What is the Difference Between Clams, Mussels, Oysters, and Scallops?

When you’re on the fence about seafood to begin with, at first glance there is no difference between clams, mussels, oysters, and scallops: they’re all an easy pass. But given a second chance and with...

Favorite Scallop Recipe?

by kaleokahu 5 months ago

So, I don't get scallops all that often, but when I do, I'm sorta in a rut. I tend to do either a simple pan sear or a Saint Jacques, and I end up kicking myself for playing the same riff. I ha...

TJ's Frozen Scallops-What am I doing wrong?

by DanielleM 13 years ago

I purchsed a package of Frozen Wild Jumbo Scallops from Trader Joe's, hoping to add scallops to our cooking repetoire along with frozen shrimp that we use regularly. I defrosted the scallops by ...

Where to go for the best scallops in Boston?

by itsroyron 1 year ago

We have my 92 year old mother-in-law coming for a visit. Her absolute favorite meal is scallops. I know that many places in Boston offer them in one form or another but I'd really appreciate som...

The Three Sheep, Newark w/ PICS

by hhc 1 year ago

I tried out The Three Sheep in Newark. It’s in the alley behind Cindy’s Hair Salon, by 99Ranch, Newark. I got there at 5:30pm and was the first one in the restaurant. I ordered a lot to try: ...

Air Fryer question

by raberbm 1 year ago

Has anyone used an air fryer for beer battered scallops? If so, what were the results?

Side Suggestions to Pair with Amazing Scallops Please!

by mjhals 10 years ago

My fiance is visiting from Germany in two weeks and I'm already plotting the menu of what I'll cook for him, but I'm stuck on the sides! For the main I'll be making seared scallops, with beurre bl...

Where to buy dried scallops in Toronto/GTA?

by lilith 2 years ago

I used to buy dried scallops at Pacific Mall - there used to be different grades, as in $60, $80, $100 and so on per pound. However I was just at the P Mall the other day and all I could find was ...

Gigantic East Coast Diver Scallops with roe at 'Sunny Supermarket', Finch/Don Mills

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 years ago

Heard they have really sweet, juicy and tasty Badami mangoes at Sunny Supermarket, hence made a special trip there. Unfortunately all sold out but got some huge Brazilian Palmer instead. Though ...

"Whole" Sea Scallops

by 3MTA3 4 years ago

Is the WHOLE sea scallop; Mantle, Roe, and Muscle, EVERYTHING; ever prepared and/or served for human consumption in the United States ? During season....of course.

Seafood Risotto Help

Ali G
by Ali G 2 years ago

I'm planning to make risotto tonight for a Valentine's Day dinner. We are adding lobster, shrimp, and some scallops. In order to speed things up after work, I cooked the lobster last night and ...

Serpico's Diver Scallops in Buttermilk dish

by BostonBestEats 3 years ago

I'm trying to recreate this dish. Does anyone know what temp it is served at? I think room temperature, but it's been so long since I had it, I don't remember if it might have been chilled.

Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche Details

by andrea.alexander 4 years ago

I am beginning to think about a shrimp and scallop ceviche. I'm wondering if anyone has tried a ceviche with the addition of a/and/or radish, cucumber or pickled onions? If so, what did you think...

Sushi-grade fish

by BostonBestEats 3 years ago

Where do you recommend I find sushi-grade fish in the Boston area? In particular, I thinking about raw scallop dish at the moment, but other fish too.

Po’ Boys Signature Blackened Scallops at Po’ Boys Creole and Fresh Catch milton de

by fjc1z1 4 years ago

This is my favorite scallop dish I have ever had. You get some spice but you get the flavor of the scallop. Does anyone have the recipes or suggestions. I would like to duplicate at home. Too far...


by Monica 3 years ago

I love scallops but I've never actually cooked them at home. The reason for that is I am afraid I will be either under cooking it or over cooking it. I know you are suppose to sear them at high t...

Live Scallops In LA

by carln 11 years ago

Hey guys, I sometimes buy the live scallops from the Carlsbad Aquafarm that comes to the SM farmers market, but they only have the small scallops (about the size of a silver dollar). Im lookin...


by lacoet 4 years ago

Hello, Does anybody know if dry scallops can be found anywhere in the Tucson, AZ area???

How to Cook Perfect Seared Scallops?

by walker 4 years ago

I've never attempted to make seared scallops and my daughter is requesting them. The market where I buy fish, etc. charges $25 lb so I want to do it right. I'll cook them the day I buy them. Dry th...

Waterbar Scallop Appetizer Recipe?

by offtoanywhere 4 years ago

We ate at Waterbar a few weeks ago and had the scallop appetizer with black grapes, cucumber, apple, faro, with a uni vinaigrette. The dish was well balanced and a great way to begin the meal. I a...

Why is the coral separated from the scallop?

by cassis 10 years ago

In the US why is the coral of scallops removed, and what happens to it? Whether in the markets or served in restaurants, it's as if the coral doesn't exist. Here in France where I've been for a f...