How to Make the Best Seared Chicken Breast

Boneless chicken breasts are easy to find, low in fat, high in protein, and consistently tender, all factors that contribute to them being the most popular cut of poultry in the country. Yet despite...

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Scanpan: To sear or not to sear

by DTats0311 5 years ago

OK my friends, I've been reading a lot on here that people don't believe in using Non-stick for searing, to stick with carbon steel or cast iron (I own both). Why is this? From what I observed from...

Season to Sear

by DTats0311 4 years ago

I made a beautiful Fillet Mignon last night. Seasoned with salt and pepper and once seared, I threw In Garlic, butter, and rosemary. Tossed it in the over and it came out beautifully but to be hone...

Searing Brisket

by CindyJ 9 years ago

The brisket recipe I use most often doesn't call for searing the brisket before braising. I'm using a different recipe this time where searing is called for. I'm making a very large brisket and i...

Reverse sear frozen New York steak?

by ppatmag 5 years ago

I always use the reverse sear for my steaks... I recently purchased through Crowd Cow, and the steaks came to us frozen solid.. I have heard about cooking steaks from a frozen state, but have ne...

Calling on advocates of "oven browning"...

by antihawk 5 years ago

Hi, all. The title refers to the method of browning meat in the oven, at whatever temperature, over the more traditional skillet browning. I have seen some avid oven-browning advocates on cho...

Searing chicken before breading

by antihawk 5 years ago

Hi, all. I'm making "oven-fried" chicken tomorrow. Obviously this means breaded chicken baked, not deep-fried. I tried Googling it, but nothing came up on the first couple of pages. I had a t...


by Monica 6 years ago

I love scallops but I've never actually cooked them at home. The reason for that is I am afraid I will be either under cooking it or over cooking it. I know you are suppose to sear them at high t...

Browning failures

by NotSoHot 6 years ago

I made the Ina Garten pork tenderloin recipe (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/herb-marinated-pork-tenderloins-recipe.html) that I had posted about over the weekend. The problem is, in...

Can you high-sear in copper pans?

by Cuprophile 6 years ago

Hi, My copper cookware are stainless-lined and are either 2.5mm (skillet/fry pans) or 2mm (saute pan). I use a gas range. I am considering adding a carbon steel pan for high-sears but not sure i...


by nystreetguru 8 years ago

So I have been using different techniques the past three nights on the same exact dinner: A porterhouse steak. Tonight's steak was the absolute best. And I am willing to share my wisdom with you al...

Searing - clear up my confusion

by Jammedandconfused 6 years ago

Hi, Newbie here. Trying to improve my cooking skills and some of you (Hi, Kaleo!) gave me the courage to buy some Baumalu Gamma Cuivre. I bought a sautee, a small fry pan, a sauce pot and a stew p...

The Best Way to Cook a Thick Steak

by andysteven 9 years ago

As Alain Ducasse noted in the New York Times in 2002 (article here, discussed here), the standard American method of preparing steak involves high heat. I'd say that 99% of steaks I've had at steak...

Char-broil infrared grill not searing

by mliew 10 years ago

About a month ago I purchased a Char-broil RED Infrared 2-burner grill from Home Depot after spending a few hours researching on the internet. The main reason I chose it was because of the adverti...

Should I Sear Foie Gras Frozen?

by pilinut 11 years ago

I was just wondering how some restaurants develop that beautiful seared crust on their foie gras slices. My first try, a couple of decades back was disastrous: I ended up with the foie gras float...

Why do my pan roasted meats never sear on the bottom?

by barryg 6 years ago

I have made many attempts to pan roast steak/chicken/pork by searing the meat at high temperature on the stovetop, waiting until it gets nice color, flipping it over and then immediately putting it...

Meatballs - to brown or not brown 1st?

by thew 11 years ago

i'm talking your standard red sauce meatball here - what's your take, brown before simmering or not?

how to get food not to stick in new all clad pan?

by addicted2cake 11 years ago

Hi everyone, I recently bought an Allclad simmer and saute pan. I have no problems with the simmer and saute part as nothing sticks and clean up is a breeze. I think I'm doing something wrong,...

Super thin frozen fish fillets

by MrsBridges 6 years ago

I know that sea food is ideally consumed within minutes of being caught, and that's a great ideal, but one which isn't realistic for me. (That damn time-money thing.). But my daughter and I like f...

A question for anyone who pan sears their brisket...

by CindyJ 6 years ago

Can you tell me EXACTLY what kind of pan you use? I mean, what brand, size and type of pan do you use? Here's why I'm asking -- for the first time ever, I pan seared my brisket before oven brai...

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