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Ingredient Substitutions

Can you swap applesauce for butter? What should you use if you run out of vinegar? Find out everything you need to know about ingredient substitutions for cooking and baking.
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Substituting Sugar-Free Jell-O for regular when baking

by lauraleiii 3 days ago

The recipe I'm using to make cookies calls for a package of lemon instant jell-o pudding mix. I accidentally bought t...

Help!!! Cake needs potato starch, can I substitute something?

by birddogfoodie 12 years ago

Want to bake the chocolate pound cake from this month's Cuisine. It calls for 1 tablespoon potato starch. I don't hav...


Oksalbright commented 10 days ago

Liquid smoke...or not?

by ForkSpoonandKnife 11 years ago

This BBQ fan has been bubbling over in excitement upon finding a new and interesting BBQ sauce recipe to try. Howeve...


SouthernMaster commented 11 days ago

Substituting ghee for butter in BAKING

by sequins 11 years ago

In equal proportions or not? And is such substitution ever a bad idea? I'd be interested in its effects on, say, ch...


saregama commented 23 days ago

Dark vs. Light corn syrup?

by meleyna 10 years ago

What will happen if I substitute light for dark? Is it doable or should I just bite the bullet and make another run ...


Nannachops commented 26 days ago

No peanut oil for turkey frying

by MarkC 11 years ago

Where I live, we don't have peanut oil. Does anyone have an opinion as to second best for turkey frying?


acgold7 commented 28 days ago

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Best verjus substitute for the glaze in this publican pork shoulder recipe?

by zsh2v1 28 days ago

I'm making this amazing looking pork shoulder this weekend, and while i managed to time the pork shoulder cure, i def...

Can I replace some of the butter with oil in a cake?

by hungryinmanhattan 1 month ago

Can i replace some of the butter with oil in a cake? I like a moist cake like oil-based cakes give but I love the tas...

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 1 month ago

Parm and feta replacement?

by zigzag17 6 months ago

I've tried various cashew cream, tahini sauce, etc. recipes, but have not found a good replacement for parmesan or fe...


ladyamylynn commented 1 month ago

Coconut Substitute?

by monkeyboots 4 years ago

Hi, I have been wracking my brain trying to think of something that would have a similar texture to coconut to use i...


somebodyelsehasmyusername commented 1 month ago

Old-fashioned oats vs. quick-cooking oats

by Katie Nell 13 years ago

I understand what the difference between old-fashioned oats and quick-cooking oats is, but don't know when to use wha...


kwiklip commented 2 months ago

Fruitcake: which fruits? which liquors?

by vjb 2 months ago

I want to make a fruitcake like the kind made by a friend's aunt, who, though from Trinidad, threw her family's recip...


medlar commented 2 months ago

Rosewater and edible roses where and how?

by mamamahoney 3 months ago

I've recently run across several recipes calling for rosewater. It's like trying to get the right flu shot in the mi...


hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Espresso Powder Substitute?

by OrchConductor 3 years ago

I'm looking to possibly try my hand at making Cook's Illustrated's Chocolate-Espresso Dacquoise. However, the people ...

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 2 months ago

Is there a good substitution for Fish sauce?

by kezdenek 6 years ago

Hi fellow food lovers, We are making a homemade Pad Kee Mao. Our first time to make fresh pasta for a thai dish s...


seefoo commented 3 months ago

Gluten-free replacement for bread crumbs?

by allieinbklyn 11 years ago

Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions for replacing bread crumbs as a binding agent in things like meatballs for s...


lilchicky commented 3 months ago

Pasilla chile substitute?

by stockholm28 5 years ago

I have a recipe I want to make that calls for a Pasilla chile. From what I can tell on the internet search, it loo...


ratgirlagogo commented 3 months ago

What can I use in place of molasses in baked beans?

by thegforceny 3 months ago

I will use dark brown sugar, but am out of molasses. In addition to the brown sugar, what are your experiences with ...


Ttrockwood commented 3 months ago

How to replicate Goya Sazon?

by venividibitchy 8 years ago

I'm looking to replicate Goya Sazon (or Gayon Sazon y culantro y achiote) without all the msg that makes my tongue it...


Bechamel33 commented 3 months ago


by laneross 4 months ago

Can I use shiitake mushroom in Chicken Marsala instead of crimini or will the taste be too different?


DuffyH commented 3 months ago