The Best Thing I Ate (or Drank) in 12 Countries This Year

Following a fever dream at the end of 2018, I decided to embark on a travel project that took me to 12 different countries in the 12 months of 2019. Focusing on the viability of short term, budget travel...

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American Candy in Scotland

by cassidi0907 5 years ago

I want to send a friend of mine some American candy for Christmas. I was thinking about sending her Reese Cups or peanut butter M&Ms. I read somewhere on this site that those are hard to come by in...

Help, Tips and Ideas for Summer Trip

by kapmason 5 years ago

June/July trip. Week in Amsterdam, week in PARIS, week in London and 4 days in Edinburgh. At the age that this could be a last fling with Europe. Last in Paris 40 or more years ago. Any suggestion,...

Great British Menu (TV Series)

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

Looking at the number of YouTube views, this series is criminally-unknown in the States. The target is banquet cooking, and the entrants are all professional chefs, many of them with Michelin stars...

Edinburgh Trip Report

by turbowine 5 years ago

Scotland trip report! This was a quick 4 days, as part of a larger trip that included Denmark and Spain. Still, we did some interesting things and had a few wonderful meals. Let’s start with lunc...

Dining in Scotland (and Ireland) in May and June 2016

by AGinNoCalif 5 years ago

Set forth below are our recollections of our impressions at a number of restaurants we visited during our recent (May and June 2016) trip to Scotland (and two experiences in Dublin, Ireland). As I ...

Kylesku Hotel, NW coast of Scotland

by DavidT 9 years ago

I recently had lunch with a large group at the Kylesku Hotel, on the west coast of Scotland, north of Ullapool. It is located in a very pretty spot and offers a wide variety of delicious seafood. ...

"Five of the Best: Edinburgh"

by DavidT 5 years ago

This weekend's Financial Times "Five of the Best" column features restaurants in Edinburgh. Those cited are: Edinburgh Food Studio Timberyard Restaurant Martin Whishart The Kitchin Aizle ...

Speyside! Whisky Advocate Winter 2015 Issue

by DavidT 5 years ago

Anyone who is a fan of the Speyside whiskys of Scotland (or who is thinking of visiting that region some day) should check out the Winter 2015 issue of Whisky Advocate magazine, either in print or ...

Looking for one fancy lunch, one pub night, and plenty of cheap eats in Edinburgh

by MumbaiCentral 7 years ago

Hi guys, I'm going on a study tour of Edinburgh in late September after which I plan to head out on a Haggis Tour for the weekend. I have lunch and dinner on Friday to myself and was following t...

"Five of the best: places to eat in the Highlands"

by DavidT 6 years ago

From the Financial Times: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/c3825918-413e-11e5-9abe-5b335da3a90e.html Gille Brighde (Lower Diabaig, Wster Ross) Scorrybreac (Portree, Skye) Ninth Wave (fionnphor...

Dornoch Whisky Festival, November 27-29

by DavidT 6 years ago

If anyone is looking to visit the bonnie Highlands of Scotland late November, here it is: http://www.visitdornoch.com/do-join-us-for-a-dram-at-dornoch-whisky-festival/

Places to buy copper cookware in Dublin, Inverness, Edinburgh

by Lilibet68 6 years ago

In the past year or so my husband and I started collecting copper cookware, both new and vintage. We are going to Dublin and the Scottish Highlands at the beginning of next month, and we were wonde...

Dornoch Whisky Festival, November 27-29

by DavidT 6 years ago

If anyone is looking for an excuse to visit the bonnie Highlands of Scotland in late November, here it is: http://www.visitdornoch.com/do-join-us-for-a-dram-at-dornoch-whisky-festival/

Inexpensive eats in Glasgow, Scotland

by Canonical 6 years ago

Hey, all! My husband's traveling to Glasgow for a week and then spending a further 3 days in the area in August. He eats pretty much anything, though he's not a fan of potatoes other than fries (...

Some Ideas For Inverness

by DavidT 6 years ago

The website for the Castle Stuart Golf Course, just west of Inverness Airport, has a page with a listing of dining recommendations for the Inverness area. Thought it might be of some interest. h...

I need opinions

by Breanapineda123 6 years ago

Hello, so I live in the U.S. And my internet best friend live in the UK Scotland and we're sending eachoder stuff so does anyone know what stuff like anything from the U.S. That they don't have o...

Glasgow report: breakfasts, dim sum, French, Malaysian

by Kake 6 years ago

Thanks again to everyone who replied to my question about food in Glasgow (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1012636). Here is my report. Martha's, 142A St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5LQ Casua...

Fish and Chips - the best?

by hungryscotsman 12 years ago

Despite much bollocks written regarding Chicken Tikka Masala or Macdonalds pap or greasy painted Domino/Pizza Hut discuses being the most popular carry out meal in the UK, it remains the case that ...