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Where can I find good pork chop meat?

by Xellosw2099 5 years ago

I am wondering if anyone know where can I can find good pork chop? I meat the raw one not restaurant. Recently the pork chop at Costco seems to be pretty rough and dry?

Is it possible to make a delicious pork chop?

by fldhkybnva 7 years ago

Well, I assume the answer is yes which is why I am here. I have had a few versions of pork chops simply prepared in restaurants which have been fabulous but at home they always turn out horrible a...

How to cook Pork Chops for 180

by Chocolatebar 5 years ago

am catering an event for 180 people. I'm having boneless tenderloin 8oz. pork chops. I have seared them with Salt and pepper only, but they are not completely cooked. They are 30 per disposable cov...

What cut is this?

by mcsheridan 5 years ago

I've bought a number of different pork chops over the years, from supermarkets & butcher shops, and I've never seen any that look like this. I wouldn't mind cooking some, provided I knew what to as...

Best Pork Chops in DC

by kristind 13 years ago

I have a friend in town that's been working and living in Afganistan or Dubai. Obviously he missing pork. Where would you go (in DC, not VA or MD - and preferably downtownish) if you were craving...

Seeking a pork chop recipe that will go with this butternut squash dish...

by ninrn 5 years ago

I'm making this Butternut Squash Gratin with Poblanos and Cream tomorrow: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/squash-gratin-with-poblanos-and-cream. I've also thawed some thin bone-in center cut por...

Defrosted pork chops in fridge for 2+ days - OK to cook?

by alwayshungrygal 7 years ago

I'm second-guessing myself. I defrosted a pair of boneless pork chops, didn't cook them and am now wondering if it's OK. They smell fine meaning, they don't. My instinct says they're OK to cook....

Chinese pork chops in Torrance

by js76wisco 5 years ago

I can't remember the name but I've had these great deep fried pork chops on the bone with a cumin, salt, pepper type crust. When you order them to go they give them to you in a open Chinese take o...

Best HK style baked porkchop on rice?

by Aprileats 5 years ago

I used to love the one at Golden Oscars but the last few times it hasn't been the same. Any suggestions?

Karl's Smoked Pork Chops (Kassler)

Ali G
by Ali G 5 years ago

I picked up a couple of these chops during my last visit based on lots of good reviews. Just wondering if someone can tell me if these are very salty or not. I was planning to cook some sauerkrau...

what to do with "thin cut" boneless pork loin chops?

by A. K. Martin 15 years ago

I found these in my boyfriend's freezer (four thin-sliced boneless chops). Any ideas on what I should do with them? Thanks!

the secret to cooking tender pork chops?

by tsm 16 years ago

Need some help here: I bought some double-cut chops the other day and gave them a good searing on both sides in a very hot pan then finished them in the oven. The chops were done to my liking (...

pork chops--brine or not?

by dimsumgirl 12 years ago

Anyone brine their pork chops? What proportion of salt to water in the brine? Does it make a difference?

How long to cook stuffed pork chops?

by Pegmeister 6 years ago

I'm not a big fan of pork chops, maybe because I've never had much luck cooking them. So I'm trying again with some store bought stuffed chops. I thought I would brown them a little first, then cov...


by oooYUM 8 years ago

Hi There, hoping i can get a few good tips... In general, is there a method to reheating meats? Some kind of foolproof method? I had a disappointment a few nites ago reheating some nice left...

What do you do with smoked pork chops?

by BJK 13 years ago

What do you do with smoked pork chops? I love pork, love smoke, love BBQ, etc., but am not sure I've ever had a smoked chop. Would you eat it as is? Cook it in a choucroute? BK

Pork Chops in a Skillet - Time to Cook?

by Dansky 10 years ago

Hello, Fellow Chowhounds: I have a question regarding what time most of you use to cook bone-in pork chops in a skillet, either cast iron, or aluminum. The chops have been approximately 1 inch thi...

What to do with beautiful thin pork chops??

by CurlieGlamourGirlie 8 years ago

I have these thin, boneless pork chops. I have a recipe for plum chutney that I want to prep and have on the side for them. (this month's BA!) But how could I prep the chops? I was thinking pan fri...

Does anyone ever make tender pork chops?

by LIMary 8 years ago

I just can't manage it, so matter what. What cut do you get and what is your secret?

Can I cook pork chops slowly in oven without drying them out?

by Marsha 12 years ago

Sale on pork chops (assorted, bone in) - so I bought 'em. I had an idea of treating them somewhat like I did the other day with beef chuck - browned and slow cooked in the oven with oinions and wi...

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