You May Be Throwing Away the Key to More Flavorful Soups

I don’t know if you’ve heard but it’s fully soup season. In fact, it’s been soup season for a few months so hopefully, you’ve got a few under your belt by now. I usually discover (and add) at least...

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Looking for a particular baked grits recipe

by Scott_R 4 years ago

I recently saw a grits-based dish on a food show, but unfortunately it was a show about a restaurant (I was too late to catch the place's name) and not about cooking, so there was no recipe, but it...

Fake Parmegiano Reggiano?

by sbp 4 years ago

I made a dish a few weeks ago by roasting fennel slices lightly brushed with olive oil, then sprinkling grated Parmegiano Reggiano generously in between. Popped it back into the oven until the chee...

Parmesan w/cellulose

by BiscuitBoy 4 years ago

I doubt any of us are buying parm that originates from (gasp!) Pennsylvania, but here's a little tidbit to beware of: https://beta.finance.yahoo.com/news/parmesan-cheese-sprinkle-penne-could-1...

‘Parmesan’ Cheese Might Actually Be Cheddar or Wood Pulp

by EM23 4 years ago

From the article: "The FDA warns Parmesan fraud has become a serious problem for American consumers. Tests show products described as "100 percent Parmesan" routinely have cut-rate substitutes — l...

Seafood Lover’s Paradise - Parmesan Crusted Crab Cakes

by LargoBarandGrill 4 years ago

In all honesty, crab cakes are super easy and convenient to make. They don’t take long to cook, and you can serve them as a lip-smacking entrée for a large crowd. None will object. Crabs are an ...

No parmesan rinds...?

by Elster 6 years ago

I've always wanted to give my tomato soups, pasta sauces, stews etc that unbelievable umami kick that comes from adding a parmesan rind or two to the stock. The problem is, I just don't use par...

Re: New Kosher Parmesan; media inquiry from a journalist

by Lochina 4 years ago

Hi all, I've been following the discussion on the board about the new kosher parm out of Italy that the OU has said it will not certify with great interest, as I am a journalist with the Jewish ...

Parmigiano Reggiano Mold

by lilpiggies 7 years ago

Is it normal for this cheese to have spots that look like mold? Thanks.

The Sikhs who saved Parmesan - BBC News

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

"... Local dairy farmers were impressed by the respect and skill with which the Indians handled their animals. The immigrant workers were impressed by the handsome wages and free housing their empl...

Good Parmesan cheese in N Cal stores?

by SimSportPlyr 6 years ago

[cross-posting from the California forum] Earlier this year I had Parmesan cheese in a restaurant in Parma, Italy that was off-the-charts delicious. Is it possible to buy cheese in N Cal ...

Store-bought vs. homemade grated Parmesiano Reggiano

by nycguy20011 5 years ago

Is there a noticeable difference in terms of taste between store-bought grated Parmesiano Reggiano vs grating one on your own at home from a block of the same cheese?

Purchasing parmigiano reggiano and balsamic in ER

by yanks26dmb 5 years ago

I'll be based in Bologna but will also spend a couple of days in Parma and Modena. I'd like to bring home the above mentioned products but I'm not sure where's best to obtain them. Will a qualit...

Kosher Parmigiano Reggiano is Back!

by Baum010 5 years ago

Spotted in a Kosher market in Rome: Parmigiano Reggiano in wedge and grated forms. It's not widely available in Rome so I dont know when it will make it to the U.S. but it does exist.

Parmigiano-Reggiano always raw?

by trolley 5 years ago

hi, is Parmigiano-Reggiano always made with raw milk? I swear i thought i saw some that's not made with raw milk. trying to avoid raw milk for the little ones until they're a bit older...

eggplant Parmesan

by PSRaT 5 years ago

eggplant Parmesan - not too difficult to grasp, eh? the eggplant bit I get, the sauce bit I get. what I don't get is the Parmesan cheese bit - does one just heap grated cheese on a round of egg...

What can i substitute for gruyere?

by yminisa 13 years ago

I want to make baked macaroni cheese which, according to the recipe requires cheddar, parmesan and gruyere. I am unable to find gruyere in the local supermarkets so is there something that i can us...

How to Cut a Commercial Sized Parmesan Cheese Wheel

by gourmandadventurer 11 years ago

I've searched the net and didn't find what I seek: If you needed to pulverize a gigantic and very hard wheel of parmesan cheese into small pieces, how would you go about it? Please note if you've a...

Parmigiano Reggiano v. Pecorino Romano

by sandrina 13 years ago

Parmigiano Reggiano seems to be the cheese of choice for grating over pasta, salads, etc. I much prefer the tanginess of Pecorino Romano instead, especially over pasta. Parmigiano has kind of a n...

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