The Passover Seder demands certain dishes and traditions. Chat with our community about Passover cooking and find out where to get kosher ingredients and food for the holiday.

Artisanal Matzo: It's Worth the Investment

Matzo may not always be the most delicious thing on the Passover table (except when it's made into matzo crack), but artisanal matzo is actually incredible all by itself. When it comes to Jewish Passover...

Reviews of Passover Hotel Programs?

by Curious 14 years ago

After reading the review of the Chevra program, below, I'm Looking for reviews and reports about Kosher for Passover hotel programs, from those who participated in them. While the experience is st...

Kosher For Passover in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill

by burgeoningfoodie 10 months ago

Alright, it is that time of year again. Does any place in the Triangle area of North Carolina carry Kosher for Passover meat related products.

Kosher Hotels for Passover on the East Coast

by mel378 10 years ago

I am looking for someplace to go for Pesach in New York, New Jersey, or Maryland. Any recommendations?

Coconut Flour for Passover

by moonlightgraham 9 years ago

As per Vallevin 's suggestion, I decided to start a new thread for this topic. Coconut flour is gluten free, non kitnyiot, and non gebrokhts. It would generally be a better alternative for Passove...

Potato Kugel

by bxgirl 10 months ago

Just wondering if any recipe for rgular potato kugel can be used to make kugelettes (ie individaul kugels in muffin tins). I have Patty Unterman's recipe which I have been suing, but saw seveal ot...

Passover Foods in DC

by jdellsy 10 months ago

I'll be making seder in DC for the first time. Any recommendations for purchasing fish to make gefilte fish in the metro area? Also, where's the best selection of KLP groceries in the metro area?

Passover advance prep

by margiern 11 months ago

Has anyone frozen chopped liver successfully? I am attempting to freeze dishes in advance for seder. All suggestions for traditional holiday dishes that can be prepared and frozen would be so appre...

Restaurants in northern NJ serving passover style dinners

by coachrbc 9 years ago

All I know is Rosa Mexicana in Hackensack and Kosher nosh anyone no of any others. i'd like to go out this weekend and not feel guilty

Reform-style seder in Paris?

by adresner 1 year ago

My wife and I, with my son and my grandson live in New York and will be traveling to Israel to celebrate my grandson's recent bar mitzvah, but we will be in Paris for the first and second days of P...

Make-ahead df chicken dish for Passover?

by sallyt 2 years ago

Hi all - I'm tasked with bringing the main dish to Passover seder - ideally, it would be make ahead and I would cook it/rewarm it at my sister's house (who is hosting). She's lactose-free and glut...

Best sources for Passover goods?

by gutreactions 2 years ago

We cook much of our own for Passover Seder and the week to come, while some dishes we don't mind outsourcing. We have found Fairway a pretty reliable resource for the Holidays. What markets or shop...

Passover potato popovers

by E_M 2 years ago

A bazillion years ago someone made potato popovers for our sedar. All the recipes I found were for passover rolls that used matzoh meal, but, from the pictures, this is too grainy a texture for the...

Can Rum(/Rhum/Cachaça) be Drunk on Passover?

by NateHevens 5 years ago

I'm not talking about the cheap mixing Rums like Captain Morgan and Bacardi, here. I'm asking specifically about Ron Zacapa Solera 23, but any Rum at that level... a good, high-quality sipping r...

Passover Bulkas

by Joyce Goldstein 14 years ago

My grandmother used to make something at Passover that she called Bullkas. I know that they contained matzoh farfel, lots of eggs, salt, pepper, and fat, usually schmaltz. They were baked in t...

Need a last minute easy chicken dish for Passover

by goldcoastchow 2 years ago

I made a brisket for passover but feel like I don't have enough food to serve 12 people. Would love to make a chicken dish that is easy...thinking something I can marinade the night before and coo...

Sugar Free Baked goods for Passover

by DebbyT 9 years ago

Is there any national company or bakery in the NY/NJ area that makes sugar free for Passover?

Which Bay Area fish to make gefilte fish

by dpifko 2 years ago

I'm making gefilte fish at home, from scratch, for Passover this year. I'd like to use fish varieties that are relatively fresh, even off the boat, but at least readily available here in SF. We d...

Passover-ish 2018

by SomeonesMom 2 years ago

Looking for recommendations for restaurants (NYC preferably) that are serving Passover-type food or have seders this year. Do not not have to be kosher; we're looking for the spirit more than the l...

Aviv fruit and nut bars

by ALITIN 2 years ago

I have not been able to locate these bars this year even though they are listed in the OU guide as kosher for Passover. Has anyone seen them and know where I can obtain some?