Help identifying cookware (& whether I may continue using them to cook)

by onefemalecanuck 19 days ago

Hi everyone, Very pleased to have found you. I recently purchased these beautiful three pieces from an antique...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 11 days ago

Lard-free Pasteis de Nata in Portugal?

by frencheetoast 13 days ago

I'm visiting Portugal in September. The itinerary is not yet finalized, but I know that I will see Lisbon and Porto o...


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Portugal Short Trip - Dining Experiences - April 2018

by karasu 14 days ago

Just got back from a week long trip to Portugal and managed to experience some of the most discussed restaurants in t...


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Lisbon spots

by jangita 20 days ago

I am in Lisbon now, with my husband. Last night we went to the Time Out Market. What a zoo! But a fun zoo. I went...


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Lisbon Trip Report--March 2018

by clcorbi 23 days ago

Hi all! I spent three days in Lisbon earlier this month. Here's where I ate: Day 1: Breakfast at Chiaddo Cafe--I...


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Help with narrowing down Porto restaurants

by TTabb 2 months ago

I'm so excited for our trip to Porto and have read many posts for all of the incredible restaurants available but nee...


TTabb commented 1 month ago

Eating as Lisbon locals do

by morninglemon 2 months ago

Planning a 4-5 day itinerary for Lisbon in late April, staying in Chiado. My request is a little different from the...


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Dining itineraries in Lisbon - Looking for another 1-2 restaurants

by karasu 3 months ago

First, thanks a lot for the useful information and I have read and learned a lot from the discussions here. We are fl...


karasu commented 2 months ago

Martinis in Lisbon?

by kathrynanne 3 months ago

I have heard there are a lot of great gin places in Lisbon. If I were looking to find a restaurant that serves a clas...


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Restaurant for New Year's Eve

by kyoko 4 months ago

Hello, We are tourists, 40's. Looking for a restaurant for two people on the New Year's Eve. Our hotel is in Baixa ...


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Chowhound Locations Matching World Map Structure

by The Chowhound Team 4 months ago

Last week, we launched a feature that allows you to add places to your Chowhound discussions—new and old—posted on Re...


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Ultimo Porto - Lisbon

by Tehama 6 months ago

*****Amazing! Lunch with our guide for the day. Not a tourist in sight. Lunch only. By far, the best food in Lis...


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Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Clube Fado - Lisbon

by Tehama 6 months ago

Y'all. It was nearly 300 Euro for 4 people (including wine), and not even close to being worth it. Food was avera...

Lisbon - dinner on Christmas

by deaddog 6 months ago

We will be in Lisbon on Dec 25 to celebrate my wife's birthday - and I'm facing the traditional hassle of finding a g...


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Eating in Lisbon

by damiano 2 years ago

Okay so I will be going to Lisbon Portugal next weekend! Yay! I have already checked this board and my own sources...


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Rec like Assinatura in Lisbon?

by sarahbeths 7 months ago

My friend is going to Lisbon and while I was compiling my notes I discovered that Assinatura closed. I had a mind-blo...


sarahbeths commented 6 months ago

Casual but memorable place in Lisbon for anniversary dinner (with baby)

by newyorker1 7 months ago

Hello - DH and I will be in Lisbon in October on our wedding anniversary, and we will have our 8 month old baby with ...


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Eat like a local in Porto, Portugal

by Peldog 7 months ago

Heading for the first time to Porto next week for 5 days from Calary, Alberta Canada - not interested in the fancy ex...


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Portugal Road Trip

by vinoareni 8 months ago

We will be spending two weeks in Portugal in October. The plan is to spend time in Lisbon and Porto and to drive arou...


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Portugal: short food trip

by dostrovs 11 months ago

Quick review of one touristy week in Portugal. Mostly seafood centered. 1. Lisbon and around Multiple food stan...


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