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Why Deleting Your Food Delivery App Could Help Save Restaurants

The food delivery category has become a true juggernaut, thanks large in part to an explosion of delivery apps and remote ordering platforms. Digital food delivery is projected to grow into a staggering...

Best Fine Dining in Boston

by VegetarianHomeCook 14 days ago

I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on the best fine dining restaurants in Boston. This is for way later in the year but I just wanted to know.


Tipping vs Fair Wages

by ricepad 3 days ago

This is not a discussion about how much to tip. You can search for restaurants that pay their waitstaff a fair wage here: https://www.highroadrestaurants.org

Does anyone know what became of the head sandwich-maker (my title) at Sarcone's Deli?

by GDSwamp 9 days ago

Recently played Round 348 (of ∞ ) of the Favorite Philly Sandwiches game with some friends, and we were re-mourning the loss of Sarcone's Deli. As I remember it, all my best hoagies were composed b...

The Pantry (at Delancy)--Takeaway Dinners

by kaleokahu 2 months ago

I have been offered a birthday dinner from this place on NW 70th. I have ZERO knowledge of or familiarity with The Pantry, except its proximity to Rosellini's bakery. Recommend or warn away? D...

Rebecca's Edgewater

by EDANTES 12 days ago

Went to Rebecca's in Edgewater Friday Night. Restaurant is tucked into a quiet street of the main road. Food was excellent. Appetizers were delectable: jerk chicken skewers had excellent flavo...

Anyone dined in an 'igloo' yet?

by gutreactions 27 days ago

Due to Covid protocols, restaurants have been trying all sorts of outdoor enclosures for safe dining. Igloos, tents, little greenhouses. Thinking of doing an igloo meal locally. What to look for? W...

Legal Seafood Sold

by SuzieCK 30 days ago

Based on my last visit, it was time. But sad. Especially remembering the wonderful first one in Cambridge in Inman Sq. where we sat at long tables, paid in advance, and had a great time.

Legendary '21 Club' closes indefinitely...

by gutreactions 1 month ago

It has been a Manhattan institution for 90 years. The legendary 21 Club has closed its doors indefinitely due to the pandemic. There is some talk of coming back in some fashion down the line, but w...

Dai Sushi, Pleasantville, Open for Takeout Only

by vinouspleasure 1 month ago

IMO Dai is in the conversation for best sushi in the county. We've taken out three times over the course of the pandemic, they are very busy so fish turnover is high and obviously sushi travels wel...

Molti on Moody Waltham

by Ferrari328 1 month ago

What used to be Moody’s Delicatessen, The Backroom and the Pollo Club are now under the umbrella of Molti on Moody. I visited and had, among other things, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich from the Poll...

Best Korean takeout during pandemic?

by otis 4 months ago

I am all about the barchan, so when I says "best Korean takeout" I really mean a generous assortment of barchan. San Francisco preferred but will travel south if need be.

Charleston - Current situation

by danna 4 months ago

I'm headed down later this week. Can anyone comment on the current state....good choices that are open, notable spots still closed, where are the best bets that have lots of outdoor dining availab...

Tarsan i Jane Is Closing Permanently

by JayDK 3 months ago

Why am I not surprised? I first came here to check it out a few years ago when they had opened. I ordered a drink (one of their "special" drinks") and the raw shrimp dish imported from somewhere ...

Auld Lang Syne- Adamson post

by mordylishus 2 months ago

It's good to see so many old familiar names in this post. (Adamson BBQ) Anyone know what happened with embee? Or Vinnie? I fear. May we all move into Baycrest together. Inexperience caused me to ...

Otto closed - But I found Dennis

by thegforceny 2 months ago

Like myself, there were a few board members who recognized the perfection of a weekend afternoon spent at the bar of Otto, manned by an obscenely competent, friendly yet unobtrusive bartender named...

Maria, New Rochelle, serves up titillating tastes...

by gutreactions 12 months ago

There has been a great deal of restaurant activity in New Rochelle coinciding with all the development around the city. Maria on Huguenot St. has been a standout newcomer. Brothers Peter and Giovan...

Gramery Tavern Replacement

by theycanceledme 2 months ago

So I waited for a celebratory reason to make a rez at Gramercy Tavern, tomorrow, on a Saturday night! They JUST canceled saying they're shutting their doors due to the growing COVID rates in NYC. I...

Mozzeria? Anyone been? [San Francisco]

by mariacarmen 9 years ago

I just heard about this place from a mention on GrubStreet: http://sanfrancisco.grubstreet.com/2012/03/post_230.html Apparently, Michelin gave them a nod (and a tweet!).... (btw, congratulati...

Signs of restaurants reopening in Fairfield County, CT...

by gutreactions 8 months ago

We crossed the Westchester line into Greenwich, CT. yesterday afternoon to observe the partial reopening of restaurants in Fairfield County. Outdoor seating is now allowed, with restrictions. Drove...

Dining with UV Lighting at La Piccola Casa, Mamaroneck...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

With the cooler months in front of us more diners will be moving indoors and restaurants are doing their best to keep to the Covid protocols. Pulling up to La Piccola Casa on Boston Post Road, Mama...