A well-made pastry is a beautiful thing. Discuss these desserts-as-breakfast here, from croissants to tarts: Get baking advice, pastry shop suggestions, and info on pastry terms and techniques.

These Chocolate Rugelach Are the Bite-Sized Desserts of Your Dreams

If you’ve ever had the chocolate-Nutella babka from Breads Bakery in New York City or Tel Aviv, you’re well aware of the craze surrounding the pastry. The wonderfully flaky, densely chocolate babka...

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Desserts-pastries Los Angeles

by Gavin W. 18 years ago

Hello Los Angeles- I've just graduated as a pastry chef from the Cordon Bleu London and am going to be spending 5 days in your city prior to moving to Maui for my first hotel job. I was hoping th...

Wedding pastries

by Jeremy 18 years ago

My one task for my wedding is to order the pastries for the late-night sweet table. Rather than eating at every pastry shop in Toronto I thought I would get recommendations first. Thanks in adva...

ISO Exceptional and Aesthetically Pleasing Pastries in Costa Mesa or south thereof...

by bottomlesspit 18 years ago

EXCLUDING French's Bakery (not too fond of their stuff)and Champagne Bakery (like them better than French's, but looking for something new). Looking for a place that doesn't use Chantilly creme...

International, authentic pastries near Pasadena

by Osvaldo 18 years ago

I am putting together a dessert reception for about 80 people. I am trying to include a wide variety of pastries from around the world, particularly from historic places here in SoCal. So far, I ...

Poppy Seed Paste Pastries

by Arnie Gubins 18 years ago

I'm searching for middle European type bakeries in the Bay Area that make pastry rolls filled with very dense poppy seed paste. It seems that several bakeries nationwide offer these on-line (e.g. K...

poppy seed pastries

by MMMmmmmmmmm 18 years ago

Does anyone know of some good poppy seed-filled pastries of the Polish/German persuasion? I had a fabulous traditional poppy seed filled bearclaw-like pastry in Brooklyn, but the ones here all see...

Pastries in Prague - dining suggestion and recipe questions

by FML 18 years ago

I was just in Prague, and I tried some delicious Czech pastries at Pecivo Lahudky, this little deli-esque place about a block away from the Municipal House and Powder Tower. It looks like a hole i...

Pastries/French bakery/any good Euro sweets in ABQ??

by chantal 18 years ago

Hi all - I'm just dying for a good French chocolate croissant or some sort of exquisite little tart (not those ENORMOUS ones at Flying Star). Any recommendations in Albuquerque? Many thanks, ...

wedding cakes/VA/Pastries by Randolph

by jillm 18 years ago

Looking for some feedback on bakeries or caterers in No. Va that provide wedding cakes. So far, I've tasted cakes at Heidelberg and Pastries by Randolph, as well as a caterer-based operation, Cake...

French Pastries and a Tea House

by Steph P 18 years ago

It's nice that these two are across the street from one another --- makes a great Sunday excursion. We visited El Pain Quotidien and got a belgian chocolate brownie, a French cream donut, Almond...

Chinese Pastries / Bakeries? and Homemade Chilaquiles

by Mags Thomas 18 years ago

Who on the board has the scoop on Chicago-area Chinese bakeries? We've recently returned from a trip out to Seattle -- the result is hunger for authentic Chinese pastries, especially savory and /...

Best Boston Bread Bakery? Pastries Too

by StriperGuy (formerly FeedMe) 19 years ago

Just checking to see what are folks favorite bakeries. I am fortunate to live near the original Iggy's and love their bread. Sometimes I stray a bit further afield to Hi Rise, which also has rema...

looking for Italian pastries

by matt 19 years ago

I would like to pick up some Italian pastries for Easter and may not have time to go into the North End- does anyone know of any bakeries in Brookline,Newton, Jamaica Plain or surrounding areas tha...

La Madeleine pastries - good or not good?

by valert 19 years ago

My regular French bakery in downtown Bethedsa seems to have closed. *sniff* The only other option I know of is La Madeleine on Old G'Town. What do folks think of their pastries? Any other r...

Japanese pastries -- what to order?

by vvv03 19 years ago

I'm going to the Japanese pastry shop in Rockefeller Center tomorrow to pick up some pastries as a gift for a friend who lived in Japan for a few years. Being a Japanese pastry neophyte, are there...

Searching for Italian Pastries...

by Robecca 19 years ago

While I was in Florence, I'd have a little pastry and cappuccino every morning for breakfast. I believe it was called creama (sp?), and was made of puff pastry with sugar sprinkled on the top, and...

New location for Athens Pastries

by verbena 19 years ago

After a recent visit to Athens Pastries on the Danforth, I found out they now have a new location at 2567 Victoria Park (1 block south of Sheppard -tel 491-0095). I haven’t visited it yet but it ha...

italian bakeries- pastries

by katbert 19 years ago

Is there anywhere else for Italian pastries that I need to know about besides Termini's and Isgro's? A friend wants to go for St.Joseph's day pastries which I guess was Wed, so I don't know if they...

kalbi jjim, red bean pastries, and khao sarn's larb kai

by apple 19 years ago

so i recently had dinner at sage with a friend, and his scallop entree featured a crisp cone-shaped wedge of buttered toast that was filled with shreds of braised oxtail meat. sweet and rich, melt...

Japanese pastries/sweet snacks fare 3/14 - 16

by Aki 19 years ago

at JAS Mart(St.Marks Pl bet 2&3 ave 212-420-6370). Many of japanese pastries & sweets from the famous regional bakeries all over japan(tokyo,kobe,kyoto,etc) are directly imported from japan.These...

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