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So how long will a porcelain dinnerware set last?

by snax 10 years ago

I’m thinking about investing in Pillivuyt dinnerware. I love beautiful things, and things that last. I also love to use my beautiful things, and unlike my mother-in-law (only using her China at...

French porcelain vs bone china - can't decide!

by sunrider 9 years ago

OK, I can't decide - I'm struggling to choose between Wedgwood and Pillivuyt for a (large) set of fine, plain white dinnerware. So, I'm putting the question out there for you guys. From my perspec...

Porcelain Serviceware in Madrid

by culinarylogic 9 years ago

I was wondering if there are any kitchen supply stores or high-end stores that might sell Montgatina porcelain service ware in the Madrid area. Thanks

Care of a white porcelain sink

by mjsm 9 years ago

Hello all -- With my new kitchen came a farmhouse-style white porcelain sink. After washing some pots this morning, I noticed a black mark on the sink. Any way to remove that mark? How best to care...

Porcelain dish - will it break in my oven?

by snax 10 years ago

So I’ve read that when using Pyrex to reheat food in the oven a % of the dish has to have something in it to avoid breakage. More full then empty I guess. Is a porcelain dish going to be a li...

Nonstick or Porcelain covered cast iron pan?

by stomsf 10 years ago

So I killed/overseasoned my gimmicky Orgreenics pan, so we need something to replace it. Part of me says get a cheap nonstick pan and get used to replacing it every few months. I was piqued by a ...

What kind of brush for porcelain coated cast iron grill?

by nickblesch 10 years ago

Hello all, My mom has a porcelain coated cast iron grate on her grill - what kind of brush/scraper should be used with it? The consensus seems to be anything BUT stainless steel; however, I can...

Square Baker by All-Clad - Pillivuyt Porcelain

by hobbybaker 10 years ago

Hi, Does anyone have any experience with this Baker, or any thoughts on it? There is only one review in Amazon on another oblong shape baker and I cannot find anything at other major sites. ...

Another porcelain coated dutch oven question

by unfrogettable 10 years ago

I was at Marshalls last night and found a 5qt. round porcelain coated dutch oven (straight sides), in a strange off brick-reddish color, with a "brushed" silver metal knob. The interior was off-whi...

Revol porcelain

by mtpaper 10 years ago

From this forum, I've learned about porcelain from Rance (Revol, Pillivuyt and Apilco). I've ordered a few pieces from each, to learn the differences and decide which I prefer. And to compare to...

Trying to find a Melitta Porcelain Manual Coffeemaker

by JadeMyst 10 years ago

Hi everybody, a friend of mine wants to get a Melitta porcelain coffeemaker. I've tried Dante's and Ares but neither one carries it. I'm hoping someone on the board knows a place in Montreal that c...

White porcelain dinnerware store in Paris 14th, help

by Maxine 14 years ago

Hello everyone, I am trying to come up with the name of a store I visited in Paris, roughly across the street from the Mouton Duvernet metro stop in the 14th. It looked like it could be part of ...

Porcelain coated cast iron grates

by cb1 10 years ago

Have a grill with the porcelain coated cast iron grates, two seasons in, the coating is wearing off and the cast iron rusts. Two seasons? I do use it a lot, but come on. Is there any salvaging t...


by dumpling2 10 years ago

I would love any suggestions on nice brands I should look out for and places to go tommorow to find all this! I am already planning on going to Arthur Quentin, so maybe ill find there, Also go...

Appetizer ideas for porcelain spoons.

by perk 11 years ago

I bought these great porcelain spoons for appetizers, and want to use them for a dinner party in a couple of weeks. Any ideas about what to serve in them? Thanks much!

Emeril Super White Porcelain by Wedgewood?

by ziggylu 12 years ago

Is anyone familiar with this stuff? I had been planning to start replacing my everyday dinnerware with either Apilco or Revol this year...but the every weakening dollar has me rethinking this(I ...

Is Ming porcelain OK to use? [Moved from Not About Food board]

by RicRios 12 years ago

Yeah, I know this is a weird question. I'm talking of 15th - 16th century Ming cups, dishes, teapots. Will the pieces withstand real use? I assume hand wash only, but what about lead contents? ...

Porcelain knife

by caphill2320 12 years ago

Does anyone know a good brand for this and know if they carry it at Williams Sonoma or Bloomingdales? We are registering for our wedding, and since I'm the bigger cook, all my fiance says he wants...

Porcelain Coated Cooking Grates for Grill

by jmax 12 years ago

What kind of brush can I use to clean/scrape the grill? Do I need anything special to not damage the porcelain?

Do I need to use a special spatula for porcelain-coated cast iron grill grates?

by Tonyjlive 13 years ago

I know I have to use a special cleaning tool, but do I have to use a special spatula as to not scratch the porcelain?

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