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Tickets Barcelona reservation tips

by crunchbury 2 days ago

Hi, I'm looking for any tips on getting reservations to Tickets successfully. I know they open reservations at midnight Barcelona time. Today I had the page loaded up on two computers, and refreshe...

Costa Brava Restaurant Recommendations

by MrMarsellus 11 months ago

Hi, My wife and I will be spending a couple days traveling around Costa Brava and need some help! We want to avoid overly fancy places and molecular gastronomy. We're just looking for some mor...


Lunch at Goliard or La Gormanda

by sylvial 6 days ago

We (2 adults, 3 kids--17, 16,12) are visiting Barcelona for spring break. On the day we go to La Sagrada Familia, I picked out Goliard for lunch and sent them an email (because I don't speak Spanis...

CADIZ and nearby Costa de la Luz

by erica 15 days ago

I just had my entire post wiped out, so will be more brief here. Very annoyed at this site. I just returned from a two week visit to Sevilla and Cadiz, with a one-day foray by taxi to the nearb...

BCN, Granada, Seville, Toledo, Madrid with Family

by Wafer_thin 13 days ago

Hello. We will be traveling with my 10-year old to Spain this month. When we travel, we love eating at places serving great local wines and authentic food or great contemporary takes on classic d...

Etxebarri reservation challenges (Spain and Basque)

by penoose 23 days ago

Has anyone been able to successfully book Etxebarri anytime recently? I am looking for any advice/tips. The online system (currently the only way to reserve, according the website) started book...

Please help finalize food focused Madrid & Barcelona itinerary (researched!)

by indiefoodie 1 month ago

Hello, I'll be traveling to Madrid & Barcelona for a week at the end of April this year. The sole purpose of the trip is to taste the delicious offerings in both these cities :) Based on what I rea...

Independent Priorat Wine Tasting

by abandon 17 days ago

The latest threads on Priorat are 10 years old! I'm hoping things have changed a bit since then, as there are now tons of organized wine tours. I'm hoping to pop in to a couple wineries on my ...

3rd foodie trip to Barcelona report

by Belkisw 16 days ago

This was my third foodie trip to Barcelona - previous write up here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/september-barcelona-foodie-trip-detailed-review-1076270 On this trip we went back to Mont Bar...

Rubia Gallega (Galician Blonde beef) in Barcelona

by ace123 18 days ago

Arriving in Barcelona in August. Are there restaurants/tapas places in Barcelone that serve this steak? Are they available in the market that I can cook in the airbnb? Thanks a lot in advance.

I've done my research and now need help on first time trip to Spain, March 2019, Barcelona, San Sebastian/Bilbao, and Madrid o

by johnmart11 4 months ago

We are planning the trip for the middle two weeks in March. We are pretty adventurous in our culinary adventures. I do not drink alcohol but that is our only restriction. I am looking to have a sp...

Recommendations in Madrid, Granada, Seville during Holy Week

by gabe_h 1 month ago

Hi -- taking a family trip of five people during Semana Santa. Everyone is an adventurous eater, and we have one teenager and one pre-teen. We're looking for recommendations for dishes to try and...

Mallorca - any recent info on Soller, Palma?

by damiano 8 months ago

I've booked a 1 week trip to Mallorca for this August. So, far I've booked a hotel in Soller for 3 nights (Sunday until Wednesday), and 2 nights in Palma de Mallorca (Saturday until Monday). These ...

San Sebastian area for a rustic and simple wedding dinner

by larsmars 1 month ago

My fiance and I have decided to have a wedding party (instead of a big wedding) with our best friends in the San Sebastian area. The Basque country is fantastic, a large part of the group surfs, an...

Here is my restaurant list for a trip to San Sebastian: Comments?

PH Rodgers
by PH Rodgers 6 months ago

My wife and I plan to return to San Sebastian in late November. We will have five days. Here is my current thinking about where we should reserve for our major meals (typically lunch); Day One...

Barcelona in March (Mala Hierba - Tapas in Gracia - Sunday)

by tobiask 2 months ago

Hello! My sister and I are treating our mother to a surprise weekend to Barcelona for her 60th (we won’t tell her until the airport hoho). We´ll be there for March 8th - 10th, and are staying in ...

Sevilla/Cadiz... current good bars, restaurants for solo person

by erica 3 months ago

I am on the fence about a visit to Sevilla and Cadiz this winter. I have been to Seville a few times before and am familiar with the places that were tops about 4 years ago. anything new I need ...


by steverap 2 months ago

I will spend a few days in Madrid in February (haven't been in several years) and am booking tables. I am not familiar with Fismuler but read a few good reviews. Is it a good pick?

Tapas / Pintxos for Dinner in Barcelona & San Sebastian

by nlight 2 months ago

My wife and 1 year old and I are going to Barcelona and San Sebastián this coming October. We love eating tapas for dinner and going to markets for delicious and casual lunches. So here’s our ask. ...