Post surgery liquid diet

by lemontay 3 years ago

Good afternoon everyone, so as you can read I am currently in post surgery and I’m looking for some new things I could drink I can’t drink anything to think it has to be super watery in order for i...

Food Processor - Order of Operations?

by ricardoz 3 years ago

When making a paste out of a mixture of dry and wet foods is there a specific order in which they should be placed into the food processor in order to get the finest puree possible? Should they be ...

Edible Carving: How 3D printers Could Create Your Next Meal

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

" . . . 3D food printing has found itself at the forefront of digitally printed objects. Currently, confectioneries around the world are using 3D printers to produce vibrant layers of candy. The cu...

My jaw is wired shut!

by Tjb124 9 years ago

Hi everyone! I need some majorrrrr help!!! I was in a horrible accident and had my jaw wired shut last week. I will be this way for another 5 weeks! At first all I could eat the first 2 days was ch...

make fine texture puree without getting air in it, best machine/technique

by frazzleberrypudding 7 years ago

I want to puree frozen blueberries, blackberries, and muscadines to an ultra-smooth puree. Ideally, maybe 2 liters at a time. I don't mind if they get cooked a little in the process, as happens in ...

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