

In equal proportions or not? And is such substitution ever a bad idea? I'd be interested in its effects on, say, chocolate cake, cornbread, pie crust.

Cacao powder for chocolate macarons?

by boran 6 months ago

Can I use Hershey's cacao powder to make chocolate macarons? I saw a lot of recipes call for cocoa powder instead and I'm wondering if it will make the difference?

Substituting buttermilk for milk in baking

by jules127 9 years ago

I am hoping to take advantage of the plums debuting at my farmers market to make this plum upside-down cake. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Plum-Upside-Down-Cake-288 I am wond...

kosher substitute for Pancetta?

by deejw 13 years ago

Many great recipes call for the use of pancetta - which is a kind of bacon. It gives the food a smokey/salty flavor plus fat. I can't think of an ingredient to subsitute. Any thoughts?

Substitute for cornmeal to keep pizza dough from sticking to stone

by murphlaw152 8 years ago

Just received a pizza stone as a gift. It specifically states: "Do not use sprays or oils on the stone. Dust the stone with cornmeal to keep dough from sticking". From what I understand, seasoning ...

Have We All Been Wrong About Distilled White Vinegar?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Scott Hocker advocates for distilled white vinegar: " . . . Distilled white vinegar has some thoughts on all this. Distilled white vinegar is clear, made from the fermentation of distilled alcoh...

Masa Harina

by Mama_Di 6 months ago

Can mass harina be used to make a batter-type coating for corn dogs and other things?

Biscuits without baking powder or self rising flour?

by Chandler114 2 years ago

My boyfriend and I like to make as much from scratch as possible. If we can't make one of the ingredients, then we don't want to make the main dish. We've both been discussing biscuits. We're from ...

Bread with Pancake Mix... Can't get flour...

by BluebirdHavenFarm 7 months ago

I am craving bread, store shelves are emptied of flour...I have 10 lbs of Pancake mix and a bread machine I have not used in years (still works). Any recipes? Thanks.

"Salad dressing" vs. mayonnaise

by tubman 7 months ago

There's been a COVID-19 run on my grocery on the mayo that I need for a shrimp salad. What's remaining is the nondescript "salad dressing" that looks an awful lot like mayo in a similar jar. What's...

Chinese Cooking - Sweet Bean Paste

by codmeister 8 months ago

A while ago I made Ja Jiang Mein from a recipe in Chinese Cooking for Dummies by Martin Yan. It called for sweet bean paste and chile garlic sauce. I loved it. Recently I tried to make it again ...

Buttermilk Hack

by mike0989 8 months ago

I'm looking to make chicken and dumplings tonight, but do not have any buttermilk. I hate to go out and buy a carton, when then the recipe only calls for 3/4 cup. Any hack out there that one can ...

Cheese scalloped zucchini

by snuss 8 months ago

My recipe calls for Parmesan and Gruyere cheeses. Never used gruyere but researching it I’m seeing it’s a nutty Swiss tasting cheese. I absolutely cannot do Swiss Any ideas for a substitution? Th...

Nutella's Too Sweet for Me

by obillo 8 months ago

I'm happy to have discovered one substitute. Google Dark Choco Dream Belgian Cocoa Spread and you'll see Choco Dream (Azon's price is clearly an error) as well as LeKKco and Pan di Stelle at way be...

Cream cheese substitute for baking

by kittyfood 9 months ago

I live in New Orleans, and I want to make a king cake with a Mexican twist for a tamale party. I plan to make a guava filling, but cream cheese would make it even better. The hostess has digestive ...

Substitute for garlic chile sauce

by jan_holly 9 months ago

I want to fix some wings but I don't want the usual hot wings or bbq wings. I found an Asian marinade recipe that calls for garlic chile sauce which don't have. The recipe only calls for 1/4 cu...

Use Spoiled Milk in place of buttermilk?

Hank Hanover
by Hank Hanover 9 years ago

I, recently, met a gentleman that keeps his old spoiled milk around for when he needs buttermilk in waffles or baked goods. He says they are perfectly interchangeable. This guy is a chemical engi...

Killer wine

by fthivierge 9 months ago

I make James Bond martini what can I replace the killer wine with?