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This 20-Minute Sheet Pan Dinner Is the Ideal Fall Weeknight Feast

Never underestimate the power of a one pot meal (or one pan, as the case may be). This easy sheet pan dinner with sausage, kale, and squash is the ideal weeknight meal for fall. It's quick and uncomplicated...

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Andouille Sausage shelf life

by LisaM 18 years ago

I've invited a few friends for a jambalaya dinner tomorrow night, based on the knowledge that I had some Savoie's andouille sausage (pork, fully cooked)in the freezer from "awhile back." Well, whe...

cleveland area retirees form 'sausage house gang'

by mrnyc 18 years ago

i thought this was rather cute. i can think of a lot less tasty ways to spend your retirement time. see the link below. Link: http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=7840363&BRD=1699&PAG=461&dep...

Bangers and mash in Manhattan

by Stellalabella 18 years ago

do they exist? decent ones, with creamy mash, and perfectly grilled sausages? any recommendations appreciated. thanks.


by alisa 18 years ago

I am looking for a book for someone who enjoys searching out sausages and beers. Does anyone know of a book that addresses these two items?

Blood Sausage mess

by Tom Meg 18 years ago

I picked up some nice looking blood sausage from Grand Central Food Market in Manhattan the other day. Having never cooked blood sausages at home, I was sort of winging it. Simmered them in a half ...

Sausage making at home, good book recommendation

by anglo-estonian 19 years ago

I must be dreaming, I am sure I found a recommendation of a good book for making sausages at home just the other day here... but I have looked and cannot find / see it. I am after a good book abou...

Pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe

by GG Mora 19 years ago

We're having an "indian winter" here in Vermont; while the mind says "eat for spring", the body says "eat for winter". This is what I threw together last night (accompanied by some red wine and the...

Grillin' sausages

by chowbabe 19 years ago

I'm going to throw some sausage on the BBQ tonite. I like my sausages really charred, but sometimes I feel I get a charred outer layer and they aren't cooked through enough in the center. Any tip...

Sausage stuff

by DALE 19 years ago

Since having returned from Italy last Friday, I have bid successfully for a grinder-stuffer machine on EBay. (The easy part.) I now need to know the definitive guidebook and where to purchase cas...

Sausage making and equipment

by James Q. 19 years ago

For the last two years, I have been living in Switzerland, and have become completely fascinated by the sausages here (and indeed in other parts of Europe). Since I know I won't be able to buy mos...

Chipolata Sausages?

by Gabriel Solis 20 years ago

Can anyone tell me what sort of sausage a chipolata is? I've run across it in _Cooking with Pomiane_ (which, incidentally, I can't recomend enough...what an engaging book), but don't know what it ...

help/tips/recipies for making sausage

by Greg Spence 20 years ago

It's the time of year when we hunter - gatherers make sausage. I always make mine at home (a tolerant wife and a few friends make it pretty easy) but I'm looking for some new ideas. This year we ...

Hebrew National Polish Sausages

by Jill Rovitzky Black 21 years ago

I haven't been able to find Hebrew National polish sausages lately. Anyone know if they are still available, and if so where I could find them?

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