Canada, we thank you for poutine. Chowhounds discuss where to find the iconic dish of gravy-drenched french fries, plus offer tips for cooking your own to impress your friends from up north.

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Visiting Again After A Long Time - Where to Eat Montreal Now?

by Kat 6 years ago

Hello All - This summer will be our first visit back in about 7 years, although we used to visit frequently. We want to visit a few old favorites as well as eat a bit of Montreal now. I think a lot...

4-Day Stay in Montreal...Reservation Feedback?

by hchambers86 6 years ago

Hi Chowhounders! My BF and I are headed to Montreal from Brooklyn from May 14 - 18. So far we've booked (lunch, dinner): May 14: No Lunch, Joe Beef May 15: Lawrence, Impasto/Nora Gray May 1...

Best Poutine in Ottawa

by Food on the brain 7 years ago

Coming to Ottawa for a few days this week - where is the best poutine? Other posts here are a bit old, so don't know whether these places still exist. Crispy Chips seems to get lots of votes, but...

Poutine in Seattle

by zoetrope_11 13 years ago

There is an extensive post on the best fries in the city...but where can I get some poutine? Thanks.

Trying to find fresh (or not) cheese curds in Charleston West Virginia - missing poutine and hoping to make some myself but I need cheese curds!

by IsoscelesJones 7 years ago

I've checked two different Krogers but rather than driving around aimlessly I'm wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the right direction? Thank you!!

Pho & Poutine in Ottawa

by Food on the brain 7 years ago

Coming to the coooollllld north for 3 days. Looking for great poutine with squeaky curds and great pho. Pho between airport and downtown would be really great for a late dinner! Ideas?

Best poutine in Manitoba?

by Silvorgold 12 years ago

Hey everyone, new user here. I lived in Quebec for a few months last year, all my life I thought poutine was a heart attack waiting to happen, but after months of telling friends "no" to poutine,...

Manhattan Poutine

by cmtuegel 7 years ago

Just got back from Quebec and am still wanting some poutine! I've had a pretty good one at Mile End, but anywhere else in Manhattan to get? I searched the board but seems like it's been a couple ye...

Best pressed hot dog/poutine?

by ragtime_6 7 years ago

On my last visit to Montreal I tried a pressed hot dog for the first time, which was so delicious it ruined Toronto hot dogs for me. I've never had authentic Quebecois poutine but I've liked what T...

La Poutine Week - Toronto Feb 1 - 7th 2014

by pourboi 8 years ago

http://lapoutineweek.com/ This is similar to Burger week but is "Poutine Week" and it is not only in Toronto but also Ottawa, Montreal & Quebec City. In Toronto there are about 20 restaurants a...

Good poutine in the NW burbs?

by cajungwailo 7 years ago

schaumburg, barrington, crystal lake, algonquin, elgin? anyone? thanks.

Trader Joe's Frozen Poutine discontinued?

by trumpetchad 7 years ago

Hello, was just visiting my local Trader Joe's this afternoon and wanted to pick up a couple bags of poutine, and there were none available. Went to ask the manager and he said they were discontinu...

Poutine recipes - Need a cheese curd substitute

by ANCyM 18 years ago

I've been charged w/ making poutine, God help me, for a Canadian Thanksgiving celebration. Fries and gravy are easy enough to procure, cheese curd is another matter. Can anyone suggest a place i...

Legitimate Poutine

by GreenYoshi 7 years ago

Got a hankering for some good poutine recently. I remembered Pies and Pints having a good version, but when I went last week, I was sadly disappointed to find shards of cheddar cheese on top of a t...

Best poutine in Mississauga?

by violabratsche 14 years ago

Thanks all for the reviews and comments of Toronto's poutine places. I'm not mobile enough and not often enough in the city to check out the city's options. ARE there any places in Mississauga to g...

Best Poutine

by foodiegirl76 7 years ago

So I'm new to this Canadian dish, poutine....where's the best place to get this in either Montreal of Quebec City?


by wolfe 12 years ago

Recent thread on Show Dogs drifted into poutine discussion and its infiltration into the Bay Area. Found this link in the right hand column irresistible. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/665524?tag...

Poutine: the fancy, the cheap, and everything in between?

by nlk 9 years ago

I know animal's is great. I liked the oyster version at the parish too. but i don't need it fancy. I'll take it fancy if it's good, but i'll also take cheap or mid range if there are places that do...

Poutine or cheese curds - in 2013?

by madfoot 8 years ago

I just went though all the old discussions of poutine and cheese curds, and have tried to chase down either, but they're no longer available at Trader Joe's. The cheese places at the local farmers'...