Rehearsal Dinner

You've had the engagement party and the bachelor/bachelorette parties. Now it's time to practice for the real deal. See what recommendations the Chowhound community has for perfect rehearsal-dinner venues, menus, and more.

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Rehearsal Dinner around Rochester?

by firestalker 5 years ago

Hello hounds would anyone have a suggestion for a nice place to hold a rehearsal dinner for 20? The wedding is being held about 5 miles north of Rochester thus the rehearsal will be there as well. ...

Owings Mills rehearsal Dinner

by sundancer 10225 5 years ago

Any recent information on restaurants in this neighborhood for a small rehearsal dinner group staying at the Hyatt?

Chinese rehearsal dinner near Union Square/Chinatown [San Francisco]

by abstractpoet 5 years ago

So I've been tasked with helping friends pick a Chinese restaurant for their rehearsal dinner, with the stipulation that they'd prefer it to be within walking distance of the Marriott in Union Squa...

Rehearsal Dinner in New Orleans

by drea653 5 years ago

Any ideas on a good rehersal dinner venue for downtown/uptown new orleans? I'm a local, but have transplanted up North and I'm marrying a yankee (from Philly) lol... so they want New Orleans/cajun...

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in Edmonton?

by Etownchow 5 years ago

Hey guys and gals, I'm pretty well versed in the Edmonton restaurant scene but am looking for some suggestions on a location for a rehearsal dinner of up to 25 people. Not looking to splash ...

Rehearsal dinner/ Providence - Bristol - Warwick

by berkleybabe 5 years ago

Need a good spot for dinner post wedding rehearsal for 22 people. This is our first time in RI so would appreciate some good spots to check out.

Rehearsal Dinner Venues - affordable & with private room

by grk006 5 years ago

Hi, My fiance and I are planning a wedding in LA from San Francisco. Our venue is near Dodger's Stadium towards Cypress Park so we're hoping it'd be within ~20 min drive of there, including most...

Caterer for rehearsal dinner in rochester

by hockeyfan6 5 years ago

My girlfriends sister needs a caterer for rehearsal dinner at the end of May. The lucky couple needs a caterer that will deliver to Victor. Both bride and groom have very simple tastes. Suggestions?

Palo Alto rehearsal dinner

by kevin86 5 years ago

Getting married in the Palo Alto area this fall and looking for potential rehearsal dinner venues. Any recommendations for a restaurant in the area that will fit a group of 35-40 people? Ideally...

Rehearsal Dinner suggestions in / around Mahwah NJ

by MarionL 5 years ago

Hi Everyone, I am in search of a rehearsal dinner venue for 20- 25 adults (including 5 kids) on a Saturday night in November. Our budget is $50/pp for dinner (with dessert), preferably with alcoho...

Rehearsal dinner

by GeoPalencar 5 years ago

Our son is getting married in Boulder CO in August. We are looking for a place to have the rehearsal dinner. There will be about 30 people. Looking for something nice but not too expensive. Any...

Rehearsal dinner in New Hope area

by Janskitchen 5 years ago

Hi Everyone - Wasn't sure whether to post in Philly or Pennsylvania. My son will be getting married at Crossings Vineyard in the spring and I'm looking for a place to host the rehearsal dinner for ...

Rehearsal dinner, South Jersey

by AliciaAnne 5 years ago

I am looking for suggestions for a restaurant to hold my rehearsal dinner (and extra credit for somewhere to hold the bridal shower per my bridesmaids). I would love an outdoor space but am open to...

Rehearsal dinner suggestions South Jersey

by AliciaAnne 5 years ago

I am looking for suggestions for a restaurant to hold my rehearsal dinner (and extra credit for somewhere to hold the bridal shower per my bridesmaids). I would love an outdoor space but am open to...

Rehearsal Dinner in LA area

by dsharrison 5 years ago

I posted a request a couple of weeks ago, seeking recommendations for a rehearsal dinner site in Woodland Hills, Tarzana, or Encino, and received a couple of recommendations. Thanks, all! I am ...

Atlanta - Rehearsal Dinner

by TheNewYorker 5 years ago

Despite my moniker, I was fortunate to have found a lovely Georgian woman who I will be marrying this fall in Atlanta. We're both really into food but my parents and I are not as familiar with the...

BYOB near Valencia, CA for Rehearsal Dinner?

by sarahbeths 5 years ago

Having a cost effective wedding, and need a cost effective Rehearsal dinner. Wedding accommodations will be near Magic Mountain in Valencia. Any ideas for BYOB places that might do a reasonable fam...

Pittsburgh rehearsal dinner?

by seb211 5 years ago

This hasn't been posted in a while, and I no longer live there, so I need help! Any recommendations for a 40-50 person Friday rehearsal dinner, preferably downtown or in the East End? Formality not...

Rehearsal Dinner in San Fernando Valley/Hollywood

by dsharrison 5 years ago

I will be hosting a rehearsal dinner in early July. The wedding is in Hollywood and the bride's family is in Tarzana. I will be staying in Encino. I am looking for a restaurant where I can host thi...

Need a recommendation for a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in the Corpus Christi, TX area. How about a caterer to pull off a shrimp boil on the beach?

by txduncan 5 years ago

Looking for a fun place to have a rehearsal dinner for 60-75 people. prefer casual for August temps. Would love to find a caterer to put on a shrimp boil on the beach.