Satisfy your fro-yo craving. Fellow Pinkberry lovers tell you where to find your fix, plus how to replicate the tangy dessert at home. You're welcome.

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Pinkberry: I don't get it... [moved from L.A. board]

by Rick_WLA 14 years ago

We stopped by the new Pinkberry in the Marina tonight and tried both flavors. I guess I was expecting something less sour. If I had been in a masochistic mood, spending $10 on two mediums (the pric...

Bad Service [Split from L.A. board discussion of Pinkberry]

by foodism 14 years ago

It sounds like you got lousy service from one individual, and you're accustomed to great service from several of their staff members at another location. I think it's probably fair to say that the...

Pinkberry in the marina is open

by emilymm 14 years ago

The pinkberry in the Marina is now open. I havent yet been there but I understand its on the corner of Maxella and Lincoln. Yea!!

Pinkberry Anomalies

by mandelabra 14 years ago

Has anyone noticed how the flavor of the yogurt differs at the various Pinkberry shops? For example, call me crazy, but I swear that the green tea flavor at the Larchmont outpost is far superior t...


Normal Garciaparra
by Normal Garciaparra 14 years ago

It's open folks, you know you want it. Vermont between Prospect and Kingswell in Los Feliz Village. I strongly recommend parking at the Jons/Rite Aid shopping plaza on Vermont & Hollywood and wa...

Pinkberry dying?

by duckduckgoose 15 years ago

I've been to the one on Sawtelle a few times and at different times and I've always been the only customer. Is it already over or is it just that location that isn't popular? www.badnew...

Might not matter anymore...But Pinkberry is coming to Little Tokyo (IF, watch out...)

by ronnie_gaucho 14 years ago

I heard PB was coming to Hikari initially but they pulled out. However, I noticed a PINKBERRY coming soon sign on 2nd street right across from the Japanese village plaza. Right next to that really ...

Pinkberry frozen yogurt [moved from Manhattan board]

by thesu 15 years ago

NY Mag announced that Pinkberry (famous in L.A. for its real frozen yogurt) opens this week on 32 St./5 Ave. Has anyone been? It sounds sooo good. I'm tired of fake Tasti Delite and grainy Colum...

Pinkberry Pay For Parking (Koreatown)

Danimal n Hustler
by Danimal n Hustler 14 years ago

I went to Pinkberry a few days ago on 6th and Berendo and the once free parking lot has miraculously transformed into a $1 parking lot... great, not only do we pay for yogurt that costs more than a...

Pinkberry Green Tea Yogurt - Does It Actually Have Any Matcha In It?

by omotosando 15 years ago

After much anticipation, I finally sunk my teeth into my first taste of Pinkberry (went to the one on Sawtelle). I ordered the green tea yogurt and was quite disappointed. I love green tea dess...


by cupcake 15 years ago

Does anyone know if it opens today? CAN'T FIND A PHONE NUMBER. Thanks in advance.

My visit to PINKBERRY on Sawtelle!!

by cupcake 15 years ago

It opened yesterday, and the store is lovely. Nobody seems to know about it yet, so there was NO LINE and plenty of parking. Plus, they have added pomegranate seeds as a topping. I am so happy to...


by cupcake 15 years ago

Hi everyone..just got back from a week in NY, and was wondering if Pinkberry on Sawtelle has opened yet. If so, how is it, and where exactly on Sawtelle is it? Thank you!

Pinkberry - looks like West LA is one of the next locations

by igj 15 years ago

Saw that the former Circles Cafe space in the Olympic Collection (on the corner of Olympic and Sawtelle) has a Pinkberry sign in the window. I have no idea when we should expect the opening, but it...

Pinkberry Coming To Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills

by omotosando 15 years ago

Out running errands and spotted a new Pinkberry in construction on South Beverly Dr. (east side of the street) between Olympic and Wilshire. It's going into the space that once held a Mrs. Field's...

Pinkberry Studio City est ouvert!

Das Ubergeek
by Das Ubergeek 15 years ago

This morning on my shopping rounds I noticed that Pinkberry was open, and there were only a few people in it. I took my chance and got plain yoghurt with strawberry, kiwi and mango. It was quite ...

Pinkberry deathwatch

by BabyLitigator 15 years ago

Maybe a little premature, but what the hey. Over/under for the Pinkberry IPO/crippling overexpansion to northern Quebec/Bankruptcy? Winner should buy themselves a box of Krispy Kremes. I'm...

Cracking The Pinkberry Code (don't worry, this is a different kind of Pinkberry post)

Mr Taster
by Mr Taster 15 years ago

Necessary background info: My Lovely Tasting Assistant (LTA) and I just returned from a six month trip in Asia and we spent 3 weeks in Korea. So fast-forward to today. LTA and I went to Pinkber...

Found: Pinkberry location on UES

by shesamazingnyc 15 years ago

Posted on the other Pinkberry thread, but wanted to share in general. The new Pinkberry location on the UES is going to be on Second Avenue at 82nd Street. Should be open in a month (supposedly).

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