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Asian Bistro Pentagon Row & Woodside Deli, Silver Spring – Reports

by ANCyM 18 years ago

Thanks to you all who recommended places in Pentagon Row for my dinner yesterday evening and good delis for my lunch-time jones this afternoon. My dinner companion and I went to Asia (Asian?) Bis...

dinner in Bethesda or Silver Spring

by Liz 18 years ago

Hello, My dad is visiting this weekend and we are looking for a great place for our usual big dinner out. We usually go downtown to DC (Ardeo, DC Coast, Etc.). BUT I just moved up to Silver Spri...

Silver Spring Mayorga review

by Xochitl10 18 years ago

A couple of Saturdays ago, I met a friend at the Mayorga Coffee Company at Georgia and Blair Mill. We thought it was quite pretty inside, very open, earthtone-y and full of comfortable-looking cou...

Marrakesh de Paris in northern Silver Spring (long)

by Mthoran 18 years ago

I had dinner Saturday night at Marrakesh de Paris. Eve Zibart gave it a nearly-rave review in the Post last March and I finally got around to trying it. It's located in a dismal strip mall attached...

Indian in Silver Spring

by Dan Kolker 18 years ago

Looking for recommendations of Indian rest. in downtown Silver Spring, preferably close to the new AFI Silver. Have been to Gaylord India (and liked it) but just looking for something new.

Vaccaro's in Silver Spring update

by Kok 18 years ago

Here’s the skinny on Vaccaro’s: They do sell cannoli and tiramisu retail. The cannoli are $10/dozen for mini and $16/dozen for large. Chocolate dipped shells are $3 extra. The cream comes separa...

Carribean in or near Silver Spring

by Marty L. 18 years ago

Last week "butterfly" recommended Negril, Tropicana and Teddy's Roti Shop. After many years of meaning to do so, I recently finally got to try Negril, and thought it was great. (Made me hanker fo...

Vacarro's in Silver Spring?

by Kok 18 years ago

In today's Sietsema chat, someone posted that the best cannolis are at Vacarro's in Silver Spring. I can find nothing on this place except a 1999 reference in a Phyllis Richmond chat. Does anyon...

Marrakesh de Paris in Silver Spring--Anyone Been?

by shellymck 19 years ago

I just saw a review of this place in the Mo Co Gazette and am wondering about the quality (Gazette reviews describe more than critique). Has anyone been? I love Moroccan food and can do without...

Good eat places -- Silver Spring and (near) environs

by Paul Spillenger 18 years ago

Wife and myself just moved to Silver Spring. We're New York food snobs. We live right near the intersection of University Blvd. and Franklin. We're looking for recommendations for really good re...

Silver Springs-Falls Church area: i Dine recomendations?

by NB 18 years ago

I saw recomendations for a different area of DC below, but may i seek suggestions for restaurants for above areas where you would go even if they would not be on the I Dine list? Thank you kindly.

Mia Rancho- good experience in Silver Spring plus real diversity

by cocoagirl 18 years ago

Had an execellent lunch there on Saturday- very good service, well prepared food, reasonable prices. Sangria was excellent. The ceviche was very fresh- I prefer the small dice of some other pl...

New Nigerian Restaurant in Silver Spring

by John Beadle 19 years ago

There is a new Nigerian restaurant opening up in March. Address: Izora Restaurant and Niteclub 1115 East-West Hwy. Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-495-2960 natalie@izora.net Perhaps someone would...

Downtown Silver Spring dining options

by coastcat 18 years ago

The new Discovery headquarters in downtown Silver Spring are ready to go, and the AFI Theater opens on Friday. Now, where will everyone eat? The Washington Post's weekly Montgomery County supplem...

Has anyone tried El Nopalito in Silver Spring??

by Terrie H. 19 years ago

The bit of buzz that I've read is that the chef has worked in some top notch DC kitchens and that his approach is "authentic" Mexican food. I've only been there once, about 6 weeks ago, and the...

Nova Europa in Silver Spring

by JayTee 18 years ago

Hi, new to this board and appreciate everyone's input from a dinner recommendation Saturday, Feb 15. We went to Nova Europa in Silver Spring. This restaurant is owned by the same folks who had Sol-...

Lunch in Silver Spring

by M. Allen 19 years ago

I am going to be in Silver Spring; 8700 block of Georgia Ave, this weekend. Any suggestions for lunch ? Thanks !

El Nopalita Grill -- Silver Spring

by Marty L. 19 years ago

Interesting Eve Zibart review in tomorrow's Post. Anyone been (other than Eve, that is)? Link: http://eg.washingtonpost.com/profile/1081264/?&flavor_id=2&context=restaurants

Sergios in Silver Spring

by cocoagirl 19 years ago

Does anyone know about this place. My boyfriend said some friends at work said it was good. I am hesitant- he likes the Pines of Rome in Bethesda - so that is the level at a minimum I would expect-...

Silver Spring/Takoma Park

by Susie S. 19 years ago

Where to go in Silver Spring or Takoma Park? Sometimes I don't even want to go as far as Wheaton, but really good food would be really good. Udupi Palace is wonderful, but every day? People say ...

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