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Five Gay Restaurants to Check Out in June (Pride Month)

June marks the start of LGBTQ+ Pride Month and this year we'll all be celebrating a little differently. It's been 51 years since the riots at Stonewall Inn—an integral spark in the decades-long fight...

Phase 2 & 3 reopening coming in Mid-Hudson...

by gutreactions 1 day ago

According to Gov. Mario Cuomo, Phase 2 reopening in the Mid-Hudson Region, which includes Westchester, Hudson Valley and Rockland Counties in New York State, will begin on June 9th. If things go ac...


Black Run Businesses and those that post Racist remarks

by burgeoningfoodie 4 hours ago

With all that is going on in this country, is there a running list of places are black owned or black empowering within our region that we can either link to or start generating as well as a thread...


Chinese Takeout Dishes That'll Survive the Travel Time

by juno 2 days ago

Takeout isn't ordinarily my thing, but these are not ordinary times. I'm tired of cooking every damn night, and am prepared to give takeout a shot - even though I know it doubtless won't be close t...

Orange Beach restaurants

by ridpathc 24 hours ago

I'm heading to Orange Beach next week and am looking for places to eat. We are staying at the Turquoise but are willing to take a long drive for a good meal. We would like to try southern and local...

Pandemic price increases: real or contrived?

by gutreactions 13 days ago

It is getting ridiculous out there! Go market shopping and you will find meat prices going north; cherries ranging from $2.99 to a whopping $14.99; artichokes, 2 for $3.99 to 1 for $4; rhubarb from...

ISO Hong Fat's Noodles with Gravy

by Velda Mae 14 years ago

If anyone out there remembers Hong Fat's noodles with gravy, can you please advise where to get a good version of that dish in NYC? My cousin was a Hong Fat devotee and has been searching for a wo...

Signs of restaurants reopening in Fairfield County, CT...

by gutreactions 15 days ago

We crossed the Westchester line into Greenwich, CT. yesterday afternoon to observe the partial reopening of restaurants in Fairfield County. Outdoor seating is now allowed, with restrictions. Drove...

Pollo Campero vs. El Pollo Loco

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 11 days ago

Has anyone eaten at both Pollo Campero and El Pollo Loco? Does the grilled chicken have a similarity in flavor at both restaurants? I just noticed that the logos fonts and the color schemes seem t...

B&H Dairy restaurant is open now in NYC

by BluPlateSpec 18 days ago

B&H Dairy restaurant, an East Village institution for decades is open for take out now. Ola, Mike, Leo and the rest of the folks there are all back. Lets really support them and the restaurant so i...

Alexandria Take Out Report

by ktmoomau 2 months ago

We have been doing take out once or twice a week to support our local community. A few hits: Souvlaki Bar- Greek Salad with Chicken Yeero- right now a fresh salad seems very indulgent, I think ...

Turtle Kraals - Key West

by mikeyewing 17 days ago

Hello, Does anyone have, or know where to find the drink menu for Turtle Kraals in Key West? Thanks

Any Reports About Restaurant Reopenings?

by Dave Feldman 21 days ago

I'd love to know any experiences locals (or a stray tourist) have had since some restaurants have opened. Hope you all are being safe but still managing to enjoy great chow.

SHORT PUMP? Or Richmond for one night?

by erica 1 month ago

FINALLY coming north this week. Booked Hilton inn Short Pump mainly due to location near (one of) Peter Chang and Viet places? Worth the short detour off 95? And if so, where do go for take out c...

Who's still offering takeout?

by Splendid Spatula 3 months ago

Building off the last thread . . . now that restaurants have to close or offer only takeout, could we start a list of those that are doing the latter? In the greater Boston metropolitan and vicini...

Where to Eat near I-95

by dcbbq 5 months ago

Ten years ago there were a number of discussions about non-chain places to eat close enough to I-95 to be realistic options. There have been few discussions since then, even though I-95 is as crow...

Pietisserie expands delivery area/dinner pies

by tre2012 3 months ago

Pietisserie: Dinner Pies, Expanded Delivery + Pickup. As we all adjust to the Shelter in Place advisory, Pietisserie will offer pies for delivery in the greater East Bay through the delivery app c...

Sushi Geek Forum

by mikey8811 1 month ago

What happened to the Sushi Geek forum? It made for good instructive and info gathering reading but seems to have bitten the dust. It was pretty popular. Does anyone know what happened?

DC Take Out Options

by dcbbq 2 months ago

I see that tkmoomau has opened a thread on take-out options in Alexandria, so why not have one for DC? I haven't done a lot of take out, but I'll flag one that I really liked -- I'm Eddie Cano, on...

French Fries top the take-out list: The Daily Meal...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

The Daily Meal did a survey of the most-ordered restaurant take-out dish during coronavirus and topping the list so far is: French Fries. Stands to reason, fries are comforting and versatile. There...

London lockdown reversal fantasy league

by hblnk 2 months ago

It is not going to happen any time soon, but suppose the covid19 lockdown were lifted next weekend. Which are the restaurants you would immediately try to visit? Places you are missing now and whic...