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Iced coffee for a group

by vanessa7 16 days ago

We're having my son's birthday party at the park this weekend (9am!) and we'll be having donuts and breakfast burrito...


vanessa7 commented 3 days ago

Golden Girls-Themed Party

by rsm0513 1 month ago

Hi! I'm having a Golden Girls-themed bachelorette party in a few weeks, and want to make some appetizers that will...

Tehama commented 11 days ago

Help for Winter Solstice (White Party?) Menu Planning

by Tehama 13 days ago

The sweltering August heat is making me long for cool weather, and cooking for cool weather. I happened to remember...

Tehama commented 12 days ago

Sides/Appeteizers for Fettucine Alfredo dinner?

by trishna87 1 year ago

Hey guys! Just wanted some advice(and recipe links if possible) to suggestions for what to serve with a fettuccine ...

The_Libster commented 1 month ago

Graduation Party Menu and Quantities

by sandyinmd 2 months ago

Hi Everyone, I am planning my daughter's graduation party menu. Right now it looks like there will be about 30 pe...

MidwesternerTT commented 1 month ago

Antipasto and Cheese Platters for a Party

by valerie 2 months ago

We are hosting a party in a few weeks and I would like to put out an antipasto platter (or platters) with meats, chee...

Cheese Boy commented 1 month ago

Looking to rent a private home for a 200-250 person wedding. NJ/PA/VA

by bsaaaint 2 months ago

Hey there! I'm looking for a private estate or mansion where our bridal party could spend the night. We would prefer ...


MikeG commented 2 months ago

Settle a BBQ Etiquette Disagreement, Please?

by oursouthernsojourn 2 months ago

Hello Chowhounders! I've just come back from a trip and my husband has decided he would like to have a barbecue t...


therealdoctorlew commented 2 months ago

Baptism lunch help

by pumpkinspice 2 months ago

We are having our babe's baptism in the middle of August and starting to plan the menu. His baptism is at 1PM (likely...


pumpkinspice commented 2 months ago

Entertaining a Guest From China

by zackly 3 months ago

I’m entertaining my buddy’s new girlfriend from Beijing China this weekend for a cookout. I’ve been told she has no d...


zackly commented 3 months ago

Wine Tasting Apps

by camdull 3 months ago

I have joined a wine club that meets in the evening and will have hosting duties in the near future. Although each gu...

hotoynoodle commented 3 months ago

Caterer in the Oakville, Burlington Area for a Very Small in Home Wedding

by marshaw 3 months ago

I have been asked to find a caterer for 20 people for a wedding in September. I'm looking for a company that can prov...


alvar commented 3 months ago

Meatball Slider Ideas

by dilauroa 11 months ago

Hello, I'm hosting a party soon and am planning on making apple-jalapeno meatballs. I'm thinking of turning them int...

The_Libster commented 3 months ago

Graduation Party - please help with menu planning!

by jerseyjanice 3 months ago

We are having a high school graduation party for our son. It will be on a Sunday from 3pm - 8pm. We expect most peo...

The_Libster commented 3 months ago

How much Carne Asada Meat should I get for 1000 tacos?

by aleshag 3 months ago

I am helping a friend out for a party tomorrow night, we are only making a thousand tacos for 4-500 people. How much ...

madcoweater commented 3 months ago

Self-Catering an event - tips? Recipes?

by yumcha 9 years ago

I am having an event that I would also like to cook for. It should be for around 70 people. I'd like to be able t...


acgold7 commented 3 months ago

Planning a pizza party for 30ish guests - how to make it go smoothly?

by nature_trash 4 months ago

My friend is throwing a birthday party where we will be making pizzas in his wood-burning pizza oven. He has invite...


treb commented 4 months ago

Easy / low maintence dinner ideas for a small group

by pumpkinspice 5 months ago

Looking for a bit of inspiration here, I cannot think of any great ideas....nothing is really wowing me right now. ...

LaLa commented 4 months ago

Stereotypic Texan/Austin Menu for Graduation party

by Epchan 4 months ago

Planning my son's HS graduation party. He is going to UT Austin (from Chicago, IL) and I'd like to serve some "typi...


medlar commented 4 months ago

Fondue party, need some ideas for other foods

by Kari 10 years ago

Doing a fondue party, friend is doing a cheese fondue and a broth with chicken and shrimp. I am doing chocolate fond...


3m3rson commented 5 months ago

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