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Chefs Share Their Favorite Summer Meat Marinades for Steak, Chicken, Shrimp & More

Take it from chefs: these are the best marinades for every type of meat you'll grill this summer. And there will still be some time to try them all even after Labor Day. You ever notice how a great...

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Uses for crab/shrimp shells

by Shiro Miso 16 years ago

Hi everyone, I am looking for a bisque recipe or soup recipe that will use up all those shells I have been dutifully saving. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Canned Smoked Salmon, Pacific Shrimp & Dungeness Crab - Dip/Spread Recipes?

by Dax 16 years ago

I have 2 cans of each of the above from the Tuna Guys. I'd like to make a few dips for a NCAA party tonight. Any recipe ideas? Each can of salmon is 6.35 oz, crab cans are 6 oz. The shrimp a...

Shrimp peeler and deveiner

by Boltz 16 years ago

Has anyone used this shrimp peeler? It looks so cool but I want to make sure it actually works before I order it. Link: http://tinyurl.com/6v396

Need advice on Shrimp Cakes

by Arlene 16 years ago

I am planning on making the Shrimp and Sweet Potato cakes from epi this Saturday as appetizers but will do an asian version instead of using Latin spice. Recipe link below. I wondered if I could...

shrimp stir-fry

by aimee 16 years ago

I'm looking to make a shrimp stir-fry with lots of vegetables. I haven't made a stir-fry in years. Anyone have any recipes or techniques that they like? Thanks.

what is good shrimp?

by Dbird 17 years ago

For years I have avoided Gulf shrimp, oysters etc (red tide) but as most shrimp I see here in LA is from Mexico, that means I don't indulge. Is red tide still a concern? What should a would-be con...

Frozen Shrimp: Country of Origin?

by DP 17 years ago

I have heard that the quality of frozen shrimp is largely dependent on the country of origin. Can someone shed some light on this perception and list what countries produce the best quality frozen ...

Help ID'ing Chinese dish, walnuts w/shrimp in cream sauce

by joypirate 17 years ago

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Description linked below. It's here in Philly. Can anyone vouch for its origin (though admittedly it's origin might very well be local)? Link: http://www.chow...

Shrimp Rice Noodles

by Fort Point 17 years ago

In the refrigerated section of a local Asian market is a package labled Shrimp Rice Noodles, which look very interesting but there are no preparation instructions on the package. They look very so...

Torellini Shrimp Salad

by ValL 17 years ago

Today I am going to make Tortellini Shrimp Salad. I have asparagus, broccoli, a plum tomato, Gorgonzola and Fresh Mozzerella balls with basil. I will make my own italian dressing...... or any sugge...

Shrimp Scampi - Tell me your favorite recipe!

by tina21 17 years ago

Would love to make shrimp scampi this weekend...please share your best recipe. Thanks so much!

"Japanes" Golden Shrimp or Shrimp with Egg Yolk Sauce

by twodales 17 years ago

This is probably a pointless exercise but it's been a while since I've searched for this recipe. I've looked for years and come up with nothing that comes close. So here goes nothing... Teppanya...

how long does frozen shrimp keep in the freezer?

by twinmommy 17 years ago

I've had some for a couple months in the freezer and would like to go ahead and use it.

Sweet Shrimp

by applehome 17 years ago

Carry-over from the Boston board - question was how to cook sweet shrimp. My opinion: COOK??!!! My God! What a waste! What do others think?

Maine shrimp is here - recipes?

by Ollypay 17 years ago

Maine shrimp (in shell) is selling for as low as $1.35 a pound in the mid-coast area. It doesn't have the typical shrimp flavor, but is a sweet, delicate, small bit of meat and I never know what t...

Shrimp peeler-deveiner

by 1 wiener hound 17 years ago

Other than fingers, toothpicks, and paper towels. Are there any mechanical devices that do an effective job of peeling and deveining of shrimp?


by chowfreak 17 years ago

Feeling some shrimp tonight! Anyone have any simple, favorite suggestions for cooking shrimp at home? Thanks.

Peeling shrimp

by inukshukgal 17 years ago

I did a search on this, but did not find the answer to my ?, so please bear with me if it has been previously covered. For New Years Eve, I cooked honey ginger shrimp, from a recipe I have used se...

Ingredients question - rock shrimp & toasted coconut

by peppermint pate 17 years ago

Just came across a yummy-sounding recipe for rock shrimp salad with sweet chili sauce and toasted coconut which I'm going to try for new year's. I've heard of rock shrimp but I'm not exactly sure w...

Maine sweet shrimp

by applehome 17 years ago

Bought a pound of Maine shrimp at WF - they were fresh enough for sashimi. But I was confused with the sign that said that it was the end of the season. In the past, I've seen Maine shrimp well i...

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