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Love the other white meat? Discuss pork recipes and cooking tips, plus get info from other pork-loving Chowhounds on which restaurants and shops in your area offer the best.

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Problems with Kroger meat department? Anyone else?

by NonnieMuss 5 years ago

Has anyone else noticed a rapid decrease in the quality of meat you get at Krogers? Over the last 5 years or so the ...


MayoMcNasty commented 11 days ago

Pork rib membrane - remove or not?

by Midlife 4 years ago

OK............. now I'm confused. The cooking shows I remember about making pork ribs all said to remove the membran...


kodakay commented 18 days ago

What to do with leftover boneless pork chops?

by sheilal 10 years ago

They've been refrigerated so they're really not "shreddable". They're pretty thick but really lean. Aside from rehe...


Dogiemom1 commented 29 days ago

Creton (spicy pork pate) - is it a Quebec thing?

by rworange 11 years ago

Someone was asking if creton could be frozen and I was wondering what it was. It seems it is a Quebec thing. AKA gort...


DocGod commented 1 month ago

What to do with a package of frozen pork spare ribs...

by Lady_Tenar 4 years ago

that have been kicking around my freezer for a while. I know these are great on the barbecue but, unfortunately, I do...


BigG commented 1 month ago


by barbp22 2 months ago

I read the ingredients on a package I just bought. It is truly disgusting. Who ever heard of putting pork skins in ...


Bigley9 commented 2 months ago

Pork roast in a smoker

by smokedinvt 8 years ago

Hey all - I want to smoke a boneless center cut pork roast (2.33 pounds) in my smoker. Any good rub recipes, ideas ...


Jimmyboy67 commented 2 months ago

Pork liver and why we never see it at grocery stores / restaurants

by cimui 10 years ago

I see beef, veal, and chicken liver for sale all the time. Why not pork? (Is it that the taste is less appealing? Is ...


dottieis_1 commented 2 months ago

Black eyed peas and collared greens

by akdad 2 months ago

Doing an event soon where I’ll be making black eyed pea and collared green soup with smoked ham hocks for a large gro...


Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

I have a question about traditional English pork pies

by irbaboon 4 months ago

What is the purpose of the gelatin in British pork pie? It seems like an odd thing to add to a savory pie.The reason ...


Foxeyblue commented 2 months ago

Hog Heaven BBQ (Durham, NC): is the pulled pork worth it?

by mikeh 9 years ago

I see a string of high praise for this place as the best BBQ in Durham, if not the Triangle (ha, like they could beat...


KTLY commented 3 months ago

Boar Taint - How many of you have experienced it?

by Wahooty 5 years ago

So my freezer is overflowing as we head into braising weather here in Michigan...I decided to do a little fall cleani...


BigG commented 3 months ago

Leftover roasted pork loin

by Meeskeit 4 months ago

I have about 2.5lb of a boneless pork loin that I roasted with a garlic, sage & thyme rub. Any ideas on how to use th...


Querencia commented 3 months ago

Sous vide in the original Trader Joe's vacu-packaging? (pork tenderloin)

by sweet100s 3 years ago

Is there any reason why I should NOT sous vide in the same Trader Joe's vacu-pack'd tenderloin packaging that I purch...


j.w.w. commented 3 months ago

Pineapple salsa

by akdad 4 months ago

Wanna make pork chops, brined and seared in my new grill pan, then topped with a pineapple salsa consisting of pineap...


hotoynoodle commented 3 months ago

pork shoulder vs pork loin

by julesincoq 8 years ago

I have only cooked pork shoulder twice (a couple of attempts at pulled pork) and I found it to be very fatty. I trimm...


hinspect commented 3 months ago

Taylor Ham/Pork Roll.... who sends it to California... CHEAP ???

by FairlessHills 6 years ago

Taylor Ham/Pork Roll.... who sends it to California... CHEAP ??? I know it's not a nutritious or dietary food.... ...


Registered_Carnivore commented 3 months ago

bon appetit archive recipe

by Brenda Dunlop 7 years ago

This mustard crusted pork roast recipe was fabulous and I've lost it. Does anyone have it, the magazine was from the...


Claudia92637 commented 4 months ago

Electric smoker help

by wildcat2012 6 years ago

this is the fist time i am ever using a electric smoker and i was looking for some help. i am doing a pork shoulder t...


dcrb commented 4 months ago

Smoking Pork Butt BBQ and Time Management

by Imby 12 years ago

We are hosting a BBQ/Cookout this weekend, and I intend to smoke a pork shoulder, NC-style, on my Weber kettle. I ha...


Texan_In_Thailand commented 4 months ago

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