Frozen Sangria Slushies Are the Ultimate Summer Treat

Deliciously cold summer treats come in many forms, from classic ice cream and milkshakes to snow cones and ice pops. Most adults don't outgrow the taste for something refreshing and sweet, but when...

Happy Hour @ Sunset Lounge of Hyatt Carmel Highlands

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Back in June, my brother and I treated ourselves to happy hour and gorgeous ocean views at the Sunset Lounge at the Hyatt Highlands Inn. Items were $10 apiece but well-sized and pretty good. Ce...

How long will Sangria last in the fridge?

by pancake 13 years ago

I cut up a bunch of fruit (mango's, apples, and peaches) and left it to soak in red wine for a Sangria base. That was 2 days ago........how long will this last?

Need Sangria making advice: what types of fruit to include?

The Oracle
by The Oracle 12 years ago

I'm planning to make Sangria for the first time this weekend for a party I'm throwing. So far - on the list of fruit to include: oranges (slices with peel? or chunks without) peaches apples (any p...

Any decent store bought sangria?

by zackly 6 years ago

Does anyone make a decent bottled sangria that I can toss in a few orange slices and serve? I don't want to make my own.

Oakland: La Borinquena at Twilight - Sangria, bacon hot dogs, vegan tamales and more

by rworange 11 years ago

An East Bay Express thingy I get in the email mentioned La Borinquena now is open on Friday and Saturday evenings from 5 to 9pm with a special menu. They also are planning events. On Cinco de Ma...

Sangria Recipe for Sweet Rose?

by briteyes88 6 years ago

I have a 1.5L bottle of a sweet rose wine (specifically a pink pinot grigio) that a guest brought me last summer. It's... not exactly my kind of wine. I've read a few reviews, and apparently it is ...

Cali Comfort BBQ and Sports Bar

Fake Name
by Fake Name 6 years ago

Been hearing about this place for some time and thought I'd check it out. Their tagline is "Low *N* Slow". It's in Spring Valley. And yes "Cali" is akin to chalkboard fingernails, but I'm old and c...

Sangria (Mahwah)

by ELA 6 years ago

This new "modern Spanish" cuisine restaurant is a welcomed addition to the area. It's located in the Ridge Shopping Center (or whatever it's called) at the intersection of Ridge Road and Macarthur ...

Best white wine for a white peach sangria?

by MartiniQueen 14 years ago

This is the first time I'm making this type of sangria, and I'm getting all kinds of suggestions on what wine to use...from chablis to chardonnay to white zinfandel. Needless to say, I'm becoming ...

Anyone have a good recipe for apple cider sangria?

by Njchicaa 8 years ago

I've seen it posted all over Facebook and Pinterest in the past month no one who has done so has actually made the stuff yet. I've done some searching online but the recipes are all over the place...

How Long Will Sangria Last

by alliemaec89 7 years ago

So I just made a white sangria with lemon, lime, red grapefruit, orange and peaches. I segmented all citrus so there is no rind. I mixed it with a simple syrup, a bottle of Welch's Diet Peach Twis...

Luxury Sangria for a party / bbq

by Dapuma 9 years ago

I just went through a lot of threads for different recipes - and that got me no where Basically my head was/is spinning It is going to be for a pool party / bbq and i will be making some more...

Senorial Sangria??

by fkslksj 7 years ago

Okay, I'm addicted to this amazing non-alcoholic beverage. Anyone know a market or someplace where i can buy these in bulk?? I don't mind if it's one of those 1.5 liter plastic bottles!

Where to buy Sangrita in the DC Area? (Not Sangria)

by Got_Wood 8 years ago

Does anyone know which retail stores or liquor stores carry Sangrita in the DC or VIrginia area? I'm talking about the fruit/sometimes tomato chaser served with a tequilla shot in Mexico and not t...

EU Parliament rules Sangria can ONLY come from Spain . . . and Portugal.

by zin1953 7 years ago

Apparently, from now on, it can only be referred to as an "aromatized drink based on red wine." http://spanishnewstoday.com/eu-restricts-the-use-of-the-word-sangria-to-just-spain-and-portugal_...

What brand (bottled/boxed) sangria is most popular in Spain?

by aT0Mic 8 years ago

Every year I read about festivals, etc. in Spain and I see the ground littered with little boxes that look like juice boxes, which are single-serve sangria in boxes. I Googled and searched here, to...

Sangria 71

by budcar 8 years ago

The initial posts on Chowhound were a bit discouraging, but on a crowded Sat night, we managed to secure a 5:00 pm reservation. The large pitcher of white sangria was amply filled with fruit and ...

Bagged Sangria storage?

by girlonavespa 8 years ago

A local winery has come out with bagged sangria made of local berry juice, rosé, and some spices. My question is, do you think I have to store this in the fridge? The winery has told me it will sta...

Sangria recommendations?

by Deborah R. 8 years ago

I'm looking for a place in D.C., preferably with an outdoor patio, where I can get a really good sangria. By that I mean a drink that doesn't contain Sprite or some thick fruity syrup, and doesn't ...

Sangria...........exchange recipes idea's.

by jrvedivici 9 years ago

Although I rarely drink it I am often asked to make it for parties and after which I am often asked for my recipe. I thought it would be fun to get some idea's on different way's of preparing Sangr...