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Restaurant for couples date night in N Dallas,Plano,Addison Area

by ambert82 9 years ago

Ok so we are looking for a Wednesday night restaurant with good food and possibly BYOB or cheap happy hour specials. Our typical spots are Jasper's, Bob's. Ethnic is ok we're just stuck in a rut!

Snow Crab Legs in Dallas/Plano/Allen/McKinney/Frisco

by debbarn 9 years ago

Dodie's in Frisco used to be my go to place for snow crab legs, but they changed ownership last year and the quality/flavor went downhill. I'm looking for a new go to place. I tried The Boiling C...

Visiting Plano (from NYC), recommendations please (Researched)!!

by indiefoodie 9 years ago

Hello, I'll be traveling to Plano for 3 days later this month. I live in NYC, so ideally, I would have liked to try all of the awesome stuff that Dallas does better but I have a time constraint so ...

Best affordable lobster in Dallas/Plano/Frisco?

by lucyflower 10 years ago

I don't need a ton of ambience, since this is lobster with a business colleague. But they really love lobster, so that needs to be really tasty. Appreciate your ideas!

Prepared Family Meals To Go aka an Eatzi's type place in Plano?

by joates 10 years ago

Hello everyone, I have a friend who was recently hospitalized and some of her friends and I were wanting to get her a gift certificate to a place to offers prepared meals so that she does not ha...

Bridal shower location in dallas/plano/frisco area?

by techgirl1130 10 years ago

Hey everyone I'm looking for some suggestions for a bridal shower location around dallas/plano/frisco area, could be anything from a tea room to something more fun! Any suggestions would be appreci...

steakhouse in Plano or Allen

by AGH 10 years ago

Need a recommendation for the best steak dinner I can get in Plano or Allen. Can you help me?

[DFW]99 Ranch Market is Coming to Plano!

by kuidaore 12 years ago

Great news for CA transplants :-) http://www.globest.com/news/1454_1454/dallas/179874-1.html I hope they'll bring CA prices with their larger chain (than their TX competitors). They send a disco...

Kulfi in Dallas or Plano

by jmellby 10 years ago

I know that Kaurina's makes Kulfi (and interesting versions of ice cream) locally, but what stores carries them? Their website (http://www.kaurinas.com/) doesn't list retail sale locations. Once ...

Looking For Suggestions in the Plano Area

by jreeves628 10 years ago

We are moving to Plano from NYC and we are taking a house hunting trip Mother's Day weekend. Would love to try out some nice restaurants that are: 1. In Plano or a 20 minute or less drive from ...

Plano/Richardson: Ethnic Eats - N.O. hound wants your recommendations!

by Isabella 16 years ago

Hi there! Well folks, I am now in Dallas, Richardson proper & I hear that the ethnic food in Richardson & Plano is vey good! But with my very limited budget for meals out (Since I have been her...

Henry's Homemade Ice Cream in Plano has moved

by planojim 10 years ago

went to Henry's today get get my Girl Scout Cookie ice cream fix only to learn they'd moved. They're now located on the SE corner of Independence and Parker. Do-Si-Dos Tagalong and Lemon Chal...

Zanata in Plano.

by twinwillow 10 years ago

Has anyone been to Zanata (Italian restaurant) on 15th Street in Plano? I'd like to know what you think of the food there. I know they have a branch in Rockwall but, thats too far away for me. I'm ...

Really Good Chinese Food in Plano!

by Caroline1 11 years ago

My daughter and son-in-law surprised me by dropping in to spend the night yesterday. They were in town to pick up a new car the dealers in El Paso would have to order but there was one available i...

Plano/North Dallas Dive Bars

by genslay 11 years ago

Are there any dive bars worth checking out in North Dallas/Plano/Carrollton/Frisco areas? I lived in Lakewood until I got married and moved north and miss the Landing, the Cock & Bull, Ships, Doubl...

Whiskey Cake in Plano

by genslay 11 years ago

Anyone tried it out? Excited about a farm-to-table in my neck of the woods. whiskey-cake.com

2 Yankees in search of really great mexican and tex-mex--plano area

by Wannabfoode 11 years ago

We'll be visiting from Boston this weekend for a wedding, and was hoping for a few recommendations for really good mexican, tex-mex and taco stands. Or if there are any other cuisines that are uniq...

Fish Shack Plano short review

by irodguy 12 years ago

Ms Picky and I went to the Fish shack on 15th just east of 75 for lunch today. First of all this building started as a Long John Silvers many years ago and has since gone through several different...

Where to find roti (Thai dessert) in North Dallas / Plano area?

by cdcannon 11 years ago

Was recently in San Francisco, and my favorite Thai place there serves a great dessert called Roti (which is subtittled "Thai pancake"), and have never seen on the menu of any of the Thai places I ...

DFW -- Joy Luck Chinese Barbecue, Plano

by Kirk 18 years ago

After a couple of months of debating whether to try this place (mainly because we kept going back to Korean Garden in the same shopping center), we decided to take the plunge and try Joy Luck Barbe...