Restaurant Intel

24 hours in Paris for Rolling Stones Oct 19th

by eggandchips 9 hours ago

Hi I reckon it's my last chance to see The Stones so Im going on October 19th in the UArena. I can only get away ...

John Talbott commented 1 hour ago

Need Group Dinner Recomendations near Brea

by albed 6 hours ago

Our out of town work group (12-15) wants to have a dinner in the general area of our office in Brea. The usual spots...


teriyakichi commented 2 hours ago

Tonno Gloucester, anybody been yet?

by justbeingpolite 1 year ago

So, the chef from Prezza has opened a new restaurant in Gloucester, anyone been yet? Looking forward to a new option...


treb commented 3 hours ago

North Beach/Telegraph Hill/Chinatown [San Francisco]

by deeeeena 3 years ago

Hi Everyone, Planning a trip to the North Beach area for a mini-food tour. We are want to go to the following: B...

Ruth Lafler commented 8 hours ago

Savannah HELP! NY and SF foodies looking for advice

by nyperr 5 days ago

Three of us from New York and San Francisco going to Savannah for the first time. We will be there 2 days. We want...


9lives commented 13 hours ago

Need Charleston advice for NY and SF foodies!

by nyperr 5 days ago

Three of us from New York and San Francisco are meeting in Charleston - for all of us it will be the first time. We w...

six dower commented 17 hours ago

Dinner for 8 in Santa Monica or Malibu

by uberdeb 3 days ago

Best places for five adults/three kids? Must be seated early, like 5:30 or 6, and have veggie/fish options for pescat...


Motherhubbard commented 1 day ago

Please tell me where to eat in/near Woodstock

by tanno 6 days ago

Hi, my wife, five year-old son and I rented a house in Woodstock for the last two weeks of August, and I'd love som...

Fred19 commented 1 day ago

Restaurant recommendations?

by helmswoman 5 days ago

I know Hounds cringe at this question, but I'll try to make it easy. Coming from DC to see a ball game at AT&T park, ...


HoosierFoodie commented 2 days ago

Toronto Restaurants like Woodbine Noodle Bar?

by HandPay 3 days ago

Looking to see if i can find a restaurant, preferably downtown, that serves similiar type dishes as i get at the Wood...

T Long commented 2 days ago

Big Changes at Fish Counter on Main St

by Sam Salmon 5 days ago

Always pleasing Fish Counter is drastically reducing their operating hours now Closed Tues & Wednesday. Any regula...


eatrustic commented 2 days ago

Restaurant owners backtracking

by Gastronomos 5 days ago

This is one side of a story found on the interwebz: "I would like to address the post about Jamis Kitchen and the ...

dave_c commented 2 days ago

Venice on a very difficult diet

by MayoforSam 4 days ago

I will be in Venice for the first time ever this coming Sunday and Monday, with a couple of friends. I have been read...

PBSF commented 2 days ago

Sushi in Kansas City, MO

by ektravis 2 months ago

I've seen older posts, but wanted to get more up to date info. Any good sushi in KC MO?


e_trav commented 4 days ago

Dublin, Ireland pubs

by chocolatefancy 5 days ago

We are going to Dublin in September. Any recommendations for pubs that serve good food?

patsully commented 5 days ago

Spicy & Tasty 2017

by MOREKASHA 8 days ago

A while back it was reported that S&T had closed then reopened. I haven't heard any recent chatter about it so I did ...

MOREKASHA commented 6 days ago

2 Nights in Chicago

by RIfoodie29 30 days ago

I will be in Chicago for a quick business trip on the nights of 7-31-17 and 8-1-17 (Monday and Tuesday to be more spe...

nsxtasy commented 6 days ago

Hometown Bar-B-Que Red Hook

by Jambalaya 3 years ago

I did a search on this board for this place and it turned up nothing. I would appreciate any comments anyone has to ...


chefdekoven commented 7 days ago

Chinese in Chinatown, DC?

by Deborah R. 29 days ago

Hello -- We have some young cousins visiting from Rome who are convinced they want to eat at a Chinese restaurant in ...


manolotraveler commented 7 days ago