From Caesar to Waldorf, salads can be as virtuous or indulgent as you want. Discuss your favorite types, get inspiration for new and creative salad recipes, and ask around for the best restaurant salads near you.

Celebrate Spring with These Harvest Salad Recipes

Summer may seem like prime time for salads, but fresh spring produce also shines in simple preparations that showcase our favorite vegetables' tender new forms. Every time March rolls around, I remember...

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Jimtown Store Olive Salad

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

This tasty mixture of coarsely chopped olives, red peppers, olive oil and surely some secret ingredients has been the base of quick and crowd-pleasing appetizers this holiday entertaining season. ...

Hot-and-cold "salad" bar, near PATH or trolley?

by Bob in Joisey 21 years ago

Most of you, I take it, have an idea what the subject refers to; I can think of one that is still around, Canova on Montgomery St. near Exchange Place station, but it's not open weekends.

salad: caesar, cobb, and chopped

by Deborah 21 years ago

Where can I find a caesar where I won't be warned off by a menu that announces: 'eggless dressing' 'with chicken or shrimp' 'no anchovies!!' or by a waiter who replies: 'they're in the dressi...


by Kathi 21 years ago

Where can I find an inexpensive, but good salad bar in Brooklyn Heights, elsewhere?

Cold Thai Sausage Salad

by Derek Mancini-Lander 21 years ago

When I was a kid there was a fabulous Thai restaurant in Nyack, NY called "The King and I" which has since changed hands a few times and has really gone down hill. But in the old days of glory, ...


by mark grossman 21 years ago

any nominations for a great salad bar?? Andworld class antipasto??

Best Caesar Salad

by Scott Weinstein 21 years ago

I'm looking for a good Caesar salad. I've been looking for a few years now, and I just can't find it. I'm starting to think that what I want only exists in sweet memory. I'm looking for crisp rom...

Cold Thai Sausage Salad

by Derek Mancini-Lander 21 years ago

Thanks! I'll try them both. Probably I'll go with Sripraphai first, since I'm a Queens man and everyone seems to rave about it. Where can I find Bua Thai House? I'm just dying for this stuff. ...


by Tord Svenson 21 years ago

I was struck by the huge number of selections offered by the salad bar at the Star Market in Central Square Cambridge --just behind the CompUSA store on Mass. Ave. This is a new supermarket --al...

Salad ?

by Tord Svenson 22 years ago

Any recommendations for good salad bars in Boston (T accessible)? My wife and I often enjoy the company of two 4 year old twins born of a Cape Verdean couple who live in Central Square, Cambridge....

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