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Yet another roasting pan question: reco for high end SS pan that won't warp

by kdkrone 10 years ago

I want to pop for a roasting pan about 16" or so in longest dimension and which can be placed on a burner or two to deglaze it. I would like for it to not warp when heated and to dissipate heat we...

What to look for in a good roasting pan

by michaelnrdx 11 years ago

I roasted a duck last night in a thin roasting tray (or maybe it's a baking sheet...I don't know. It's barely 2 inches deep.), and the veggies that were suppose to make up the pan sauce burned. I'd...

Non-Stick SS Roasting Pans and Tasty Brown Bits?

by Dansky 10 years ago

Has anyone else has had trouble acquiring "brown bits" while trying to deglaze a non-stick roasting pan? I've had better luck using enameled cast iron for this (cooking chicken), but lack the la...

In a Roasting Pan, does the aluminum layer need to go up the sides?

by goodeatsgal 10 years ago

I would like to buy a stainless steel roasting pan to replace my old and scratched nonstick pan. From my research, it appears that some roasting pans have an aluminum layer just on the bottom, whi...

Veggie Roasting Pans?

by pongstress 11 years ago

Looking for a good pan for roasting veggies. Here are my requirements: 1) Dishwasher safe, easy cleaning 2) Large 3) Sliced veggies (occasionally diced) 4) Rimmed 5) High temp (no warping)...

What size roasting pan should I get?

by michaelnrdx 11 years ago

What dimensions should I look for in a roasting pan for roasts up to 10 lbs? I want a pan that will fit the roast, but not squish it against the sides or be so wide that my gravy will burn. And wil...

Staub Oval Roasting pan size for a roast chicken?

by wabi 11 years ago

I have been lusting after a Staub roasting pan, and would like to buy one to specifically use for roasting a chicken. I am lost as to the best size of pan to get. They come 9, 11, and 12 inches. Wh...

Roasting pans - do I need one, and if so, what's the cheapest I can get away with?

by blkery 11 years ago

I'd like to try roasting some leaner meats this autumn - poultry, pork loin, etc. I'm not really looking to capture juices for gravy. Do I still need a roasting pan? I assume that suspending meat o...

Roasting Pan For Thanksgiving Turkey

by chowkari 13 years ago

I'd love some recommendations on a moderately priced roasting pan that will hold up to a 25 pound turkey. I have bought the aluminum pans in the past for Thanksgiving, but feel I should pay up and...

Will My Stainless Steel Roasting Pan Pit?

by sherrib 11 years ago

I cut up some small potatoes. Put them in a bowl. Added olive oil, salt, pepper. Then I put them in a stainless steel roasting pan. Put them in the oven. Turned on the oven. Will it pit??

Roasting pans and racks

by jeffreyem 11 years ago

When,what and why do you roast on a rack as opposed to just in the pan. I should probably post this someplace else . . . . but I'll start here.

Creuset roasting pan, not in catalog....

Freq Band
by Freq Band 12 years ago

Great price, but only found from one supplier, and offered at a few sites. What do you think ?? is it the real-deal ??...or ?? 2 1/2 qt cast iron pan, black satin. I don't see black satin on the ...

Baking/roasting pans--which material is best?

by LolaP 12 years ago

Hi everyone! I seriously need to expand my baking/roasting pan collection and I would love your thoughts on which material is best. I currently own a 7x11 Pyrex pan: http://www.pyrexware.com/inde...

Le Creuset 13 x 9 Roaster/Roasting Pan

by moviefan 12 years ago

I would like to get a roasting pan. Le Creuset has two different ones as far as I can tell. The cheaper stoneware version and the more expensive porcelain enameled cast iron version. I would imagin...

Help! Roasting pan with completely flat bottom suitable for glass top stoves

by tinybites 12 years ago

It feels like I've searched high and low for a stainless steel (not non-stick) roasting pan that has a completely flat bottom that I can safely use on my glass top stove. My understanding is that ...

The Roasting Pan in Saveur 100 this year

by ChihHang 12 years ago

Hi, I am looking for a roasting pan recently, and thought of the one in Saveur 100 this year, I like it very much, anyone knows where to find? Thanks, ChihHang (the photo is taken from my d...

cant decide between Le Creuset and a roasting pan

by Loki 12 years ago

So I have a some jingle jangle in my pocket that I decided I was going to throw at some new cookware. I'm just having a hard time deciding between a Le Creuset 7 1/4 qt dutch oven or a all-clad ro...

Can I use my frying pan as a roasting pan?

by snax 12 years ago

I’m about to purchase a 9 inch and 12inch Demeyere Atlantis frying pan, and would like to know if these would be suitable to roast either a chicken or a small lamb roast? I am planning on buying a...

Scoping a Roasting Pan

by sasserwazr 12 years ago

Looking for a versatile roasting pan than can do the birds and beefs as well as searing/sauteing large amounts of vegetables and proteins atop the range. I'm looking to not spend too much more tha...