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Forget Bourbon Street: The Real Party During New Orleans Mardi Gras Is on Frenchmen Street

Bourbon Street may be the best known place to party in New Orleans, but here's why you should skip it for Frenchmen Street instead. If you look at a map of The Crescent City, you will find a number...

Valentines Weekend in Paris

by NYCmike 1 month ago

I'm heading over next month with my wife for 3 nights, 4 days. We are staying at the Hôtel Esprit Saint Germain and were hoping you might be able to help guide us towards some decent dinners in tha...


Date Night at M.Y. China

Civil Bear
by Civil Bear 1 day ago

Wife and I went to M. Y. China on Valentine's Day. Sleek decor, great service, slightly creative menu, and the food was pretty good albeit a bit gringo-fied. And the price wasn't too bad either, co...


Ramen Dojo

by learntocookchinese 3 days ago

I paid Ramen Dojo a visit today. What used to be a superb bowl of ramen is now average. It was like a slow motion horror film. No line? That's unusual. I guess I got lucky. Hmm, the menu is d...

Where to Eat near I-95

by dcbbq 1 month ago

Ten years ago there were a number of discussions about non-chain places to eat close enough to I-95 to be realistic options. There have been few discussions since then, even though I-95 is as crow...

Downtown New Rochelle development to spawn new crop of dining options...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

There is a lot of new building activity in downtown New Rochelle, Westchester's 'Queen City' on the Sound. The RXR multi-use high rise between Main St. and Huguenot St. is moving forward, as is con...

Best Restaurant for Dungeness Crab

by honeybrook_99 10 days ago

Hi again! I have been told we will be missing crab season on our vacation in July but it was suggested that great crab can still be had- if we chose the right restaurant. One maybe with live tanks?...

Maria, New Rochelle, serves up titillating tastes...

by gutreactions 9 days ago

There has been a great deal of restaurant activity in New Rochelle coinciding with all the development around the city. Maria on Huguenot St. has been a standout newcomer. Brothers Peter and Giovan...

Glendale CA Trip

by grumpyspatient 16 days ago

My husband and I are off to LA/Glendale neighborhood the end of March. We are staying on Brand Blvd and are looking forward to some middle eastern/Armenian/Lebanese food. Typically we have break...

The old Jade Fountain, North Arlington

by jethro 6 years ago

After having a lengthy chat today about how good the food was here, does anyone know if the owners opened another restaurant in the area? I would kill and/or die to try the food again. They had a...

Eataly Toronto - Impressions?

by biggreenmatt 3 months ago

Just what Bloor and Bay needed- another storefront operation to draw more foot traffic and vehicular traffic to the area. City planning-related sarcasm aside, I happen to have been at the Manuli...

Opinions on The Wandering Goose?

by kaleokahu 29 days ago

OK, I went to TWG for the first time last weekend after Wahine discovered their website, replete with hundreds of well-styled food photos. I'm going to withhold my opinion of that experience until...

Boston Seafood Opinions

by tmortonschow 13 days ago

In a locals opinion what's the best mid range priced bay area style seafood place in Boston?

Maialino Lunch Today

by 2chesters 14 days ago

Hi everyone. I am having a Restaurant Week lunch at Maialino today. Looked at the menu. Will have Bucatini Amatriciana. To start, should I have lamb meatballs and ricotta, or prosciutto and moz...

Char Bistro - Does anyone have any intel?

by Googs 16 days ago

Opening soon on Wellington near Church in the place where Bravi once was. They already have the good sense to secure an attractive looking website and list themselves on ChefDb. I'm intrigued. D...

Wood-cooked barbecue in DC

by dcbbq 10 months ago

I’m looking for all places in the DC metro that make barbecue with wood and/or charcoal only. That is, places with no gas or electric backup for cooking the meat. Thanks in advance!

Lunch near Agannis Arena, West B.U?

by pkdboss 13 days ago

Hi, I have an appointment near the Agannis Arena, then another lunch meeting after that. Anything good near there? Any thoughts on Kayuga or Brown Sugar Cafe? Better to walk 15 min west? Many t...

Int'l. Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York: March 8-10...

by gutreactions 15 days ago

It comes around every year and it is a trade show primarily for the restaurant & hospitality industry. This year it will take place Sunday-Tuesday, March 8-10, at the Javits Center on the West Side...

San Diego 2020 - Where Should I Go and What Should I Eat?

by cstr 2 months ago

Time for a new thread, the current What Should I Order... is old and very difficult to navigate with CH sort features unusable. Hopefully, this might pump some new interest in our site and bring...