15 Canned Sardine Hacks for a Better Snack

If you're unsure how to eat canned sardines, we have some intriguing ideas for you. Usually tinned sardines are thought of as a last resort for when you can’t be bothered to cook, if not relegated to...

Roe in Canned Sardines? Is this weird

by veebee 15 years ago

Ok, Opened a can of Porteguese sardines and was happily eating away until a little pocket of eggs popped out of the belly of one of them and it looked very very much like a roe sack from a shad I o...

Moosabec brand sardines

by albee 11 years ago

I believe they are off the market. Does anyone remember the seasoning in them that gave them a unique taste ?

The Great Sardine Taste-off – best canned sardines – Next 7

by rworange 15 years ago

After trying 30 types of canned sardines here are my thoughts: - Sardines caught near Portugal or Spain are the best with a meaty tuna flavor - Italian grocery stores carry the best brands of ...

canned sardines for a newbie

by F Schubert 14 years ago

I've recently discovered that I really love canned sardines, after being wary of them for most of my life. So far, I've only had them over rice with a little soy sauce and/or hot sauce and/or lemo...

Substitute pickled herring or sardines for tuna?

by oclock 2 years ago

I can't seem to find anyone who can give me a straight answer to this question: Can I substitute pickled herring or sardines instead of tuna? What are the consequences? Also what is a good use for...

Where to find brown skinned sardines?

by Elsiepoo2 3 years ago

Where can I find the brown skinned sardines ?

what to do w/ salted sardines?

by neda 19 years ago

I bought some salted sardines at the Arthur Avenue market in Bronx, NY. They come in large cans and are covered with coarse sea salt and appear to have been cured/dried in the salt although they ar...

Matiz sardines in Mtl?

by topchef4LIFE 4 years ago

Anyone have any idea where to source Matiz Gallego sardines in Montreal? Seem to be impossible to find. I used to buy them online from Amazon.com and have them shipped to a border town, but just se...

Sardines in oil vs tomato sauce

by glify 5 years ago

Just had the olive oil packed sardines and I wish I could never go back. But I eat 2 cans a day and the oil ones are just too costly. ($4 for 2 where I live, vs $0.60) If I buy the cheap tomato ...

Grilled Sardines question: can they be done ahead?

by howardl 5 years ago

Hi: I have wonderful memories of grilled sardines in the Iberian peninsula. I was thinking of serving them as a course for Christmas Eve. But I'm not sure that I want to leave my guests for an ...

Stargazy Pie For Wimps

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

This is about as In-U-Face as a recipe can get. But it is also notoriously bony, to the point where nowadays it is mostly made because it's a complete giggle to serve. The fish-heads are where t...

What is the difference between boquerones, sardines and anchovies?

by rworange 15 years ago

I'm just not getting a satisfactory answer goggling. Today's lunch was a can of boquerones in olive oil. If no one told me, I would just think it was a good sardine. Is it just a particular v...

Fresh Sardines

by maramkuzhys 5 years ago

Hi there, please help I am a big fan of fresh sardines, but can't find fresh sardines in stores . Most fishmongers advertise and sell as "fresh sardines " are in fact previously frozen sardine...

Canned sardines for tapas?

by Valur 7 years ago

We went out to a tapas restaurant tonight, and I ordered what the menu said were "grilled sardines". When they came they were obviously (good) canned ones, not grilled from fresh fish. They weren't...

Fresh Sardines in SD?

by nroot 5 years ago

Does anyone know where I could source fresh sardines in San Diego?

Ortiz Spanish sardines or other glass jar sardines?

by JessEvans 5 years ago

Hi, does anyone know where in the SF Bay Area or Monterey Bay Area to buy sardines canned in glass rather than metal? Or alternatively, does anyone have a source for fresh or frozen sardines that ...

Canned Sardines

by roro808 8 years ago

I just "discovered" several cans of canned sardines in my pantry. Other than canapés and salad topping, how else can it be prepared?

Sicilian food

by nessy 6 years ago

Does any San Diego restaurant serve the Sicilian dish called Sardines a beccafico? Headless, cleaned sardines stuffed with breadcrumbs, pine nuts, raisins and anchovies?

How do you eat tinned sardines?

by Kagey 14 years ago

The pretty package in the store tempted me and now I have a tin of sardines in Spanish olive oil. Boneless. I was planning just to eat them with a slice or two of no-knead bread, but I wonder if th...

Best canned sardines?

by Evilbanana11 9 years ago

What is your favorite brand of canned sardines and where can I find them in Montreal. I'm tired of the Tousain sardines I usually buy. thanks.