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Sansachun rice wine

by hellooverthere 14 years ago

Any liquor stores that carry this? I've been able to get it at restaurants but I would like to buy it by the case! Anywhere in IL, IA or WI is good. Thanks.

Where to buy shaoxing or mirin?

by Warthog 14 years ago

I know that many of the Asian supermarkets sell the salted "cooking wine" equivalents, but I'm looking for a liquor store or other supplier where I can purchase good mirin (Japanese rice wine, as o...

Shaoxing wine source?

by amoscher 14 years ago

Anyone know where I can find some of this? Preferably in Ottawa? The LCBO seems clueless, and I've yet to see any wine in the local Asian grocers (surprise, eh?).

rice wine or sake vs. rice cooking wine

by favolaus 15 years ago

I am looking at a recipe for char siu (chinese BBQ pork) that calls for rice wine or sake. I have in my pantry a bottle of shao hsing rice cooking wine. Could I use this instead? I have my doub...

Balt. shaoxing and mirin - hold the salt!

by Warthog 16 years ago

Anybody have Baltimore area sources for Chinese Shaoxing and Japanese mirin (both forms of rice wine)? I'm looking for the sort that is NOT adulterated with salt and sold as "cooking wine" in asian...

Home-made Chinese rice wine: I'd like instructions

by Poot 16 years ago

I adore the sweet wine made from glutinous rice in south China and have begun to study how to make it myself. When I was in mountainous southern Fujian, every household had a vat of the stuff, and ...

rice wine substitution

by Pam 16 years ago

If I can't find rice wine in my state store, what can I substitute in a spicy beef with peppers stir fry?

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