What’s the Difference Between Port and Madeira?

Getting to know your way around dessert wines can intimidate even the most confident grape lover. You know your Italian and your French and can confidently tell a Malbec from a merlot. But the difference...

Visiting Lisbon and Porto in June

by steveleit 1 hour ago

any updates on less touristy restaurants?

Portugal trip debrief

by NY350GT 1 year ago

Given there is a dearth of resources on restaurants in Portugal (esp those outside of Lisbon) figured I'd publish a writeup I did on the back of our recent 10-day trip. Proximity notes reference ho...

Lisbon 4-5 day foodie itinerary for innovative/fine-dining/unique/exotic end-of-January/start-February

by Kalenden 1 year ago

My companion and I are major foodies and enjoy active city trips with a big gastronomic part. Commonly, we walk around the city the whole day and go for a nice (fine-)dining experience in the even...

Carvoeiro Recommendations

by phar71 5 months ago

Hello, Some friends and I are taking our family to Portugal for 10 days (4 kids/4 adults). We are spending 5 days in Carvoeiro and 5 in Lisbon. Any restaurant recommendations you have are greatl...

Portugal Trip Report

by demigodh 7 months ago

I'm about 2/3 of the way through my trip and wanted to share an update while I remember most of it. Being that I'm still on vacation I will keep this to the point. Sintra Incomun - Had tasting ...

Places to eat in Lagos, Portugal and the surrounding area please

by Monica 6 months ago

Will be staying at a rental property in Lagos, Portugal next month and need some good recommendations. I have researched a bit here but I don't see too many on Lagos. Also, what are some good are...

Trip Plan for Lisbon and Porto

by PenelopeWitherspoon 9 months ago

So, I will be in Lisbon and Porto from March 23 through March 31. Will spend 3 nights in Lisbon, then three nights in Porto, then return to Lisbon for 2 more nights. So far, my plans are as follo...

12 days of Eating in Lisbon Part 1

by petek 6 months ago

Just got back from beautiful Lisbon and I have to say I've never eaten so well on vacation before! Some highlights. I was solo on this trip so I ate waaaay too much. *Manteigaria- excellent pas...

12 days in Lisbon Pt 2

by petek 6 months ago

These are in random order... *A Cevicheria- I know what you're thinking, why would I go to a ceviche restaurant in Lisbon?? Because it makes perfect since, perfect fresh seafood, abundant tale...

Trip Report - Lisbon and Porto - March 2019

by PenelopeWitherspoon 6 months ago

I am still writing up my trip report on another site, but I thought I would go ahead and start my trip report for Lisbon and Porto here. If you are interested in more than just the food, here is t...

Portugal Short Trip - Dining Experiences - April 2018

by karasu 1 year ago

Just got back from a week long trip to Portugal and managed to experience some of the most discussed restaurants in the area. I got a lot of helpful suggestions on this forum - thanks a lot! We ...

Best Marisqueira

by demigodh 7 months ago

What Marisqueira would you recommend inside or within driving distance of Lisbon? I'm interested in Ramiro but am concerned with how popular it's gotten that the quality or price may not be as good...

Recent recommendations for Portugal

by Nyleve 9 months ago

We'll be in Portugal for a couple of weeks at the end of March/beginning of April. I have been busily scrawling a list of possible places to eat along our route but would love some more recommendat...

Alma or Loco?

by portugalbound06 9 months ago

I am going to Portugal in mid-June and only have two days to enjoy Lisbon. I am arriving early on a Monday which coincides with both Alma and Loco being closed. Left with just Tuesday I am trying ...

LAB or Midori in Sintra

by demigodh 10 months ago

Coming to Portugal in May for my Honeymoon and we want to kick off the trip with a fancy meal. We'll be staying in Sintra the first couple nights and I was looking at LAB and Midori (honestly just ...

A Cevicheria - want to go but they take no reservations - is there a wait for Tuesday Evening end-of-January and what are good alternatives?

by Kalenden 1 year ago

My companion and I'd like to go to A Cevicheria - want to go but they take no reservations - is there a wait for Tuesday Evening end-of-January and, if so, what are good alternatives?

Help identifying cookware (& whether I may continue using them to cook)

by onefemalecanuck 1 year ago

Hi everyone, Very pleased to have found you. I recently purchased these beautiful three pieces from an antique shop. The only information available on them is that they are stamped 'Made in ...

Looking for good Portuguese food in Lisbon and Porto

by ioana503 1 year ago

We are a couple travelling to Portugal for New Year's and have a couple more general questions. First of all, some context: We'll be in Lisbon for about 3 days and in Porto for about 2.5 days....

New Year's in Lisbon

by ioana503 1 year ago

We will be spending the New Year's Even in Lisbon this year and we aren't sure yet about what would be most interesting that night. Any ideas are welcomed: restaurants, public events, private event...

Help! How to avoid tourist trap Restaurants Lisbon?

by scanmike 1 year ago

First off I need to apologize upfront that I usually do my research way ahead of time. Family issues (taking care of 96 year old mom) has caused me to book the trip without doing research. I litera...