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Sushi in Burke/Springfield/Lorton (maybe Fairfax) area?

by KeithW 10 years ago

Looking for sushi tonight in the Burke/Springfield/Lorton area. Maybe Fairfax if it's closer to the Burke side. Doesn't have to be great, just good. Thanks

Need Indian/Pakistani Breakfast Options in Springfield

by Ari Charney 10 years ago

I'm interested in kicking off the upcoming weekend with a proper breakfast of halwa puri chole (fried bread, chickpea stew, and carrot halwa), doodh patti (tea brewed with milk), and egg paratha (f...

Anyone tried The Mandarin Chinese Halal in Springfield ??

by vargas102 14 years ago

We are going to be down in DC in April and heard from a friend that there is a great Halal restaurant in Springfield Va. Apparently they have a new owner and the food is top notch. Anyone else t...

Best grocery store cake (Alexandria-Springfield area)?

by JoanArkham 11 years ago

I want to get a medium-to-largish carrot cake for Mr. Arkham's birthday on Saturday, but we've both been too busy to plan ahead. We don't want to spend a ton of money, either. Is there such a thing...

Anyone tried Ravi Kabob III in Springfield?

by seethaki 11 years ago

Ravi Kabobs I and II (in Arlington) have received rave reviews, but I can't really find much online about their newer location in Springfield. Anyone tried it (or know anything about it)? TIA! :)

Afghan Kebab on Old Keene Mill in Springfield, VA

by chowser 13 years ago

This place doesn't look like much from the outside, set behind a gas station in a kind of seedy looking strip mall. It's a large building, w/ a huge neon sign (which generally is a turn off) outsid...

Visiting Springfield, VA need help in finding good place for a group

by ride2eat 12 years ago

I will be in Springfield for a meeting next week. There are several of us from across the US at the meeting. Any suggestions on dining? Also, we will be in the Bel Air MD area earlier in the week...

Farmer's Markets Springfield and South

by danagrace 12 years ago

I live in Lorton, VA and would like recommendations for Farmer's Markets in Springfield and south. I am willing to go as far south as Manassas. Which ones are the best? Thanks in advance! Dana

Manila Cafe in Springfield?

by meimei 12 years ago

I'm planning a 30th birthday party for my man. I was trying to find a place that would serve Lechon, just because we have never had it before. This place came out of my search. Has anyone been ther...

Good places in Springfield/Burke?

by foodlover17 12 years ago

Can people please recommend good restaurants in the Springfield/Burke area?

King of Kebabs and Sweets in Backlick Plaza, Springfield, VA

by chowser 12 years ago

I know a few CHs have explored this area but it's constantly changing and there must be over a dozen little restaurants in this shopping center alone. There's a new Hot Bakes and Cakes, a french an...

What happened to Asian Gril in Springfield?

by chowser 12 years ago

Has anyone been there lately? I used to like it, for quick drop in meals. But, they've changed the menu (I had read they were adding a vegetarian/vegan section but didn't see anything like that) a...

Good margaritas in Springfield, VA?

by wicked noodle 12 years ago

A good friend is coming into town and we're meeting in Springfield. We really want to go somewhere for margaritas - preferably with an outside deck. Am I dreaming, or is does this actually exist ...

ANYTHING to eat in Springfield/South Alexandria?

by xena1441 13 years ago

I just bought a place off Edsall Road and 395 and have NO idea where foodies go around here to eat. I am sure there are a lot of ethnic places you can refer me too. I am desperate for places to g...

Springfield - Ba Le Update?

by Jamie D 13 years ago

Finally I was in Ba Le's neighborhood today, only to find it closed, dark, no signs, no indication of moving, re-opening etc - anyone know the story? BTW the yuca at El Rancho in the same shopping...

Canton Cafe Springfield

by Brendon 16 years ago

Has anyone eaten here and if so, could you share yoru impressions? Thanks a bunch

Desserts around Springfield, VA

by bmorecupcake 13 years ago

What's a good place to grab some dessert within a 15 min radius of Springfield?

Indian in Alexandria, Kingstowne, Springfield area

by Pickles N Ice Cream 13 years ago

I would love to find a great Indian lunch buffet around Kingstowne, Alexandria, or springfield. Any suggestions?

Fried Flounder in Springfield, Alexandria, Kingstowne Area

by Pickles N Ice Cream 13 years ago

I just moved up here from South Carolina where we have what we call "fish Camps." They are seafood family restaurants where you can get things like fried flounder dinners with cole slaw, or seafoo...