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Adjuge anyone?

by TrishUntrapped 4 days ago

Bonjour! In John Talbott's blog today he mentions that Alain Ducasse has taken over Adjuge at Druout. Very interested in hearing your reviews. Merci.

Bar Boulud or Lincoln Ristorante pre-show?

by walker42 1 month ago

This trip, business brings me to midtown, but that doesn't mean I don't have some time off! Sunday we'll be seeing a 3pm show at Lincoln Center and we have lots of choices for the preceding lunch/b...

Any new must try wineries or restaurants in Santa Ynez valley? It's my 50th birthday, looking for special!

by elizabetheatsfood 14 days ago

Hello everyone! We are heading up to Santa Ynez for the weekend, staying in Santa Ynez for the first time. We usually stay in Los Alamos. We have been many times but not in quite a few years. We ...

September Barcelona Foodie Trip Detailed Review

by Belkisw 6 months ago

Hi all, A brief roundup on all the restaurants we tried over the last week in Barcelona: Barra Alta- Absolutely fabulous, do not miss lunch here! Would recommend the oyster cocktail, with clama...

Lucca, Italy, where to eat inside the wall

by sandychow 9 days ago

Ciao! We are spending a week in an apartment in Lucca in May. Would appreciate recommendations for restaurants, mostly casual but not pizza, inside the walls, since we will not have a car. Also rec...

20 year old niece visiting Twin Cities

by msp596 12 days ago

What are the fun suggestions to take a 20-year old visiting the Twin Cities?

Demise of Yi Lan Halal in Flushing

by millieur75 9 days ago

I was devastated to hear that my favorite flushing Dongbei restaurant had shuttered. Does anyone know whether the chef is cooking elsewhere? or what happened?

Clove Club vs Ledbury

by Heeney 6 months ago

Planning a special meal and really torn between these two places. Have heard wonderful things about both. Ledbury is actually the slightly cheaper option and has 2 stars vs 1 for Clove Club. ...

Mexico City no reservations - possible to eat at top spots?

by rachelchows 3 months ago

Hi all! I decided very last minute to take 4-day trip to Mexico City (Dec 26-30). First time visiting and I’m incredibly excited! There are a few hot spots I want to try that no longer have rese...

Bamboo Garden vs East Harbor Seafood BK FOR DINNER

by chefdekoven 2 months ago

Hey all. Planning a Lunar New Year Banquet, again, this time probably in Brooklyn. Anyone have a preference between Bamboo Garden or East Harbor Seafood for dinner. I have gotten a menu from each, ...

Sarma review

by sallyt 14 days ago

Hi all, Per Madrid's request, a review for Sarma from 3/2/2019. Six of us had a special dinner, which was truly memorable. Their menu changes frequently, so I'm only reviewing items that are st...

Alinea invites Clemson Tigers for a PROPER dinner

by alinapanek 2 months ago

White House invite the winning college football of the College Football Playoff national championship game last Monday, Clemson Tigers for their "favorite food" according to President Donald Trump....

ISO Hong Fat's Noodles with Gravy

by Velda Mae 12 years ago

If anyone out there remembers Hong Fat's noodles with gravy, can you please advise where to get a good version of that dish in NYC? My cousin was a Hong Fat devotee and has been searching for a wo...

Media bias

by BostonRocketChef 1 month ago

No surprise here that local magazines push the restaurants that advertise with them. How about some honesty? Best steak is Abe & Louie’s no contest. Best Italian food is a tie Artu in the North End...

NYC Tasting Menu Input (Pacing + Cheese)

by JohnTalbotWannabe 20 days ago

The wife and I have a celebratory meal coming up in New York. Despite having lived there for a while, we never went to any of the more formal or expensive joints. So, we both would like a tasting...

Bologna and Bergamo in November -- Trip Report

by jnwall 1 month ago

My wife and I enjoyed ten days in Bologna and Bergamo in late November. Every time we go to Bologna, we find new restaurants of exceptionally high quality and visit old favorites. As always, we st...