Road Trip

Hit the road--and don't miss a bite along the way by talking to Chowhounds in advance about where to eat on your route. Plus get the best (and most creative) ideas for road snacks to pack.

19 Best Foods to Pack Up for a Road Trip

The busiest traveling day of the year may have come and gone, but you still have more car adventures ahead of you this summer. If you've ever tried to grab a snack on the go, you know that driving and...

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Help me design an "ethnic" Toronto fried chicken tour

by newtothegame 3 years ago

I love fried chicken. I especially love Karaage and Chikin and various twists on what we're used to seeing in small town Canada. Nashville hot is fiding it's way everywhere - and that is a good thi...

Boise, Denver, Fort Worth. Best restaurants

by Slantz455 5 years ago

My fiancé and I are moving from near Seattle to Houston. This upcoming week we are making the road trip down there. We will be staying overnight in Boise, Denver, and Fort Worth. If ya'll know of a...

Cocktail Pairings

by hadedabird 3 years ago

So it is the beginning of November and tomorrow we are heading out for 4 days in our RV, Friday will be 78 dropping to 50 and the rest of the weekend will be cool. The following are meals we hav...

Traving I-65N

by B_and_Lee_85 3 years ago

Looking for GOOD FOOD, mom and pops not far off I-65 traveling Nashville to Kentucky! HUNGRY NOW!

Where would you stop along I-80? (NYC-->Boulder via Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa & Nebraska)

by ofoodie 3 years ago

Hi all--road tripping from New York City to Boulder and trying a new route for us going Pennsylvania-->Nebraska. Planning a 4 day drive and looking for yummy stops along the way. We'll have our dog...

Truffle-related gift in the D.C. area?

by kathryneganbrown 3 years ago

Hi, all! My husband is rather fond of truffles (sadly, I'm one of those people for whom truffles just taste like...garlic). He dreams of truffle hunting in France one day, but with two young kids, ...

PA to FL - Good Eats near I-95

by jennyjennyjenny 3 years ago

Family trip to Disney from Philly - looking to stay close to 95, any good family friendly spots, or some must have southern eats by chance near there?

Cleveland - Detroit area road trip food suggestions?

by kwfoodiewannabe 3 years ago

I have tickets to see Jays vs. Indians on Fri 7/21 in Cleveland. Looking for suggestions for a pre-game dinner (and parking?) Something upscale but not necessarily fine dining. Also, brunch/lunch i...

Family road tripping in Monterey/Pacific Grove/Cambria/Santa Barbara - Looking to finalize our food itinerary!

by jacolis 4 years ago

Hi all, Doing some research for a trip driving down Highway 1 from SFO to LAX. Need to fill in a few gaps with dining suggestions for our itinerary below. We are a family of four with two adve...

Lunch Spot Between Boston Logan Airport & Portland, ME

by cdntxn 3 years ago

Arriving at Logan airport just before lunch and driving to Portland, ME. Would like to find a high quality lunch spot on the way, preferably less than halfway along the route. Looking for suggest...

Arlington, VA to Maryville, TN road trip - Rte 81 recs

Cocinero Cubano
by Cocinero Cubano 3 years ago

All - We're off to see friends in Maryville, TN tomorrow and most of the drive will be south along I 81. I'd like suggestions of places to consider hitting along the way. Any type of cuisine is ...

Kosher from NJ to Toronto?

by randi9w 3 years ago

Hi. We are traveling from Teaneck, NJ to Toronto with our children. Does anyone know of a kosher spot where we can stop? I don't see many (or any!) kosher restaurants along the way. I'd also apprec...

Road Trip to Maine

by caphill2320 4 years ago

We are taking a first time family road trip to Maine this summer from NYC and need some pit stops along the way. Our kids are not the most tolerant of the car, so a good lunch break or an ice cream...

Lunch stop halfway between San Diego and Santa Barbara

by mndib 3 years ago

Hi Everyone! I would really appreciate any suggestions you all might have for a nice place to have lunch on the way from San Diego to Santa Barbara that are dog friendly and if they have a view,...

Seattle to San Francisco Coastal Road trip in June

by kromanowski 4 years ago

We are planning an 18 day road trip from Seattle to San Francisco along the Pacific Coast and I was hoping to get recommendations for restaurants etc. along the way. We like good food, wine and be...

Autogrills on A1 - Rome to Greve

by gina2178 3 years ago

My family of 5 (2 children) leaves next week for our two week Italian adventure and ironing out the little details. We leave Rome and head to our apartment in Greve. We are traveling via A1. We wil...

Good breakfast place midway between SF and LA on Hwy 5?

by vipgeorges 5 years ago

Hey there, We're planning a family trip to LA (from SF). We're going to leave super early, over very late depending how you look at it. I was thinking we'd need to stop after 3 hours or so t...

Road Trip SD, MT, WY, CO please help

by sasicka 4 years ago

Hello, I'll be doing a 2-3 week road trip starting and ending in Denver. We're planning of driving through Colorado to Mt Rushmore and Badlands first and then through souhern Montana to Yellowstone...

AZ Cheap Eats

by chowgirl1 3 years ago

My 12 yr old and I are going on an Arizona adventure and looking for cheap eats. We're open to all kinds of cuisine, would love a fantastic, non-touristy Mexican place somewhere in the mix, and ha...