A Flaming Holiday Punch Bowl Will Wow Your Guests

Nothing says “party” like a big, festive bowl of punch. But, if you want to turn the “holiday cheer” up to 11, you’re going to need something even more spectacular: flaming punch! Yes, a few carefully...

Portland Punch -- is it gone?

by Sharon 20 years ago

Portland Punch was a concentrated bottled punch base which seemed to be a local specialty in the Pacific Northwest. You added water and/or soda pop to make a big bowlful -- this was a standard fea...

Looking for Trader Vic's old Navy Grog Recipe

by Chuck from Westport 19 years ago

Yes, I am looking for an old Trader Vic recipe for Navy Grog. I don't want to use their packaged mixes. As I recall it had Orgeat syrup, lemon, or lime, and of course, a lot of rum. I would love...

ISO Ninebark Napa Spring Punch recipe

by lexuschef 5 years ago

Earlier this year I went to Ninebark in Napa for brunch. The restaurant is now closed, unfortunately before I was able to return to enjoy another Napa Spring Punch cocktail. I am hoping that some...

Champagne punch

by swany206 5 years ago

Is ot ok to mix different types/brands of champagne when making a champagne punch?

Tropical punch

by Shymeans410 5 years ago

Im in a wedding this saturday, and need to come up with a "recipe" for an alcoholic punch to serve. long story short, the person who was supposed to be best man was handling it, but he had a spat w...

White Wine Sparkler

by ClintonT 5 years ago

Wine Cellar Innovations https://www.winecellarinnovations.com/ White Wine Sparkler Whip up something sweet yet elegant for your parties! This white wine sparkler recipe is perfect for toasti...

Go to punch recipe?

by cocktailsauced 5 years ago

I'd call myself an intermmediate level cocktail enthusiast / home bartender, but I've never made a punch before. Having some peeps over tonight and would like to try one, but I don't want to get to...

Batavia arrack - where to buy in Boston????

by GreyFloors 6 years ago

Thinking of doing a Sons of Liberty punch for Christmas and the recipe calls for Batavia arrack. Any idea where to source in Boston folks? Here is the recipe btw (created (I think) by the folks...

Chemistry of vanilla sugar

by PhotoMike 6 years ago

Hi all! I'm looking for advice and information on making vanilla sugar. In the past, I've used one vanilla bean per cup of white sugar, sliced the beans lengthwise for more surface area, and mixed ...

Christmas Ponche

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Mexican markets in the Salinas Valley are stocked up on the ingredients for making Christmas ponche, a traditional Mexican beverage for the holiday.

Pig Roast- alcoholic drink in bulk? Need help ASAP!

by Halfmay 6 years ago

This is a little last minute, we are having a pig roast at my brothers apartment on their patio in the NYC this weekend. We are having the pig with rice and beans, potato salad, watermelon and arug...

Frozen mango

by itryalot 6 years ago

A friend waaaayyyy overbought frozen mango pces and now we're trying to use them up. We need to make a non alcoholic punch or fresh drink. Any ideas? Pureed mango + ???? (want to spend as litt...

Best Punch for New Year's

by arkiehousewife 7 years ago

I joined just to ask this question. What is your favorite punch for New Year's Eve? I am smoking a pork butt. Also, my liquor store is kinda limited in choices. Anybody have any ideas?

Punch! for BBQ

by mikefly 7 years ago

Hi, I'm hosting a family BBQ on Saturday, and would like to serve something with alcohol that's tasty and refreshing for a group of not heavy drinkers. Originally, I was thinking mojitos, but th...

Ma Doudou Punch Rhum

by PontiusPalate 8 years ago

Greetings! What a great surprise I had waiting for me tonight! I walked over to my favorite restaurant, located only a five-minute walk away, on this night before Thanksgiving. I fully ex...

National Punch Day

by davis_sq_pro 8 years ago

... is today, apparently. So make some Punch! I made this one last week and thought it was pretty good (a bit strong as written IMO; I thought it was better after I increased the soda water by 5...

Bourbon Punch for the Summer

by blueeyedman 8 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good bourbon based punch recipe that would go well with laying by the pool in the hot Florida sun?

Punch for a picnic?

by blkery 8 years ago

I'm going on a picnic tomorrow and was thinking of bringing a punch. I'd like to keep it relatively cheap. There may only be three or four of us in attendance. I've never made a punch before, just ...

Spiked Punch

by TheJollyLlama 8 years ago

I'm meeting up with some old college friends and I'd like to make punch, or jungle juice as we used to call it, for old times sake. The issue that I'm running into is finding a more palatable alte...