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Icelandic skyr in Montreal

by boubou 13 years ago

I discovered skyr (traditional dairy like thick yogourt) while in Iceland and wonder if anyone knows if there is a place in Montreal that sells it. I buy kefir which is easy to find but skyr, I hav...

Skyr (Iceland cheese/similar to yogurt??) - Available in North America/Toronto

by ylsf 15 years ago

When I was in Iceland I had Skyr pretty much every day... http://www.skyr.is/category.aspx?catID=473 It comes in yogurt like packaging and originally I thought it was an Icelandic yogurt prod...

anyone know where to find skyr?

by willow72 12 years ago

Hello Chowhound, finally decloaking after lots of lurking! I have recently returned form a visit to Iceland and would love to have some skyr, the ubiquitous Icelandic food. What's skyr you might ...

Skyr at Fiesta Farms

by Ted Richards 6 years ago

I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but Shepherd Gourmet skyr is now available at Fiesta Farms. I picked up some today.

Does Iceland Need New Cows To Keep Up With Demand For Skyr?

by eatingjoy 6 years ago

http://siggisdairy.com/faq/skyr/, wondering how this report relates to this commercial brands skyr like product.


by daynasch 8 years ago

Where to get in Baltimore area? I've tried Siggi's which they sell at Wegmans, but it's more yogurt. I just tried one from Whole Foods which was great, but there's got to be more out there. Any ...

Skyr yogurt

by ZMpls 8 years ago

We returned from visiting Iceland a few weeks ago and loved the "Skyr.is" brand skyr, which is a super thick type of yogurt that is delicious. I guess it's not technically yogurt, but that's the cl...


by yum99 13 years ago

Just returned from Iceland where I found Skyr. A sort of Icelandic yogurt. It's amazing. High in protein, low in fat.. And tasty. Does anyone know where it can be found in Toronto? Apparently...


by lovescone 12 years ago

Does anyone know if Skyr (Icelandic yogourt) is sold anywhere in Montréal? It is unparalleled stuff & I'd love to have some again...thanks!

Kosher Skyr

by EmpireState 10 years ago

I finally found skyr with a hechsher. (I have been looking for it ever since II saw a show about Icelandic foods a few years ago).Skyr is a thick, creamy yogurt. It has the creaminess of Greek yo...

Skyr yogurt?

by travel.eats 10 years ago

On a recent trip to Iceland, I discovered Skyr yogurt and instantly fell in love. Anyone know where I can find it in Manhattan? An even bigger plus if it's somewhere in the vicinity of the upper ...

Siggi's icelandic style skyr

by gini 14 years ago

I just picked up a container of siggi's Icelandic style skyr strained non-fat yogurt - it's pretty great! Wonderful texture and not as sweet as other yogurts out there. Also less sweet than the s...

Iceladic skyr in London

by boubou 12 years ago

I am trying to find skyr an Icelandic dairy product. Would anyone know where to find that delight? I am in central London if someone has a lead. I miss it!!

Skyr - in Calgary?

by CriolloLover 12 years ago

Anyone have any leads on purchasing Skyr in Calgary? Recently back from a trip to Iceland, and I'm craving this for breakfast. Thanks for the beta.

Where could I get Icelandic skyr in New York City?

by Martin Peck 14 years ago

Hello from a sunny, breezy and cool New York City! I'm wondering---where could I get Icelandic skyr in New York City please?

Skyr.is Yogurt

by jrmd 14 years ago

I just bought this pricey Icelandic yogurt at Whole Foods. Anyone try it?

Skyr (Icelandic) anywhere in NYC?

by Lisabrelle 15 years ago

Since going to Iceland, I've been in love with skyr, the traditional Icelandic cheese that's similar to a thick yogurt. In late 2005, news broke that Whole Foods would begin to carry it, but I've y...

icelandic skyr cheese

by goodhealthgourmet 14 years ago

any sightings in the l.a. area? as far as i can tell, distribution right now is limited to the mid-atlantic region, but i'm hoping maybe one of my fefllow hounds knows something i don't...?

Skyr.is yogurt

by katielp 15 years ago

Has anyone else tried this fat-free Icelandic sour cheese masquerading as yogurt? I was very pleased with the plain version that I just bought at Whole Foods. It tastes like a slightly more extreme...

Skyr - where to buy in LA?

by geezopeez 15 years ago

I just returned from a trip to the Mid-Atlantic states and had the pleasure of bumping into a Whole Foods that carried skyr in the salad bar (I didn't check the dairy section). I understand that on...